Mu family.

Previously, Mrs. Mu had been traveling abroad, and she just came back today.

"Mom, you're tired too. Go take a rest first. I've already asked someone to prepare meals." He Xiumei said respectfully to Old Madam Mu with a smile all over her face.

The old lady Mu was wearing a dark purple cheongsam with a graceful and self-cultivation, her half-hundred hair was combed into a bun, and emerald gemstone accessories were worn on her neck, wrist, and fingers, she was very rich.

She waved her hand, "No, I slept on the plane for most of the day just now, and my bones hurt from sitting. You still want me to lie down?"

The sloppy smile on He Xiumei's face became a bit awkward, but she straightened her expression in the next second, "In that case, I'll ask someone to make you tea? Your favorite Dahongpao is always prepared for you. "

Old Madam Mu glanced at her from the corner of her eye, and responded with satisfaction, "Yes."

This daughter-in-law's background is not very good, but compared to the previous daughter-in-law, this daughter-in-law is very respectful to her, and will ask her about everything, and follow her wishes. Except for that bad background, she is still satisfied.

Over there, Mu Xiaoxue came in after calling Mu Yao.

She sat down beside Mrs. Mu, acting like a little girl, she held the old lady's arm and was very dependent, "Grandma, Xiaoxue misses you very much."

"Hehe, I thought you were so busy filming that you didn't have time to think about grandma."

Old Madam Mu loved Mu Xiaoxue, her eldest granddaughter, very much. Mu Xiaoxue's etiquette, appearance, and ability are all outstanding, and she is also outstanding among the many daughters of a wealthy family. She has been filial to her since she was a child, well-behaved and sensible, and sweet in her mouth. The old lady Mu loves this granddaughter from the bottom of her heart.

"Grandma is not as important as filming." Mu Xiaoxue acted like a baby to Old Madam Mu, making the old man laugh.

"By the way, what's the matter with Mu Yao?" The old lady Mu thought of her little granddaughter, "Why did she move out?"

The smile on the corner of Mu Xiaoxue's mouth softened a little, she explained for Mu Yao: "Xiaoyao had unintentionally angered Dad before, and the two had a little dispute, Xiaoyao probably couldn't bear the grievance, so she moved out. She has moved out for a month. I have persuaded her to come back, but my father's anger has long since dissipated, but Xiaoyao probably likes freedom, so she refuses to move back."

Hearing this, there was no smile on Old Madam Mu's wrinkled face, "After all, she was raised in the country, and there are no rules at all."

When Mu Xiaoxue saw that the old lady was angry, she quickly comforted her, "Grandma, don't be angry, Xiaoyao is fine living alone now."

The old lady Mu said angrily: "Don't say good things for her, I know her temper well. Arguing with my father is unfilial, and there are no rules in Mu's house. What kind of freedom? I think she is I'm so used to being wild in the countryside, it's just out of shape."

Mrs. Mu is the one who pays attention to the rules and etiquette of the wealthy family, so she doesn't like the little granddaughter who came back from the country at all. Mu Yao is much inferior to Mu Xiaoxue.

One is a wild girl, and the other is a wealthy daughter. It is normal for her to be partial to the outstanding granddaughter.

Old lady Mu asked, "You called her, what did she say?"

Mu Xiaoxue replied, "Xiaoyao said she would be back later."

Outside the door, Mu Yao got off the car, the guard saw her and immediately opened the door.

After leaving for more than a month and stepping into Mu's house again, she still didn't like it.

In the dining room, the servants began to arrange the dishes one after another, and Mu Xiaoxue coaxed the old lady Mu.

At the door, the housekeeper was waiting. When he saw Mu Yao, he greeted him respectfully, "Second Miss, the old lady is back and is already waiting inside."

Mu Yao responded, "I see."

"Old lady, Second Miss is back." The butler announced.

When they saw Mu Yao stepping in from the door, both of them were stunned.

Because she had asked someone to go to the company to discuss the formula of the perfume, Mu Yao deliberately picked out a good-looking dress. She has a long white woolen coat on the outside, a light mist blue sweater on the inside, a pair of slim-fit trousers on her lower body, and her long legs are slender and straight, even if she is wrapped in trousers, she still looks good.

The most eye-catching thing is the girl's smooth and beautiful face, bright eyes and white teeth, snowy skin and black hair, and I don't know if there is lip glaze on her lips, bright red and moist, she is too good-looking.

Mu Xiaoxue looked at Mu Yao, and she found that every time she saw Mu Yao, she would be more beautiful than before. This kind of discovery not only made her feel very uncomfortable, but also made her feel like a female cannon fodder who wanted to overshadow the heroine's limelight. Aggrieved.

And the most shocking thing was Mrs. Mu, who went on a trip not long after he brought Mu Yao home. When I saw Mu Yao before, the old man didn't say anything, but she hated her from the bottom of her heart. She hated this little granddaughter who was raised in the country.

If it was not necessary, she would not agree to take Mu Yao back to Mu's house.

But now, Mu Yao in front of her, not to mention her face, even her exposed neck and hands are as white as jade, where is there any trace of blackness before? Even the facial features are much more refined, and the whole person looks graceful and elegant, much better looking than the eldest granddaughter sitting next to her.

When Mu Yao approached, the old lady found that Mu Yao looked too much like her ex-daughter-in-law Ye Yun, no, she was prettier than Ye Yun.

The old lady Mu was surprised that she hadn't seen her for a while, and that her little granddaughter had raised so much, but she was a well-informed old man after all, and she didn't lose her composure.

"Old lady."

Mu Yao didn't call her grandma because when the original owner was brought back to Mu's house, the old lady Mu only asked the original owner to call her old lady, and didn't mean to ask Mu Yao to call her grandma.

After all, Mrs. Mu just didn't like Mu Yao from the bottom of her heart and didn't want to admit to this little granddaughter.

Right now, Mu Yao doesn't want to call her grandma either. After all, she knew that it was the old lady Mu who asked someone to tell her fortune, saying that Mu Yao's horoscope did not match the Mu family's, and she needed to be sent away from the Mu family. That's why the original owner grew up in the countryside.

"Sit down. Why are you coming back so late? I'm ready to eat." Mrs. Mu looked dissatisfied. It was disrespectful for the junior to make the elder wait.

Mu Yao walked over and sat down at the seat diagonally across from Mrs. Mu. She said neither humble nor overbearing: "It took me 20 minutes from the time I received the phone call all of a sudden to the time I came back. This is the time it took to take a taxi. If you take the bus, about It will take forty minutes."

Mu Xiaoxue on the side hurriedly explained for Mu Yao: "Grandma, Xiaoyao is probably busy. She lives outside and the transportation is inconvenient. The food has been set up now. Let's eat. I am worried that you are hungry, grandma."

"You just speak nice words for her." Old Madam Mu disliked Mu Yao, who had the shadow of her ex-daughter-in-law in her eyes, "Since it's inconvenient, I'll move back. It's outrageous for a girl to live outside by herself. "

Mu Yao smiled, because she was pure and bright, her smile seemed to be naturally sweet, "I also lived outside for the first eighteen years."

Accusing her of living outside is outrageous now?

The old lady Mu has a very high status in the Mu family, and she has always listened to good things. Everyone can only follow her wishes, but now, this little granddaughter who doesn't look down on her actually contradicts her?

"Are you blaming us?" Old Madam Mu looked at Mu Yao sternly.

"Xiaoyao, don't be angry with grandma. The reason why you are raised in the country is because your horoscope is not in line with your family. The most important thing is that you are not good. For your sake, grandma and father will send you outside. Yes." Mu Xiaoxue comforted in a gentle voice: "Grandma and Dad both love you, so don't complain in your heart."

"Hmph, how dare she complain?"

The old lady Mu put down the cup in her hand heavily, "Although I didn't keep you by my side, someone will report back about your situation in the country every month, provide you with food, lodging, and school, and it's not that you are abandoned. There are really complaints, it is the white-eyed wolf."

"Old lady, you are wrong."

Mu Yao's black eyes were a bit cold, "It's not the Mu family who is raising me, but the Ye family is raising me."

Her words made Mu Xiaoxue stunned.

And the old lady Mu's body and eyes were sharp, and she slashed at Mu Yao, "What nonsense are you talking about?"

"My mother is the daughter of Ye's family. As a daughter, I can inherit half of the money she left, but in reality I don't get any of it. If you don't use it to support me, then you take it for yourself?"

Mu Yao is already tired of hearing that the Mu family raised her, it was the Ye family who raised the Mu family, not the Mu family who raised her!

But she kept her breath in the end and didn't mention Ye's group.

She hasn't got the shares yet, and the Ye Group is still in the hands of Mu Wanhai, so she can't startle the snake.

"You think so?"

Everyone didn't expect Mu Yao to say such a thing at all, especially the old lady Mu, who was so angry that she gasped, and Mu Xiaoxue who was next to her hurriedly gave her back.

The old lady Mu was so angry that she raised her voice, "Okay, the Mu family really raised a white-eyed wolf."

"Grandma, don't be angry. Xiaoyao, how can you say such a thing? Grandma will be sad." Mu Xiaoxue frowned and looked at Mu Yao in disapproval.

The light mist blue sweater made Mu Yao's small face even more porcelain-white like jade. The girl who looked soft and delicate, said the words without mercy, "Why are you sad, because I told the truth?"

Even without mentioning the shares of the Ye Group, the assets left by mother Ye Yun are not small.

Mr. Ye has always loved his daughter, and the dowry to Ye Yun will not be small, but after Ye Yun passed away, all her inheritance fell into the hands of Mu Wanhai, and as a daughter, Mu Yao got nothing. However, Mrs. Mu often fooled her by saying that the Mu family raised her.

Mu Yao thinks she is not a fool who will be bullied by others.

"Xiao Yao!" Mu Xiaoxue's tone increased.

Mu Yao knew that this meal would not be finished, so she simply didn't want to eat it in the first place, she smiled at Mu Xiaoxue, "Recently there are some rumors about you and me on the Internet, do you have something to say to me?"

Mu Xiaoxue gave Old Madam Mu a hand on her back. She didn't expect Mu Yao to mention this matter suddenly. Originally, she thought Mu Yao didn't care.

Mu Xiaoxue's tone was full of apology, "I'm sorry, that was the spontaneous behavior of some fans. However, the entertainment circle is true and false, and they will forget it in a few days. Xiaoyao, you don't need to care, let alone Need to pay attention to those keyboard warriors."

"I've already found out that it's not the fans' actions, but you. I don't know why you want to target me and let people spread these false rumors."

Mu Xiaoxue was taken aback, "Xiaoyao, what are you talking about?"

The smile on the corner of her mouth has long since disappeared, and the soft light in Mu Yao's eyes has long since disappeared, but she is covered with chills, "It doesn't matter whether you admit it or not, I already know the truth. My mother is the official wife of the Mu family. , and your mother is just my stepmother, where did you get the confidence to fabricate me as an illegitimate daughter?"

I used to know that Mu Xiaoxue was the heroine in the book, she had golden fingers, and she didn't want to cause trouble, so she always avoided conflicts with Mu Xiaoxue. However, she didn't provoke the other party, but the other party provoked her.

Mu Yao felt that there was no need for her to be patient.

"What? What illegitimate daughter?"

The old lady Mu had already been on the plane for a whole day, and she was dizzy from Mu Yao's anger just now, and now seeing her eldest granddaughter and Mu Yao arguing, she was even more dizzy.

"Old madam, Mu Xiaoxue has someone fabricate that I am the illegitimate daughter of the Mu family. Your Mu family left me in the countryside to raise me, but that doesn't mean that Mu Xiaoxue can change your concept secretly. You are the illegitimate daughter. fact."

Mu Yao has never been a confrontational character. Usually she doesn't care about many things, but it doesn't mean she is weak and bully.

"Mu Yao! Shut up."

Mu Xiaoxue seemed to be unable to bear it, tearing her dignified and gentle face, "Mu Yao, pay attention to your words, I know you are angry, but fans made mistakes, you can't force me to take responsibility, there are so many fans, I can't handle it at all."

Mu Yao knew that the other party would not admit it, so she stood up, "It doesn't matter if you don't admit it, no matter who did it, I will fight it back."

After finishing speaking, she simply turned and left.

"Crazy girl, she's just a crazy girl from the countryside." Old Madam Mu was furious when she saw Mu Yao leave without saying hello.

Mu Xiaoxue tried her best to stabilize her mind. She felt that Mu Yao was just defrauding her just now. Mu Yao had no money, no influence, and she simply had no ability to investigate anything.

However, it was the first time she discovered that Mu Yao was so sharp-toothed and aggressive.

After Mu Yao left Mu's house, she called Xu Yan.

"Xiao Yao."

As soon as the call was made, Xu Yan answered it in less than five seconds.

The coldness in Mu Yao's eyes faded when she heard her friend's voice, "Yanyan, I have something to trouble you."

Xu Yan didn't even ask, and responded directly, "Don't say one thing, ten things are fine."

"I already know who spread and fabricated news about me on the Internet, and I have evidence in hand. I want you to help me send it out."

Just as Mu Yao finished speaking, there was a crackling voice on the other end of the phone, "What's wrong?"

"It's okay, I dropped something on the ground." Xu Yan's voice was full of excitement, "Xiao Yao, do you know? Who is it? Who is so bad that they spread rumors about you!"

During this period of time, she was angry for Mu Yao. She kept **** off those netizens on the Internet, but she was not strong enough on her own. up.

Moreover, she originally thought that Mu Yao would ignore those comments on the Internet, but she did not expect that she was collecting evidence.


"It's Mu Xiaoxue, and her team also bought the trending search," Mu Yao said.

"Ah, I knew that the Internet is stepping on you and praising your sister. The obvious beneficiary is obviously her. I guessed before that it might be your sister who is behind the scenes. Sure enough."

Xu Yan felt aggrieved on Mu Yao's behalf, "Xiao Yao, your sister is too bad. Give me the evidence, and I'll send it out for you right now."

Thanks to Mu Yao's credit, since she posted the mermaid photo of Mu Yao and her bare-faced video, the number of fans on her account has almost exceeded one million. Although they are said to be her fans, everyone is aiming at her. Mu Yao came, and left a message every day begging for a beautiful picture of her Mu Yao.

"Okay, I'll send it to you later."

Mu Yao knew that Mu Xiaoxue cared a lot about her image in front of the fans, and her retaliation this time was equivalent to tearing Mu Xiaoxue's face apart.

On the other side, after talking on the phone, Xu Yan immediately received a message from Mu Yao.

There are not only screenshots, but also recording files and bank transfer records. Xu Yan looked at it in a good mood. With such sufficient evidence, Mu Xiaoxue's fans would definitely have nothing to say.

Xu Yan immediately logged into her account, she saved all the evidence on it, and then she gritted her teeth and typed the title: What a big white lotus-stepping on her younger sister, buying fans to spread rumors and distorting the facts, this is the nation you like elder sister! By the way, Mu Xiaoxue's mother is a stepmother!

Xu Yan's title was too eye-catching. As soon as her news was sent out, fans were instantly attracted.

After reading the content of the news, the netizens were all blown up!

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