The light curtain has already shifted the picture to the research ship.

Everyone was stunned.

"What is this? What about the army? What about superweapons?"

"Damn, is this going to kill someone with a flip phone?"

"I want to see how much he can brag about now. "

"I bet five cents, this thing was definitely shot to death. "

"This thing can solve Godzilla, I'll eat upside down!".



Natasha wanted to say something, but was stopped by Dr. Serizawa.

"Leave it to him. "

Dr. Serizawa bowed to the Emperor, "Everything is please!".

The Emperor snorted coldly and shook off the flip cover of his phone.

A belt suddenly appeared around his waist, blue and silver, like the sky.

He pressed "5", "1", and "3" on it, and finally confirmed.

“StandingBy。 "

The mechanical English chime sounded suddenly.


As soon as the Psyga phone was closed, the Emperor inserted it into the groove in the center of his belt.


The photon blood path shimmered with a brilliant blue light, like the color of the heavenly dome.

The snow-white armor attached to it, wrapping the Emperor tightly.

"What's that?".

Natasha was dumbfounded.

What kind of technology is this?

Space transfer technology, or space compression technology


This set of exoskeleton armor clearly didn't exist before, hey!

The Emperor snapped his fingers at Dr. Serizawa, "I'll see how good Mugoro's invention is." "

The flying attacker had already appeared behind him.


The sound barrier was shattered in an instant, and the front of the entire research ship suddenly collapsed, stirring up waves.

Breaking the speed of sound!

This is definitely a breakthrough of the speed of sound!


Stark Building.

Tony's head exploded with a bang.

"Good idea!".

He exclaimed, "What a brilliant idea!".

Exoskeleton armor?

That's all an obsolete product, and it's already widespread in the Army.

This full-coverage armor, the armament that can be carried....

It's simply the most comprehensive interpretation of his own whimsy!

"I know what I'm going to do. "

He laughed and said, "Build a plan for full coverage of armor, energy side....

Ark reactor, just going to try miniaturization. "

It was the fruit of his father.

Although I don't want to say it, I have to admit that the Ark reactor with cold nuclear fusion technology is a very good energy source.

However, it has not been miniaturized before, because it is not necessary.


"Where the hell did he put his armor?".

Tony scratched his head.

Space technology?

That's a bit beyond his current technical range.




Nick Fury looked at the armored man on the light curtain, and the whole person was stunned.

He wondered if the Cosmic Cube had been acquired by the organization called Aufe Enoch.

Otherwise, why would space technology be developed?

Not true!

Even the original Hydra seemed to only use Rubik's Cube energy, and this technology had not really been developed.

How many years are they ahead!


He exclaimed, "Now let's start investigating! I want to know all the information about the organization of Ophienoch!"


On the battlefield of Sakura Country.

The X-Men and others were a little overwhelmed.

Godzilla is too fierce for them to handle now.

Those rays of heat almost sent them all to ashes.

Do you want to withdraw?

The thought crossed Scott's mind.

But the next second he vetoed it.

Now it's a light curtain live broadcast, and the reputation of the mutant group has finally improved a little, and if he does these things, it will be in vain.

Of course....

The so-called improvement is only a little bit.

Just as he was thinking, a deafening sonic boom suddenly came from a distance.

A blue shadow pierced the sky.


A mechanical sound resounded through the heavens and the earth.

With the blessing of the flying attacker, the Heavenly Emperor overloaded the photon blood and unleashed a powerful kick.

Hit Godzilla directly in the chest.


A loud bang resounded through the sky.


Godzilla roared, his whole body fell back, and he fell to the ground, even retreating hundreds of meters, plowing an exaggerated mark on the ground.

The Emperor of Heaven kicked it with one kick!

"Holy! What the hell is that?".

Wolverine Logan burst into a foul mouth, looking at the blue and white shadows flying in the air in the distance, a little confused.

"I... I do not know. "

Laser-eyed Scott didn't know how to explain it.

The U.S. military's new individual combat system?

I haven't heard of it!


Steel Force, who had the strength to look at the light curtain, wanted to speak and stopped: "It's the Heavenly Emperor." "

"Emperor of Heaven?".


"it, my worldview is shattered!".

"Oh my god, how could it be! It's such a big man, how does he kick!".

"Is this individual armor?

"This girl's pure black technology!".

"Shall I take back my vow now?"

"I remember you kid, didn't you say that you eat upside down?".

"The Emperor of Heaven is awesome!".

"It's amazing!".

The global crowd was amazed.

This technology is really open!


Stormgirl flew in the air, approaching the figure, shouting.

"Do you want to help?".

"No need. "

The Emperor of Heaven did not look back, and with a pull of his hand, he attacked the flyer and launched the propulsion rifle mode.

I saw a luminous bullet emit like a barrage.

The sky was full of blue light and shadow, dense, and for a moment I don't know how many, and they all flew to Godzilla's side.

I could see blood splashing out, obviously breaking the defense.

Broken defense!

Godzilla's skin, which can't be broken by missiles, is broken in front of the Emperor's light bullets!

Everyone who saw this didn't know what to say.

What is it called?

What kind of energy does he use?



"Good, so strong!".

Natasha let out an exclamation, her eyes flickering.

"yes. "

Dr. Serizawa agrees, "As one of the strongest models of the Aoffy Enoch Knight system, Psyga's combat power is superior to that of the entire modern society. "

Knight system?

Another strange term.

Is it the Emperor's armor, but shouldn't the knight have a mount?

Hawkeye Barton asked, "Knight system, what's that?".

"The knight system..."

Dr. Serizawa thought for a moment, "Actually, I don't know much, after all, there are too many categories of knight systems, and the Imperial Organization is only related to a few of them.

All I can say is that he originated from the human modification experiments of the axis of evil in World War II. "

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