All My Disciples Are Kings

Chapter 1055: The Sword of Heavenly Slaughter, the Ice Temple turned against itself

 During these five days.

 Ye Qiubai is perfecting the fifth sword of Taichu Sword Classic.

After entering the realm of the Sword God, you have met the basic requirements of the fifth sword, but if you want to use it in actual combat, you still need to have a deep understanding of it.

If it were not for having a solid foundation and the blessing of the Hunyuan Sword Body.

I'm afraid it really can't be released in this actual battle.

 In the horrified gaze of everyone.

The sword god's intention is constantly swirling around the body of the silver dragon sword.

 But not a single bit was leaked!

  It seemed as if all the power was contained within the Silver Dragon Sword, unleashing the strongest attack.

“Is this really a move that a monk in the God King Realm can perform...”

“Even with the explosion of Chen Yuning’s Ice God bloodline, he was able to counterattack. The Piaoxue Sect really hid a good card.”

“It’s just that we have to wait and see whether this sword can break through Chen Yuning’s offensive.”

Shen Funian, the master of the Ice Temple, looked at the sword with an ominous feeling in his heart.

 The power of this sword has naturally reached the level of a God Emperor.

Although Chen Yuning's expansion of Ice God's bloodline can also achieve the effect of cross-border operations.

 But the difference between the two can be easily seen based on Shen Funian's level.

 At this moment.

The ice pick has already approached Ye Qiubai's eyebrows.

 The expression in Ye Qiubai's eyes remained motionless.

 At the moment when the sword god’s intention reached its peak, he slashed down with one sword! A sudden collision with the ice pick!

 “Tian Tu…”


The restrained sword god's will exploded wantonly at this moment!

 On the ice cone, extremely sharp ice flowers also bloomed!

The two forces clashed and squeezed each other, causing the surrounding space to begin to fracture inch by inch!

For a time, the blizzard between heaven and earth was unable to invade this realm of silence!

 Chen Yuning could not imagine that he was still in this anxious situation even when he was using all his strength, even using the Ice God's Advent.

This does not mean a draw, they are equal.

 It represents Chen Yuning’s failure!

  Whether it is realm strength or bloodline.

 Or maybe the background information is far superior to that of the other party. In this case, they are still indistinguishable.

How can Chen Yuning endure this?

Chen Yuning looked extremely embarrassed, spread out his hands, and let out a roar that shook the heaven and the earth!

Dazzling blue divine light bloomed from the lines on Chen Yuning's body!

 It forms the shape of an ice flower!

Seeing this scene, Shen Funian's face slowly darkened.

This move will greatly deplete Chen Yuning's energy and spirit. After using it, the backlash will be extremely serious.

"You can actually push me to this point." Chen Yuning's face was completely covered with blue lines, and he shouted in a deep voice: "This realm has reached this point, and you can drown in the ice world with your pride..."

As the blue light bloomed, blue ice flowers began to fall slowly above Ye Qiubai.

Very slow.

 But in the blink of an eye, thousands of ice flowers were suspended around Ye Qiubai's body!

These thousands of ice flowers condensed all the breath in the space and suddenly expanded!

 The destructive power is revealed from it!

Feeling this aura, Ye Qiubai's face was very calm, and the meaning of endless life slowly wrapped around the sword body. A mysterious and ancient aura spurted out from the Silver Dragon Sword!

 The ice cone that collided with it was instantly chopped into pieces at this moment!

 At the same time, Ye Qiubai did not stop, looking at the ice flowers around him that began to expand extremely.

 The Silver Dragon Sword in his hand immediately came out, and began to spin and slash around Ye Qiubai's body!

 A storm of sword energy suddenly descended!

The Sword of Heavenly Slaughter can kill even the sky, how can the Ice God's bloodline be able to collide with it?

I saw that in the sword energy storm, the swelling ice flowers were silently annihilated by the sword energy!

Just for a while.

 The ice flowers floating between the sky and the earth completely dissipated, leaving no trace behind!

Below, Jiang Qingluan looked surprised, but still looked at Ye Qiubai with a strange look on his face, "Is this guy so powerful? Even after crossing a huge realm, he was able to defeat the most talented young man in the Arctic Star Territory. ?”

 Chen Yuning looked horrified when he saw this scene.


 “With your strength, how can you possibly break through the ice boundary?!”

Ye Qiubai did not answer Chen Yuning's question, but asked lightly: "Do you want to fight again?"

In Chen Yuning's eyes, Ye Qiubai's indifferent look and the flat question were like sharp knives, piercing deeply into his arrogant heart.


Ye Qiubai nodded slightly, the silver dragon sword in his hand flashed with cold light, and a huge slash continued towards Chen Yuning!

 But just when Chen Yuning was about to resist.

 A figure suddenly stood in front of him, and with a flick of his finger, the slash was shattered.

   is Shen Funian.

"The victory has been decided, there is no need to continue the fight." Shen Funian said calmly.

Ye Qiubai had no objection and had already guessed that the opponent would definitely intercept the attack.

Otherwise, how could Chen Yuning, who is now in a backlash, resist this sword?

“In that case, according to the agreement just now, your Ice Temple will retreat?”

 Shen Funian looked at Ye Qiubai, a gleam of awe-inspiring chill appeared in his eyes.

"Young man, this is just what my worthless son said randomly. I have never agreed from the beginning to the end." Shen Funian smiled lightly and said: "Since he is my son and the future successor of the Ice Temple, everything Naturally, we have to put the sect first.”

“Marriage with the Saint of Piaoxue Sect is also an important part of the development of the sect, so I have no intention of agreeing with this statement. If I don’t stop it in time, I just want to see the strength of you young people.”

having said so much.

 In fact, I just want to default on the debt.

This was also expected by Ye Qiubai.

Piaoxue Sect Master came to Ye Qiubai, looked at Shen Funian and said calmly: "Shen Funian, I didn't expect you to be so shameless and actually play word games with a junior."

Although the words of Sect Master Piaoxue were merciless.

However, Shen Funian was not angry. Instead, he laughed and said: "When his strength reaches my level, he is also qualified to do this."

“Since ancient times, the weak have adapted to the rules, and the strong have customized the rules.”

“Now, although his talent is quite good, he can only reach the stage of adapting to the rules.”

 Speaking of this, the smile on Shen Funian's face gradually disappeared.

“Now that the opening scene has been completed, it’s time to serve the main course.” Shen Funian was seen holding the Tianbing Qi Mao in his hand, sending it forward, and it floated in front of the Piaoxue Sect Master.

“Should I accept it and marry with my Ice Temple and make progress together...or should I reject it and antagonize my Ice Temple?”

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