The Elves of Arethea make it outside the Academy.

At this moment.

Except for Su Bai and the rich woman who used the identity card before and his younger brother, the dozens of female reincarnators and the six male reincarnators were all blocked by the guards at this time.

And the guards were also very polite to inform them of the reason why they could not enter.


They are not students of Aresia College.


Nor do they have any invitations from faculty or students in the college.


Nor did they have any famous nobles among them.


The guards basically won't put them in.

It's worth mentioning.

The rich woman who accepted her younger brother before and the younger brother she accepted entered the academy because of the aristocratic status brought by the identity card.

And as for why this rich woman didn't bring the rest of the reincarnators in?


There is a potential competition between reincarnators, so not being hostile is already the limit.

No one would give a favor to a stranger for no reason unless it was necessary!


"Damn, I forgot! The Academy of Aresia seems to be a really noble academy, and it is difficult for ordinary civilians who basically have no identity and no elven envoys to get in!"

"Damn! Didn't Lao Tzu cut the horse for nothing?!

"Grandma's! I'm still in pain when I step on a horse, but you said you need to be a nobleman or an elf to get in?!".

"Why don't you break in?"


"Are you crazy or am I crazy to ride a horse???


"This is a gold-level eight-star world, and according to the strategy, this so-called gold-level eight-star strongest existence is the head of this Aresia Academy!"

"So scary?!Dog!If you want to die, don't pull us!".


Originally, there were six male reincarnators who had a good impression of each other because of their love for the same palace.。

At this time, their faces were pale and ugly.

The paleness is because it hurts since the palace, and the ugliness is because of pure unhappiness!


They basically have nothing to do but be unhappy and complaining!


"Now we have two paths to go. "

"First, how many of you can take a noble female student from this academy and let her take us in. "

"Second, then we can only forcibly end the main quest and replace it with other main quests, and at the same time, we can only aimlessly see if we can communicate with the elves in the wild..."


One of the oldest male reincarnators sighed helplessly.

These two roads are more difficult to walk than the other!

Let's talk about the first one!

The elder reincarnation raised his head, silently glanced at the faces of the remaining five male reincarnators, and immediately shook his head helplessly.

That's it!

The first one can be given up directly!

The remaining five male reincarnators: "???


This moment.

The remaining five male reincarnators feel that they have been insulted!

But there doesn't seem to be a way to refute it...



And the second.

That's the real dangerous road.

Forcibly changing the main quest can only lead to a more difficult or even impossible quest.

And let's talk about the contract elves!

With laymen like them who have no professional knowledge and methods, it is estimated that if they want to really see the elves, they have to ask grandpa to pray to grandma to see luck!

So if you want to contract to improve your strength, it's definitely even more difficult!


It's obvious.

Now there is only one last way to go....


Come to think of this.

The eldest male reincarnation inexplicably thought of Su Bai who had let them go out of the palace before.

I couldn't help but smile bitterly and shook my head.

Maybe this teenager had already thought of this at that time, right?

That's why I left directly.......


Of course.

It's not just the male reincarnation that is very difficult on the side, but even the female reincarnation who is full of confidence in the victory.

At this time, he also looked at the Corlesia Academy with concern.

They originally thought that as women, they could already enter and become elven envoys at will.

But when I came in, I found out.

To become an elf, you must also be clean, and you must be a place!

It's hard.....



That's just at this time.

A young girl wearing a plain white uniform with black threads on her chest, a bowtie-style ribbon on her chest, and a spirit amulet sewn on it instead of buttons.

It slowly appeared in the sight of both male and female reincarnators!

This moment!

Not only are the male reincarnators a little restless and want to come forward to get to know each other, but even the group of female reincarnators obviously thought of this.

So at this time, I was also restless and wanted to come forward to get to know me.


It was just the next moment when they were ready to step forward and launch various offensives.

But they only heard.

The girl glanced behind her unhappily, as if complaining.

"Su Bai, can you go faster?!".

"I'm so tired!".

That's right!

This girl is Claire who led the way for Su Bai!


Su Bai?

The reincarnation people immediately caught this keyword, and then subconsciously looked behind Claire.

It seems that he wants to see who this person named Su Bai is.

The next moment.

Su Bai swayed out of the forest.


A group of reincarnators: "???".

A group of reincarnators: "!!".


It's obvious!

This group of reincarnators recognized Su Bai at first sight!

At the moment!

Especially the six male reincarnators, who looked at Su Bai at this time, all became dumbfounded!

Then they looked at Claire, who was upset.

Followed by.

They get it!

Pinch grandma's!

Feelings fool us here to force the palace, you kid stepped on a horse to soak the noble beautiful girl of the Aresia Academy went to the ???

Isn't it,?!

You don't talk about martial arts when you step on a horse!


"They look at you so strangely. "

"Do you know them?".

Claire also found the group of reincarnators standing at the entrance of the academy.

When he found that this group of reincarnators was looking at Su Bai with a strange look, he couldn't help but turn his head and ask.


"I don't know. "

Su Bai shrugged, not even glancing at the group of reincarnators.

Anyway, everyone doesn't know each other, so they can complete the main quest by their own ability.


"Oh, let's go. "

"I've just been on the way, and I've already told the head of the house about you. "

"So I'll take you directly to the head of the academy in a moment. "

Claire is quite dignified and well-behaved in the presence of strangers, especially strange men.

It's really a feeling of being the eldest lady of a big family.


Su Bai nodded.


Claire ignored the guards and led Su Bai towards the interior of the Aresia Academy.

Only a group of bitter reincarnators were left, and until now they have all looked at Su Bai's back as he gradually walked away until he disappeared!


Admission to Aresia College.

Everything here seemed to be extremely luxurious, after Su Bai entered it in person.

I really felt what it was - the aristocratic academy!


As Su Bai passed by, some of the aristocratic girl students in the academy who were walking hand in hand also looked at Su Bai with fear and curiosity.

Of course, it's a little more afraid.

After all, the aristocratic girl students here have hardly ever come into contact with boys, even for the sake of better contract elves.

Perhaps their parents instilled in them the knowledge of how ugly men are.


Su Bai didn't bother to take care of it.

It wasn't until she followed Claire to the door of the dean's office that she slowly stopped.

And Su Bai also happened to hear the conversation inside clearly.

"Headmaster, why would you want a man to enter this sacred shrine girl academy?!".


Hear this.

Su Bai raised his eyebrows, and the familiar plot memories were awakened.


He silently took two steps back, a few steps away from the door of the headmaster's office.

"What are you doing?".

Claire looked at Su Bai with some puzzlement.

She really didn't understand Su Bai's seemingly mysterious operation.



Su Bai didn't answer Claire's question, but suddenly counted down calmly.

The next moment!

With his countdown to the end!

A vigilant voice suddenly came from the dean's office.

"Who ?!!".

Bang ——

The door to the dean's office was forcibly kicked open from the inside!

Su Bai had already prepared to stay away.


Poor Claire was confused, and she was kicked and fell down!

At the same time, a sharp long sword, which was also lightning fast, crossed Claire's slender neck!

Claire: "???



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