Creeping forward.

It's like a lizard, swinging its thick tail and shaking its head with an exaggerated and grotesque fish's head.

The boat was smashed and the entire Bay Area was swept across.

Obviously, the action is very funny.

But this kind of funny is the destruction of a modern harbor!

Godzilla's hind legs are clearly freshly grown.

At first, it couldn't support his movements, and the whole thing was winding like a snake.

But as time passed, he continued to evolve and become stronger in seconds.

Until now, it crawls forward with its legs supported, rampage.

And then....

All the way to Tokyo!

"Residents of the city, please go downstairs and take shelter..."

"Residents of the city, please go downstairs and take shelter..."

The military and police are all on board.

They are rapidly organizing the evacuation of citizens, especially those in Godzilla's path.


It's just relative.

Godzilla's speed seems to be slow, but the size is there.

A few steps can span distances of hundreds of meters.


"I want to laugh when I see it. "

"Why is this monster so funny?".

"This is amazing, isn't it? This is the power of the Titans?"

"The Titans are awesome!".

"I want to see atomic breathing!Let Sakura Country experience the hottest day!".


S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

"Mommy Fark!".

Nick Fury is hot right now.

What the hell did this Makigoro do!

If this kind of monster is created, aren't you afraid of destroying other countries?

"Director, we..."

Coulson asked.

"You take the agent to Sakura Country. "

Although I don't know how to scold Mugoro in my heart, I am very honest in my mouth.

"For the sake of the security of the world, this biological weapon must be in our hands!"

Makigoro alone was able to create such a biological weapon from scratch.

They have a lot of people like S.H.I.E.L.D. in the world.

As long as you have this template, wouldn't you copy it at will?


Coulson went down, ordered some agents, and took a fighter jet to Sakura Country.

It's just....

Several of the agents had their eyes twinkled, as if they had something else in mind.



"Nick Fury has already sent someone?".

Baron Strain looked at the message from the undercover agent and was extremely surprised.


It's similar to what Nick Fury thought.

This biological weapon must be in your own hands!

As soon as the research over there yields results, this side is ready to take action.

Long live the hydra!!


Stark Building.

"This rate of evolution ..."

Tony couldn't help but sit up straight.

It's too fast!

This speed of evolution, even in the context of biological weapons, is too fast.

"Jarvis, inform the group. "

He thought of something.

"Approached the military and arranged armed fighter jets, equipped with Jericho missiles, and prepared to support Sakura Country. "

This kind of monster....

If you run out of Sakura Country, it's really a big deal!


Xavier Academy for Gifted Talents.


Professor X looked at the evolving Godzilla Form 1 on the light curtain and couldn't help but fall into memory.

Once, one of his teammates had a similar ability.

Survival of the fittest!

It's a pity that he was killed by Xiao in the end.

It was precisely because he had seen it that he knew how terrifying the monsters under this ability were.

"Scott, assemble the X-Men and prepare to go to Sakura Country to support. "

Laser-eyed Scott received a telepathy from Professor X and nodded, "Yes." "


By this time, Godzilla was already moving quickly towards the next city.

On the ground, the Self-Defense Forces of Sakura Country have been dispatched.

Land combat vehicles, tanks, and even missile vehicles of all kinds were already in place and began to bombard in a storm.

In the sky, there are also all kinds of fighter jets strafing.


Bang bang!


The roar continued.

Modern weapons are at their best at this time.

Compared to the previous bombardment of skeleton crawlers by shipborne missiles.

At this moment, the attack on Godzilla is simply a huge war.

And it's a war that takes place on home soil.

Scorched Earth Battle!

In the face of the titan beasts in the light curtain, Sakura Country did not dare to be sloppy at all, and even invited the American fathers stationed in Sakura.

Otherwise, it would not be possible to muster such a powerful firepower for a while.


What sounded like a terrible roar spread into sound waves.


"This monster doesn't seem to be as good as King Kong, and it can't carry modern weapons. "

"Keep it up!".

A large amount of blood, like lava and molten iron, spilled down from both sides of Godzilla and sprinkled all over the street.

Seeing this scene, whether it was the people of the Sakura country or others, they were all relieved.

What's that!

Isn't that as good as Vajra?

Bleeding monsters....

It's hard to get the attention of these big names in modern society!



"Is that all?".

Nick Fury frowned, but relaxed.

This Godzilla is far less important to him.

If it weren't for the kind of atomic breath in Dr. Serizawa's memories, it would be far less important than the skeleton reptiles on Skull Island.

At least people put missiles on them!

"No, it's not!".

The head of the analytics department swallowed and spat.

"It didn't hurt at all!".


Nick Fury was stunned: "The blood is all coming out, you tell me it's not hurt?".

What are you kidding!

"That's not a wound that was blown up!".

The head of analysis hurriedly explained: "That's the original gills, that Godzilla, it's, it's... It is through the way the blood is lost, dissipating heat from the body. "

"Heat dissipation?".

"Radiation levels are rising!" the head of analysis was shocked, "and now it's....

The instantaneous amount of radiation equivalent to the explosion of 10 million tons of nuclear bomb yield! And it is continuous and rising!".


Nick Fury was shocked.

Tens of millions of tons of nuclear bomb yield....

That's equivalent to one-fifth of the equivalent of the Tsar Bomba that shook the world that year!

And it's still on the rise.

Although the amount of radiation does not necessarily represent power, since his subordinates are all described as equivalent explosions, it also means...


in the video.

A lot of blood was spilled.

One by one, the personnel of the ground forces had adverse reactions.


The sound of vomiting kept ringing out.

Some people suddenly start losing their hair.

Some people are so weak that their hands and feet seem to melt away.

The nearest person has already passed out completely, and then died in agony.

Radiation Impact! Ultra-High Radiation Impact!

In the absence of radiation protection, all the staff are recruited!

The death toll is rising.

And the smoke of the bombing cleared, and Godzilla, who was thought to have been blown to pieces, was unharmed.

In addition to the original gills, there is blood dripping.

on his body.

No wounds at all!

The previous bombing didn't affect him at all!



An increasingly poignant roar resounded through the sky.

The ground trembled.

I saw that Godzilla's dorsal fin became more and more prominent, like a stone forest in a stone mountain, hard and thick.

The tail flicked to the ground.

There was a clicking sound from the spine, and the two evolved hind legs exerted force.

Godzilla, with his legs-

Standing on the ground!

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