Chapter 75 Obedience amidst indifference

   In the shade.

  The girl with long curly hair said happily: "The baby came too soon. After he is born, I have to treat him better. He is my little lucky star."

  Another short-haired girl with a pale face, although she was resting, did not make her feel better.

  Su Wan just wanted to care about her, but the short-haired girl suddenly vomited. She covered her mouth and shook her head apologetically at Su Wan, then got up and ran towards the bathroom of the training building in the distance.

   "The morning sickness reaction is so serious."

  Su Wan turned her head to talk to the curly-haired female classmate who seemed to be in a better state of mind.

   As soon as she turned her head, she heard a second retching sound.

  The curly-haired girl also covered her mouth and ran away.

  Su Wan: "..."

  She sat there alone drinking juice, and then gently touched her lower abdomen, with tenderness in the corner of her mouth.

  Except for that time when he retched at Huo Yichang, at other times, the child was terribly obedient, and never made Su Wan vomit again.

  Although Su Wan was never ready to be a mother before.

  But during this period of time, she has worked harder to get along well with Zai Zai, read more books and materials on parenting, and be a good mother.

  Su Wan can feel that Zai Zai is also trying to get along well with her.

   Whether as a mother or a child, they are all newbies.

   When Gu Jue arrived, he happened to see this scene.

  The little wife sitting in the shade, with half-cast eyes, reached out and gently brushed her lower abdomen, her expression was not very real.

  Gu Jue's mind was full of the words that Gu Zilan sent just now, so he immediately ran over!

  Everyone around was stunned!

  The last time I saw Commander Gu looking so anxious was when the Zerg almost attacked the palace, right?

  Rosina, who was running with a load, hit her head on a tree!

  She rubbed her forehead and said in surprise: "My God, what happened to Commander Gu?"

   Not only the people around were stunned, but even Su Wan herself was surprised.

  She looked at the tall and handsome man, ran up to her quickly, and said solemnly to her, "I'm sorry."

  Gu Jue has never said sorry to anyone since he was a child.

  But in front of Su Wan, all his principles and habits are changing, reorganizing, and then turning into new principles and habits centered on Su Wan.

  That night, the manic-depressive period was fierce, and after Commander Gu realized for the first time what jealousy is, he inevitably lost control.

   Later, he actually couldn't remember the details clearly.

  Just when he woke up, he looked at his wife in his arms, the traces on her fair skin showed everything.

  Gu Jue didn't think much about it at first, he knew very well how much he loved his little wife, and he loved it for many, many years.

   But the ensuing cold war made him a little panicked.

  In fact, Commander Gu's apology also made Su Wan panic!

  She looked around and found that there were more than a hundred people in this area, all looking at them!

  The feeling of the C position that everyone was looking at made Su Wan a little speechless. She got up and immediately grabbed Gu Jue's hand, and ran towards the training building.

  Gu Jue didn't say a word, and let her drag him away.

   Just happened to pass by the two girls who came back after retching.

  Curly-haired girl: "Oh my God! Commander Gu is so handsome! Ugh..."

  Short-haired girl: "...vomit"

  Things like vomiting, like coughing, are like yawning. There is a weird contagiousness, and then you can't stop at all.

  Su Wan and Gu Jue held hands, ran to the corner, and finally stopped.

  The monochromatic glass several meters high reflects the figures of two people.

  Gu Jue looked at his big hand, which was still held by Su Wan in the small hand.

  The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and a touch of tenderness flashed in his cold eyes.

  Following his gaze, Su Wan saw the hands tightly held by the two, and immediately wanted to let go.

   But the next moment he was held tightly.

   "I'm sorry." Gu Jue apologized again.

  Su Wan's face flashed awkwardness, "What are you sorry for?"

   "The manic-depressive period that night, it was so fierce, at first, I couldn't bear to wake you up, knowing you were tired, but then... I don't remember."

  Su Wan looked at him a little speechlessly.

  I’ve seen someone throwing blame at others, but I’ve never seen someone throwing blame at myself!

  Even when I was in a manic-depressive period.

  That’s yourself too, okay?

  Su Wan: "Didn't you say before that the manic-depressive period will be a few days away? Why did it suddenly come?"

  Gu Jue: "I'm not sure either, maybe the existence of the child triggered other reactions."

   Zai Zai:?

  There is no way to argue about right or wrong in this matter, and Su Wan also knows the special situation of the two of them.

   But, she's pregnant now!

  So, I am much more willful than before.

   There are some things, it is better to explain clearly at this time!

  Su Wan said seriously: "Commander Gu, since the two of us are not planning to divorce and have children, it means we want to live a good life, right?"


"Since this is the case, I hope we get along as a formal couple, not just your exclusive potion. And next time, don't take advantage of me know what I mean. Because in that case, I will feel Not being respected."

  Gu Jue lowered his eyes halfway, "Sorry, I won't do it in the future."

  Although Commander Gu in front of him still looks cold, there is no superfluous expression on his face.

   But his hands are very warm. When he half-closed his eyes, his eyelashes are very long, thick, and slightly upturned.

  In the indifference, there is a strange sense of obedient contrast.

   It's very exciting!

  Su Wan felt distracted, and coughed lightly, "Also, do you know who you are? You came here in such a big way that everyone in the training ground was looking at us just now!"

   "You don't reply to my messages."

   "Then, isn't it because I'm angry?"

   I said this again, but the atmosphere was much better than before.

  The ice and snow show signs of melting, and the warm spring has a tendency of flowers blooming.

  Su Wan finally said: "Okay, okay, I won't be angry this time, but you must never do it again!"

"it is good."

   " can go and do your work, my training is not over yet. In the evening, I will go to the lounge to cook something delicious for you."

   "No need to cook, I'm too tired, just come here."

   "I also want to eat, and it's not just for you!"

  Gu Jue looked at her a little arrogant appearance, narrowed his eyebrows and eyes, and was indeed not angry anymore.

  It should be that the little wife has no intention of turning the baby back into primitive cells, so he breathed a sigh of relief.

  Commander Gu finally left.

  When Su Wan returned to the training ground, fortunately, most of the students had resumed normal training, and no one looked at Su Wan anymore.

  Only under the shade of the tree, the two girls who were also resting due to pregnancy were looking at Su Wan with complicated eyes.

  The curly-haired girl was very envious: "Su Wan, Commander Gu treats you so well... Ugh!"

  The short-haired girl was also very envious: "Su Wan, I really envy you that you don't have morning sickness... Ugh!"

   In fact, Commander Gu, can satisfy all the fantasies of women~~

   You can be ruthless and domineering, or you can be gentle and caring.

   Wan Wan: I earned it. ^_^.



  (end of this chapter)

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