All My Disciples Are Kings

Chapter 1323: Enter the secret realm again!

 After this.

 The Law Enforcement Hall has undergone a complete overhaul, and all personnel have been changed.

 Originally, everyone would think that the Great Elder, as the biggest winner of this battle, would place his own people in the Law Enforcement Hall. This approach is understandable, after all, the great elder is the winner.

However, the great elder did not manage the Law Enforcement Hall at all. Deshan, a reclusive deputy dean, was in charge of the Law Enforcement Hall himself.

This kind of high moral integrity also caused everyone in the college to respect the Grand Elder more and more.

It can be said that as long as there are no accidents, the great elder may be able to become the vice president naturally.

 What about the second elder? The second elder did not leave the small courtyard in these days, nor did he issue any statement. He only told the law enforcement hall, which was waiting for help, to quickly find out the real culprit. It was as if nothing had happened.


The one who gained the most from this battle for power was not only the Great Elder, Xiao Hei and others also gained hugely.

 In addition to the generous rewards given by the Great Elder, the entire academy has re-recognized their talents.

Now that they are staying in Tianzi No. 1 Courtyard, no one feels that they are not strong enough anymore, but they feel that they belong to them.

Even many elders publicly announced that their doors would be open for Xiao Hei and others at any time, including the fifth elder...

However, Xiao Hei and others were not invited to go to the elder, but plunged into the secret realm of inheritance.

This mission, coupled with the tempering of the body by the iron spike whip in the law enforcement hall, has now reached a critical point and is about to break through.

This also made most of the elders look at them more highly. They did not rush to profit from the reputation they had established during this period, but practiced steadily.

 This is rare.

At the same time, it also made countless inner courtyard students extremely curious, wanting to see what level they could reach after entering the secret realm for the second time.

 After all, he broke all the records the first time and started from such a high level, so the second time is naturally highly anticipated.

 Lao Fen also smiled secretly when he saw Xiao Hei coming to the Heaven Refining Tower, "Boy, you are very good."

Xiao Hei still bowed and saluted, saying: "I still have to thank you, senior."

Fen Lao waved his hand and said: "I just deal with the matter and not the person. The Law Enforcement Hall has been in the hands of the second elder over the years, and he has eliminated the chaos of dissidents. I have long been disgusted with the old man."

“How long do you plan to stay in the Heaven Refining Tower this time?”

Xiao Hei shook his head, looked at the tall tower shrouded in flames in front of him, and said with a faint look in his eyes: "I don't know either, but I want to go down as far as possible."

Fen Lao nodded and said: "You have the strength, but you still can't be too greedy. The further down you go, the higher the source of power will be. It will be unbearable before you adapt."

 “Thank you, senior, for reminding me.”

 “Go.” Mr. Fen buried his head and seemed to have fallen asleep again.

 In the eyes of everyone, Xiao Hei stepped into it.

 Everyone outside also began to guess how many floors they could reach this time.

“The second time around, they should be able to move up three or four places. Although it’s a bit exaggerated to say that, judging from their first time results, they still have a chance.”

“Well, I didn’t get used to it the first time, but I got used to it a little bit the second time, but the time was a little short.”

“Let’s take a look. Three or four places are almost the limit. If normal, we will advance one or two places.”


Even if they guessed so boldly, they still guessed wrong.

 It’s just the first day.

 Xiao Hei's ranking began to change.

 Originally ranked 22nd, Xiao Hei squeezed him out!

 At the same time, Ye Qiubai reached the twenty-fourth place. Shi Sheng rushed to the twentieth place.

Fangqiong has risen the fastest, rising two places directly on the first day, reaching the twentieth place!

Only Mu Fusheng, who is living in a thunderstorm sea, still does not make the list.

  No one dared to guess anymore. Instead, they looked up at the ranking stone with a look of horror on their faces.

He Chao, Liang Qing was also among them, looking at Xiao Hei's ranking, his face turned pale.

 It's's not over yet.

 In the next month, the entire Hunling Academy topic was occupied by Xiao Hei and others.

Even the direct disciples and students from the outer academy are paying attention to the list!

Xiao Hei has arrived at the thirteenth level of the Heaven Refining Tower!

 And Ye Qiubai defeated the thirty-ninth sword puppet and reached the fourteenth place!

 Xingchen Shishan, the twelfth stone student.

 Zhentang, Fang Qiong even directly reached the tenth place!

Hmm... Mu Fusheng still didn't make the list.

Seeing this situation that had never happened before in Hunling Academy, everyone looked at each other, then rolled their throats numbly and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Is there something wrong with these secret realms? Easier to break in?

  Some people actually gave it a try, but in the end they didn’t even have the strength to step into the next level.

 The problem is not the secret realm, but them...

 “How on earth is this done?”

“It’s so fast, even my direct disciples can’t do it!”

“Let alone the direct disciples, even the top five among the direct disciples, no one can do it...except for that monster.”

 “Well, they’re already on par with that monster.”

“I don’t know where the Great Elder found them from. It’s unheard of in Tianji Continent before!”

“That Mu Fusheng was somewhat eclipsed among them.”

“Well, everyone can’t be such a monster. This Mu Fusheng is probably the weakest among them.”

That’s what I said, but when everyone thought about Mu Fusheng, they felt that he was a little more friendly...

  In the dark.

Tan Zongzhao and Maple Leaf are also observing the list.

 “Mu Fusheng is hiding too deeply.” Feng Ye said helplessly.

Tan Zongzhao smiled and glanced at Maple Leaf: "Why, what did you find?"

Maple Leaf rolled his eyes and said, "I must have discovered it. When he went to the Nine Dragons Divine Dynasty, although he did not show his strength, from all aspects, it seemed that he was deliberately hiding something. And he also wanted to teach Cheng a lesson. Dahai Yucheng and the others are alone!"

"Oh?" Tan Zongzhao glanced at Maple Leaf and said in surprise: "So you know who did it?"

Maple Leaf shook his head and said, "Mu Fusheng must know, but he didn't tell me, and I didn't ask."

 At this point, Maple Leaf shrugged and said, "And even if I know it, so what, the second elder should have paid the price long ago for doing this."


 It’s another month.

The rankings did not fluctuate again this month, which made everyone feel relieved.

Has it finally stopped...

But how did they know... The reason Xiao Hei and others stopped was not because they had no ability to go down further, but because the place they were in now was the most suitable for breaking through.

 In this month, everyone’s realm has been broken through! (End of chapter)

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