"Cut! I can't stop it!".

The arrogant Alice was not familiar with Su Bai in the first place, and she was seen by Su Bai before.

Therefore, I don't have much good feeling in my heart.


After seeing Su Bai turn around and leave, she also walked in another direction without hesitation.

After all, she is not idle, as the head of the Wind King Knights of the Academy, she still has to patrol and explore every day

And Su Bai was after leaving.

I didn't go to Claire for the first time.

Instead, he found a shady grove in the academy and sat down, and as for why Su Bai chose this location.

That's because the location is really wonderful!

The front can clearly see the unwilling expressions of the group of reincarnators at the gate of the academy, and then he can always appreciate the students of the Elesia Elf Academy, the unified black silk!


It's just wonderful to be breathing fresh air~



Of course, that's not the point.

The point is actually that Su Bai heard the words of Esther in his body, and knew that he seemed to be about to contract to complete his soul, and that he had reached a crucial moment!


Su Bai was also very sensible and found such a quiet and cool grove.

"Here we go..."

Su Bai took a deep breath.

According to Esther.

At the same time as contracting the soul for the first time, Su Bai's own physique and inner body will gradually be washed by the power of Esther's divine power, and gradually strengthened little by little!

However, during this period, Su Bai also needs to carefully guide these forces, so that he will not waste the catharsis!

Otherwise, it will be a real loss!


And with Su Bai's thoughts.

He also clearly felt that a warm force was slowly flowing from the elven mark on the back of his hand to his whole body.

And little by little, it washes the limbs and the strength of various meridians!

And this!

is the real contract Esther's benefits.

And it's just a little sweetness at the beginning!

When the real contract is completed, the automatic hang-up will increase all the time, until it is at least the power of the surface level elf king's combat power.

It's the real big head!


Little by little, time passed.

And this power is increased all the time, and the body is also blessed with the feeling of refreshment like soaking in a hot spring.

Su Bai didn't feel bored at all, and even enjoyed it more and more!

At the same time!

The strength of his strength is also climbing wildly at an extremely terrifying speed!


[Congratulations on your improved strength - bronze level two-star!].

[Congratulations on your strength improvement - bronze level three-star!].

[Congratulations on your improved strength - bronze four-star!].

[Congratulations on your improved strength - Bronze five-star!].

[Congratulations on your improved strength - bronze level six-star!].


[Congratulations on your improved strength - Bronze Nine-Star Peak!].

This moment!

Su Bai's strength improvement was really like a rocket, and it took almost only a few hours.

As the dark sky rises, a bright moon rises along with endless stars.

Su Bai's strength also reached a new height at this moment - bronze-level nine-star!

It's only one step away from entering a true silver-level existence!

And it's such a span of strength.

If you let an ordinary reincarnation, even if it is a reincarnation with some talent, then you will more or less not experience some life and death struggles, or travel through more than a dozen worlds.

Basically, it is absolutely impossible to achieve!

And Su Bai is this goods.

But he just squinted comfortably for a few hours, and then directly crossed the nine stars!

This is the real hanging player!


"Is it already night?".

And after the strength improvement stopped, and slowly passed for a while, Su Bai slowly opened his sleepy eyes.

That's right!

This thing really fell asleep just now!

But it can't be helped, who calls the power of Shenwei too soft, and every second is like a refreshing massage with a moderate amount of lightness.

No one can help but sleep comfortably~

"Open the Reincarnation Properties panel. "

The first thing he did after waking up, Su Bai called out the reincarnation panel.

I began to take a closer look at the strength of the improvement!


[Reincarnation: Su Bai].

[Strength: Bronze-level nine-star peak].

[Equipment: Emperor Gu - Evil Spirits].

[Skill: None].

[Backpack: None].

[Points: 100].

[Hint: Points can be purchased by yourself after leaving the Reincarnation Tower, or traded].

[Current World: Elven Messenger's Sword Dance].

[World Level: Gold Eight Stars].


"Good fellow!".

"It's only been a few hours, and I've been directly promoted to the bronze level nine stars?!".

"It's worthy of the gift of power from the holy sword that is comparable to the Elf King, even if it is a little bit of strength in the early stage, it is already strong to this point!"

Su Bai's eyes flickered.

He is looking forward to the growing power behind him!

That's right!

Also look at the increase of [Demon-haunted] now!


Su Bai also directly opened the equipment panel haunted by evil spirits and began to check it carefully!


[Equipment: Haunted by Demons].

[Type: Armor].

[Potential: Platinum level 1 star].

[Strength Blessing: Silver Level Nine-Star Limit].


[Silver Floating Cannon: The more dangerous the self, the stronger the cannon fire will be, and the maximum firepower can exceed the user's full attack!].

[Sword of Tyrande: A long sword condensed by the characteristics of the evil ghost-haunted spear, the demon knife village rain, and the disconnection of all things, it has toxin, sharp tenacity, and spell enhancement ability].

[Poison Spell Enhancement: Demon Knife Village Rain Ability, the user injects the poison spell into his body, which will temporarily and greatly improve his own strength - Optimize Weakness: 3 days].

[Demon God Manifestation: You will get the right to summon the Tyrande Phantom to fight - Cooldown: 3 days].

[Summoned by the Thunder Emperor: You can use thunder to fight at will, or you can condense the thunder of the whole body and turn into thunderclouds and release the thunder of the sky!].

[Supreme Mekka: Absorb all the energy of [Haunted by Demons], and summon the dragon to melt into his body to bless the battle-Cooldown: 15 days].

[Dimensional control: It can teleporte three times within ten meters, enter a three-minute cooldown time after three times, and can condense all the energy to arrange the formation to implement ultra-long-distance teleportation....].

[Invisibility: You can hide your figure].

[Ability Adaptation Equipment Port: Can absorb equipment below the upper limit level for fusion blessing].

[Equipment hole: 7/7].


"The strength of the bronze-level nine-star, after blessing the [Devil-ridden], the strength directly crosses a great realm to the peak of the silver-level nine-star!".

"If this is combined with the blessings of the Supreme Machine God and the Demon God in the [Evil Demon Haunting], then maybe even the initial gold-level existence is not impossible to try!"

Su Bai nodded with satisfaction.

This is the treatment that should be had!


Just after Su Bai finished checking his own attribute improvement and the new blessing effect of [Demon-haunted].

Esther's soft voice also sounded in Su Bai's ears again.

"Brother Su Bai, the name of your sword is called Nine Dead Ghosts, right?"

"There doesn't seem to be a host elf or other intelligence in this sword..."


"Why don't you let Esther live in it?"


Su Bai was stunned.

Not sure why.

He had just heard a strange emotion of inexplicable jealousy from Esther's tone.


It seems to be right, too.

Esther's body itself is a holy sword, so although she will eat some girls' vinegar, she may eat more jealousy for weapons than ordinary girls.

That makes sense!

"Yes!Of course!".

Su Bai nodded without hesitation.

If the Nine Dead Ghost Sword wants to upgrade its strength again, it needs to be fused with more powerful weapons and equipment from other worlds!

Su Bai was originally worried that he didn't know what kind of weapons and equipment to fuse.

Unexpectedly, Esther took the lead.


That's okay too!

Anyway, Esther will always be Esther, at most it's just a change of sword to live in!


"Uh-huh, but the soul contract has just been completed, and Esther is probably going to have to rest for a while..."

Esther's voice seemed a little tired.

Obviously, this so-called soul contract consumes a lot of mind.


"It's okay, there's no rush. "

"Anyway, there are at least thirteen to fourteen days!".

Su Bai waved his hand.

The strength has improved too quickly, even if there is no problem such as an unstable foundation.

But Su Bai still needs to adapt to this new power!

Otherwise, it always feels bad to use, and it's not smooth!


Come to think of this.

Su Bai also shook his head and walked towards Claire's room.

Let's have a good rest tonight, just go and tease that tsundere Claire again, happy and happy~


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Rush Rush Rush!

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