After the Groom Ran Off, I Convinced a Military Commander to Marry Me

Chapter 93: It's not like picking up a kiss, it's more like a snatching kiss

  Chapter 93 Doesn’t Look Like Picking Up a Marriage, Rather, It Looks Like a Kiss

  Du Weiwei quickly said: "My lord, it will be very dangerous for you to attend the wedding! What if they find you..."

   "You don't need to worry about other things, as long as you bring me in tomorrow!"


  Du Weiwei thought to herself, it's not a big deal just to bring Lord Lucifer into the wedding banquet.

   As for other things, Du Weiwei didn't want to do it either.

   She just got out and doesn't want to be put in an interstellar prison again.

  Giving the bedroom to Lucifer, Du Weiwei turned around and went to her daughter's room to spend the night with her.

   On the second day, Suman saw a young man with a very ordinary appearance appearing in the house.

  Du Weiwei introduced to her: "Xiaoman, this is your cousin, he is from District 7, and he will go to the wedding banquet with us today."

  Suman saw that this cousin was from District 7, and he looked ordinary. He didn't seem to have much knowledge, so he didn't pay much attention.

  She called someone, then turned around and paid attention to today's dress.

   When Su Zhen came to pick up their mother and daughter, he was taken aback when he saw Lucifer in disguise.

  Du Weiwei explained, "Ah Zhen, it just so happens that my cousin is visiting the first sector, so take him to the wedding banquet and see the world."

  Su Zhen hummed and didn't think much about it.

   Just look at his eyes with a faint blue shadow.

  Because he was scolded by Mr. Su for several hours last night, Su Zhen didn't have a good rest at night.

   A group of four boarded the aircraft and set off.


   There are many things to do about marriage, Su Wan got up early this morning.

  Queen Romanya specially called her confidant female officials to help Su Wan dress up.

  Rosina's bridesmaid outfit was changed quickly, but because she got up too early, she kept yawning next to her, with teary eyes.

   Leaning on Sheng An's body, he looked boneless.

  Rogina said with emotion: "It's really not easy to get married, and I have to get up so early. When I think about getting married next year, I get dizzy!"

  Su Wan smiled: "Actually, it's okay, Renren passed."

   "Xiaowan, I really admire you, you got married twice, how tiring you are!"

  Miss Luo, sometimes speaks very outspokenly.

   Fortunately, Su Wan is not angry at all, after all, she married twice, both with Gu Jue.

   On the other hand, Sheng An, who was next to her, felt that this was not very good. She changed the subject and said, "Gina, are you going to get married next year?"

"Yeah, I'll be twenty next year. I have a fiance, that chubby cousin named Angus, who just graduated from Imperial University this year and joined the military." Rosina thought for a while, frowning and said , "By the way, I haven't seen him for more than a year, and I almost forgot what he looks like."

  Su Wan was taken aback after hearing this, "You have forgotten what he looks like, do you still want to get married?"

  Rogina: "Then what can we do? Our two families are in the same family, we must marry someone, don't we have to find someone who knows the basics. Anyway, whoever you marry is not married?"

  Don't look at Rosina and Pandora, they are in the same situation.

   But the relationship between the two families is excellent.

  Su Wan understood Rosina's decision, or rather, it was a decision many of them would make.

   Not everyone can find the love they want before the age of twenty.

  Because she thought so too at the beginning, she chose Huo Yichang.

  If Gu Jue didn't show up on the wedding day, I'm afraid...

  She was either married to Huo Yichang, or she was randomly married to someone by the system.

  But Gu Jue appeared.

  She also fell in love with him at first sight.

  Perhaps, this is the fate between her and Gu Jue.

   And Lin Ranyue looked at the girls chatting there lovingly.

  Vaguely, I remembered what happened when I got married.

   Hey, who hasn't been young.

  But when Lin Ranyue thought of Su Zhen's old face, she stopped thinking about it for an instant.

   Forget it, it’s a disappointment.

   At the same time, the groom, Gu Jue, had already finished cleaning up.

  The Commander, who used to wear military uniforms in the past, is now wearing a silver-gray dress in the style of a suit, but the buttons are gold coils.

  The two designs are mixed together, which weakens the strong spirit of the Commander, but adds some gentleness.

  Beside him, Li Rui, Eric and others stood.

   There was a large row of officers standing, all of them were wearing military uniforms, and their aura suddenly became astonishing.

   It doesn’t look like a kiss, but rather a snatching…

  After the bride puts on her make-up and the auspicious time comes, the groom will carry the bride onto the aircraft and head to the palace together.

   Only the main members of the royal family, the big wedding can be held in the royal family.

  The last person to hold a big wedding in the palace was His Majesty, Gu Zilan.

  The last one is Gu Zilan's father, Gu Jue's elder brother, Gu Yuan.

  People who are offshoots of the Gu family are not qualified to hold weddings in the palace.

  Gu Jue checked the time from time to time.

  Eric and the others next to him could tell that the Commander of their family was also in a hurry!

   Tsk, Commander is the God of War, but at this time, he is also an ordinary man.

   Hurry up to meet the beautiful bride.

   And when Gu Jue checked the time for the ninth time, the white tiger flapped its little wings happily.

   "Master, it's time, you have to pick up your wife!"

   Gu Jue pursed his lips slightly, adjusted his clothes in front of the mirror, and walked out.

  Erik joked to the white tiger flying beside him: "Baihu, why are you happier than the commander getting a wife?"

  Baihu usually uses silver **** with wings for himself.

   On the day of great joy today, it specially chose a red shell for itself.

  Bai Hu: "The master is married, and with a wife in this mansion, there will be the warmth of a home. Haven't you seen that the decoration is completely new? Forget it, you won't understand even if I tell you a single dog."

  Eric's mouth twitched.

   Madan, has he been despised by a brain?

  Su Wan here also knew that it was time. She was wearing a white wedding dress with a mermaid skirt, and every step she took, the skirt swayed gracefully.

  The wedding dress is beautiful, and the person is even more beautiful. Those female officials are all saying auspicious words.

  Lin Ranyue suddenly choked up, and reached out to hug her daughter.

   "Although Su Zhen is a bastard, he did one good thing after all, that is, he let me give birth to you, and we were destined to be mother and daughter."

  Su Wan also had a sore nose, she said: "Mom, you not only gave birth to me, you also gave birth to my brother and others."

   "Oh, they're just a giveaway."

  Lin Ranyue used to love her two sons very much. As a result, the eldest son spent most of his time in the lycanthropy raising base, and drifted away from her.

  The second son has a rebellious personality. He pursued to become a big star very early on. He is busy all day long and doesn't go home very often.

   It’s better to be a daughter, it’s my mother’s little padded jacket!

   Now that the little padded jacket is getting married, Lin Ranyue is really reluctant.

   At this time, Gu Jue appeared with a very large best man group, attracting everyone's attention.

  Lin Ranyue sniffed, and hurriedly handed her daughter over to her son-in-law.

   Ask for a monthly pass~



  (end of this chapter)

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