Chapter 77 Su Wan was shocked at the time!

  Actually, Su Wan can also ask Gu Jue about this matter.

  However, it always feels a little out of place.

   After all, with such a big commander, it's hard for someone to really introduce her boyfriend.

   Among other things, Su Wan was worried that Director Murray would be frightened directly!

  Rosina immediately patted her chest and assured, "No problem, I will take care of this!"

   And when Murray received the dumplings delivered by Su Wan, he happened to be in a projection meeting.

  This is a multi-party projection joint meeting, including the president of Imperial University, Adolf, the person in charge of the training base, and several other heads of different departments.

   Also, Commander Gu, Gu Jue.

  At this time, Jack didn't know that Murray was in a meeting, so he grinned and said, "Director Mu, these are the dumplings made by classmate Su Wan. They are very delicious. She asked me to send you a special one. It's still hot!"

  After he finished speaking, he realized that Murray was in a meeting, and quickly said, "Oh, Director Mu, you are in a meeting, so you go to the meeting first, and when it gets cold, I will warm it up for you."

   Murray: "…"

   Heat up the dumplings?

   It is estimated that if he doesn't explain clearly, he will be heated up by the commander in the electronic cannon later!

  Murray: "Jack, did classmate Su Wan make a lot of dumplings?"

  Jack nodded: "Yes, she is amazing, she made a lot of delicious food, and we ate them all."

  Murray nodded approvingly, "Student Su Wan is really ingenious, and he is the heir of the Su Family Restaurant."

   Hearing that Jack and the others had eaten, Murray breathed a sigh of relief.

  If Su Wan made it specially for him to eat...then the explanation is not clear!

  But in fact, the displeasure in the heart of the man in the center of the projection has not dissipated.

  He was sitting there at this moment, slowly putting on his white gloves, his eyes were colder and colder than usual.

  Gu Jue said flatly: "The meeting is over."

  He cut off the projection session first.

   Several other people looked at each other in blank dismay, but they could all feel that the Commander was not happy, and each of them hastily turned off the projection.

   Adolf was the second last to turn off projection.

  He said sympathetically, "Murray, take care!"

  The corner of Murray's mouth twitched speechlessly, "Admiral Adolf, what are you doing with the corner of your mouth so high?"

   "Oh, no, you're blinded."

  Adolf quickly cut off the communication, then happily turned around and said to the adjutant beside him: "Go and open a bottle of 2021 Lafite for me!"

   He gotta celebrate!

  The commander, his wife, and their cubs have finally left the training star! !

   Only the president of Imperial University, Audrey, has not cut off the projection.

  He said puzzledly: "Murray, what's going on?"

  Murray sighed: "I don't know what's going on. Su Wan seems to be paying special attention to me. Maybe what I did offended her? Maybe because of this, the commander is not very happy."

  Audrey: "Then you should investigate as soon as possible to see if there is any misunderstanding and resolve it as soon as possible."


   Murray was also a little distressed. Except for the fact that he might offend Su Wan with his words when he was eating dinner, he didn't offend her in other aspects.

  Why is she paying so much attention to herself all of a sudden!

   He even asked someone to bring him dumplings... Murray looked at the steaming dumplings in the lunch box next to him.

   Silently picked up the chopsticks next to him.

   Waste of food, shameful.

   Let’s talk about it after eating.

   Rosina's gossip here is quite fast. She found the queen's sister Romanya, and several other aunts, sisters, and more than 20 people she knew, and asked about Murray one by one.

  Finally, she was really asked the truth!

  Su Wan looked at Rosina expectantly: "What's the reason why he didn't get married?"

  Rosina: "Do you want to hear subjective reasons, or objective reasons?"

  Su Wan: "I must be listening!"

  Rosina: "Well, the objective reason is, isn't Director Mu a lycanthropist? Then, his lycanthropy form is...a snake."

  Su Wan: "..."

  She immediately crossed Murray off the list of handsome uncles!

   As a plush fan, she has always been afraid of three kinds of existence.

  One is the mouse's tail, the second is Xiaoqiang, and the third is the naked, cold snake!

Luo Jiana continued: "And the subjective reason is that Master Mu himself has no intention of getting married, and no one can urge marriage. This point, their Mu family can confirm it. And because there are always more men than women, like him There are many people who are not married at the age of forty. For example, your family, Commander Gu."

  Su Wan's mouth twitched, "This example can be omitted."

"Hey, you don't have to think too much about it. Although Commander Gu's biological age is forty years old, he looks like he is only in his twenties. Most importantly, as the most powerful lycanthropy in the history of the Federation Empire, there is a A doctor once said that the lifespan of Commander Gu must not exceed two hundred years."

   After hearing this, Su Wan calculated.

  I am an ordinary person, the longest-lived ordinary person can live to about one hundred fifty or sixty years old.

  She is now twenty, and she can live for a maximum of one hundred and forty years, while Gu Jue can live for at least one hundred and sixty years... Tsk, it seems to be okay?

  Since she became pregnant, Su Wan found that her thoughts would always develop in very weird and bizarre ways.

Just as she was calculating how many years she and Gu Jue could accompany each other, Commander Gu over there, because many people ate the dumplings made by his wife, but he didn't, picked up the lightsaber and directly put the Some of the Zerg who tried to escape were hacked to pieces.

  On the warship, Eric was terrified, "Commander, what's wrong? Looking at those Zerg that have been cut into pieces, I feel sorry for them!"

  If you die, you will die, and your body will be broken into pieces. It's so miserable.

  Li Rui said lightly: "Have you noticed that the commander's emotional ups and downs are getting bigger and bigger."

  Erik: "The commander is going to be bipolar?"

  Different from ordinary lycanthropes like them, Gu Jue's manic depression occurs once a month.

  Even if he uses the exclusive potion, he still has some irritable emotions that are hard to suppress.

  When the lycanthropy is in the manic-depressive period, no one can get close to it except his partner.

  As the most powerful lycanthropy in the Federal Empire, there are still twelve periods of manic depression every year. It is no wonder that when the public knew that the commander's wife was just a delicate and ordinary person, there was an uproar.

  Many people thought that the commander would definitely find a lycanthropy as a partner, because the lycanthropy has stronger physical fitness.

  Eric ended this complaint with one sentence.

   "The commander's wife is so pitiful."

  The corner of Li Rui's mouth twitched, "If you want to live to be 200 years old, don't say this in front of the commander."

  Eric grinned, "I'm telling you this in front of you."

   "Don't say it in front of the commander's wife."

   "I know, I know, otherwise the commander's wife will definitely feel inferior."


  Will Su Wan feel inferior after hearing this?

   Not really.

  She is very busy now, and she is looking at the wedding dress styles sent by her mother Lin Ranyue.

Lin Ranyue: "Xiaowan, these two suits were worn during the ceremony. These two suits were worn by the royal family for that ceremony. This one is for the toast. Of course, because His Majesty's father is not here, Commander Gu is here. Several elders from the royal family, on your side, your grandfather and my grandfather and father will come. By the way, all the dresses are in two sets of the same style, as spares, as well as shoes and jewelry. "

   "These three are party dresses, these two are ball dresses, and oh, and these two are wedding night dresses."

  Su Wan was shocked at the time, "Do you still wear a dress to sleep?"

  (end of this chapter)

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