Coming out of the swimming pool, Xu Yan took Mu Yao to the front. The two held the hot drink that Chen Qinghui had bought in their hands.

"Xiaoyao, I will sort out the photos when I go back tonight, and I will send you a copy." Thinking of those photos, Xu Yan's mood improved again.

Just after coming out of the heated swimming pool, there was a gust of cold wind blowing in front of her, and Mu Yao buried her face in the collar of her white coat from the cold.

"Okay." She responded lightly.

Although it was just helping Xu Yan, Mu Yao was looking forward to seeing those photos, after all, this was her first time playing a mermaid.

Not far away, Jiang Yan and Chen Qinghui followed Mu Yao slowly.

Chen Qinghui took a few sips of milk tea, and sighed regretfully, "I forgot to take a picture of Mu Yao just now, and I don't know if I will have the chance to see her play a mermaid again in the future."

Jiang Yan glanced at him coldly.

"Cough, cough, cough." Chen Qinghui coughed a few times in fright, and quickly waved his hands to clarify: "Brother Yan, I'll just say it casually."

"However, Mu Yao is so beautiful. When she came from the country, it was dark and dusty. I don't know if it has grown. Now it has become an ideal in the world." He deliberately looked at Jiang Yan and laughed, " I don’t know which **** will be cheaper in the future.”

"Brother Yan, tell me, it's better to be cheaper than others..." Chen Qinghui originally wanted to say that it's better to pursue Mu Yao by himself, but unfortunately, facing Jiang Yan's death gaze, he swallowed and quickly changed his words: "It's better to be cheaper than Yan What about you, brother?"

Looking away from death, Chen Qinghui breathed a sigh of relief, curled his lips, and now he is more and more sure that Mu Yao is clearly the love sister to Jiang Yan.


According to his understanding of Jiang Yan for many years, it is estimated that he is not aware of it at all, or if he is aware of it, he is still holding on.

Thinking of Jiang Yan's suffering in the future, Chen Qinghui was secretly happy.

At the gate, Xu Yan's family had already come to pick her up, "Xiaoyao, my mother is here to pick me up, I'll go back first, see you in class tomorrow."

"Okay, see you tomorrow." Mu Yao waved to her, then walked towards the bus stop in front of the school gate.

Chen Qinghui also said goodbye to Jiang Yan, and his driver was already waiting.

Jiang Yan watched Mu Yao's slender figure walking towards the bus stop, his thin lips slightly tightened, and then he turned and got into the black car outside the school gate.


The driver yelled respectfully.

"Drive the car to the corner at the intersection ahead." Jiang Yan ordered.

"Yes, master."

The driver followed Jiang Yan's instructions and drove to the corner ahead, "Master, do you want to stop here?"


Jiang Yan leaned on the back of the car seat, lowered half of the car window, and quietly looked at Mu Yao who was standing opposite him at the bus stop.

The driver was a little confused. He didn't know why his young master asked him to drive the car here and then stopped. The young master was waiting for someone?

The car was very quiet, Jiang Yan just looked straight at the girl opposite.

I don't know how long it took before the bus came, and Mu Yao got on the bus. Looking at the bus going away, Jiang Yan slowly looked away, "Drive."

"Yes, master."

Back to the old neighborhood.

"Are you out of class?"

Just as Mu Yao walked up to the third floor, she ran into the man of the couple whom she had greeted the day before yesterday.

She nodded politely, "Yes."

There was a simple and honest smile on the man's face, and he said enthusiastically, "I thought you were young because I guessed that you were in college, and now it's time to leave school. I didn't expect that I guessed it right."

"En." Mu Yao replied again, and she took out the key.

"I see that you have moved here for a few days. It seems that you haven't seen your parents. Are you renting a house alone? It must be for the convenience of going to school." The man continued.

Mu Yao has always been very vigilant, and when she heard the other party's words, she did not respond.

The man had a sincere expression on his honest face, "It's not safe for you to live alone. If you need help in the future, you can ask me for help. I live upstairs and downstairs with you, so we can be regarded as neighbors. Don't be polite."

Mu Yao looked at the other party, and responded again, "Okay, thank you."

The man's eyes were instantly glued to Mu Yao's smooth and tender face. Ever since he saw the little girl in front of him for the first time, his heart felt as if it had been scratched by claws, and he couldn't read well these two days.

His gaze gradually moved down and landed on Mu Yao's hand that unscrewed the door, he couldn't help being amazed, he didn't expect the little girl's hands to be so fair.

Mu Yao pushed the door open and went in, then directly closed the door.

The man came back to his senses. He stood at the top of the stairs, staring at the door for a long time before he was willing to leave.

Seeing Mu Yao come back, Jiang, who was teasing the little ball, threw away the little ball and rushed to Mu Yao's side, "Wow, woof."

"Ginger is also obedient today."

Bending down, Mu Yao stroked the little thing's head a few times, and Jiang was so happy that he immediately spread his short legs and circled around her.

Mu Yao felt that Jiang was so quiet and composed at night, it must be because she was tired from making noise during the day.

Seeing Mu Yao walk over to the refrigerator, Jiang hurriedly clung to her.

It knows that there are a lot of ham sausages hidden in it. Sure enough, seeing Mu Yao take out her favorite from the refrigerator, Sheng Jiang's dog eyes lit up instantly, "Wow, woof."

It jumped wildly, its little **** shaking.

Want to want!

"Don't worry about ginger."

Mu Yao really felt that during the day, Jiang was like the silly son of the landlord's family, but at night, Jiang was like a cold spirit.

After feeding the little things, Mu Yao took out a portion of cherries from the refrigerator, which she bought at the fruit shop outside the community.

Mu Yao washed the cherries and put them aside, ready to cook while eating.

She had already finished eating the cherries Grandpa Jiang sent to Mu's house. I don't know if Grandpa Jiang still has people sending cherries to Mu's house for her. In the last two days, because she has to move and clean the house, she forgot to say hello to Grandpa Jiang so that he doesn't have to continue sending them.

Thinking of this, Mu Yao directly called the Jiang family.

The other end of the phone was quickly connected.

"Hello, I want to find Grandpa Jiang."

"Is it Miss Mu?"

"Uncle Jiang? It's me."

The butler, Uncle Jiang, recognized Mu Yao's voice immediately, "The old man is in the study, is Miss Mu looking for something? I'll pass it on."

"Uncle Jiang, there's no need for that. Don't bother Grandpa Jiang to come down. I want to ask Uncle Jiang to convey to Grandpa Jiang that there is no need to continue sending cherries to Mu's house." Mu Yao did not say that she moved out of Mu Family matters, so as not to worry Grandpa Jiang and his elders.

Uncle Jiang has always obeyed Jiang Yan's instructions and was in charge of sending cherries to Mu Yao. When Mu Yao mentioned the old man, he was a little surprised. Ms. Mu mistakenly thought that the old man sent the cherries?

Uncle Jiang said with a smile: "Miss Mu, you misunderstood, the cherries were not sent by the old man, but ordered by the young master."


Jiang Yan?

Mu Yao's dark eyes were full of surprise, but it was Jiang Yan who told her that it was given to her by Grandpa Jiang.

Why did Jiang Yan do this?

Suddenly, Mu Yao thought of meeting Jiang Yan in the swimming pool today, and his eyes on her.

Mu Yao lowered her eyes, her long eyelashes trembled slightly, and she said softly: "Then please tell Jiang Yan, Uncle Jiang, that there is no need to continue sending cherries over here. I will return the money for the ones I sent earlier. give him."

Uncle Jiang didn't say much, "Miss Mu, I will convey it to you."

"Thank you, Uncle Jiang."

On the other side, Jiang Yan, who had already passed through, spat out half of the ham sausage in the dog's mouth in disgust, realizing that Mu Yao knew which cherries were sent by him, and he was a little bit ashamed.

The dog's head was lowered, as if embarrassed, buried in the small quilt, while the tip of the right ear trembled slightly, and stood up high.

The next second, when Mu Yao said that he would return the money to him, Jiang Yan raised his dog's head in disbelief. He looked at Mu Yao, his eyes fell on her white side face, and he snorted angrily. A bit of unknowing grievance flickered in his heart.

Who cares about her money?

At Xu's house, Xu Yan hurried back to her room after dinner.

She turned on the computer and imported all the photos she took for Mu Yao in the afternoon.

Opening one casually, Xu Yan looked at the photos on the big screen, and was immediately amazed. These photos don't need beautification at all, they can be taken directly from the original photos.

Xu Yan excitedly packed all the photos and sent them to Mu Yao. Then, happily, she picked out a few pictures, adjusted the color a little bit, and posted them directly on her account with the title: The original picture is straight out, the stunning mermaid.

"The blogger hasn't live broadcasted eating snacks for a while, is this new photo of you? It's so beautiful."

"My God, why are you so healthy, what a beautiful picture, blogger, which **** is in the picture?"

"Miss Sister is so beautiful, my God, this is the real daughter of the sea."

"What kind of fairy face value is this, licking the screen like crazy!!"

"It's so beautiful, this mermaid is too beautiful, has she opened an account? I really want to be her fan."

"The blogger marked the original picture? Does it mean that these photos have not been PS? If it is true, this girl is really good-looking."

"Original picture? Who would believe it? The original picture's skin is so smooth and tender, must it be the tenth level of skin care?"

"The fairy-like mermaid lady is so beautiful, she's so beautiful, I'm tickled by it, the upstairs is so sour."

"So beautiful, did she grow up eating elixir? Mom, I want to marry her..."

Xu Yanshua looked at the comments, she didn't expect so many netizens to be like her, Yan is righteous, and in just a few minutes, the following comments were over 10,000.

On set.

"Xiaoxue, the promotional photos you took a while ago in the shape of a forest elf have come out. You can repost them later. I heard that Light Times is looking for a new spokesperson recently. Your series of photos are just in line with the green and natural products launched by their company. product of this concept."

Manager Fang Feng said to Mu Xiaoxue, "This news has not been announced in the industry, so we have to win this endorsement first."

"Brother Feng, I understand what you mean."

Mu Xiaoxue hooked her lips, took out her mobile phone unhurriedly, and reposted the group of promotional photos that Fang Feng said. She has a koi system. As long as it is what she wants, this endorsement is a big deal for her. We have a steady hand.

After Mu Xiaoxue reposted the photo, she added a caption: Protecting nature starts with me.

Fang Feng received the message reminder, he turned on his phone and looked at the message sent by Mu Xiaoxue, and burst out laughing. Fang Feng raised his orchid finger to read the comments, "Xiaoxue really has you, you will understand after I give you a little bit."

It has to be said that when he told the company that Mu Xiaoxue, a newcomer, was brought to him, he resisted. He has already won a lot of florets, and he doesn't want to continue to bring newcomers to start from scratch.

However, since bringing Mu Xiaoxue with him, he has discovered that she has a good personality, not two-faced, but also sensible and smart. He doesn't need to explain many things specifically. She already understands that she won't touch what she shouldn't do.

The most important thing is that since he took Mu Xiaoxue with him, his luck has been extremely good for some reason. Although I can't say what I want, but every time something happens, I can save the day, just like what Mu Xiaoxue said, she is a little koi.

"Later, I will ask someone to prepare for your hot search. Next, it depends on your luck. I will also talk to the person in charge of the company over there, and try my best to win this endorsement. The momentum is very good, if you become the spokesperson of their family, your coffee position will be upgraded." Fang Feng smiled.

Mu Xiaoxue nodded, and replied, "Thank you, Brother Feng." She casually flipped through the messages below.

"My first comment, Xiaoxue looks so good, I love it."

"This elf's makeup is amazing, my Xuexue is so beautiful."

"Repost and repost, support Xiaoxue, Xiaoxue must always keep looking so good-looking."

"Xiaoxue is still as beautiful as a flower today, the elf Xuexue is so cute, I want to kiss her."

"Sorry, I can't appreciate this style, I feel that there are too many sailors in the group."

"Plus one, I can't appreciate it. Mu Xiaoxue is pretty good-looking, but she keeps boasting that she is the most beautiful in the entertainment circle, which is embarrassing."

"Upstairs is very sour. The elf looks good. I want to hug Xiaoxue. It's been cold recently, so remember to keep warm. We, Baixue, are always here."

"All the photos have been saved. I want to lick the screen. Xiaoxue's looks are unmatched in the entertainment industry. Do Bai Xue agree? Like it on the right, thank you."

"Elf in the world, so cute. My Xiaoxue is beautiful again. Repost it. I will definitely protect nature with Xiaoxue!"

Fans began to like and comment one after another, and they ignored all black fans, clamoring that Mu Xiaoxue is the most beautiful existence in the entertainment industry.

"Sister Xiaoxue, it's time for your camera." Over there, the assistant came over and told Mu Xiaoxue.

"Go." Fang Feng has already contacted, and Mu Xiaoxue will be pushed on the hot search later.

Mu Xiaoxue left with a smile.

After one scene, she had to retake it a few times, but compared to the heroine, her acting skills are already considered good. In the eyes of others, she is not from a major, but she has such acting skills, which is very good.

The assistant hurried forward with Mu Xiaoxue's coat and put it on for her, "Thank you, sister Xiaoxue."

Mu Xiaoxue smiled softly.

When walking back to the resting place, Mu Xiaoxue noticed that Fang Feng's complexion was not very good, "Brother Feng, what's wrong?"

Fang Feng directly handed the mobile phone in his hand to Mu Xiaoxue, "Look."

"This newcomer who didn't know where he came from suddenly became a hot search, and it happened to be ranked below your hot search."

Fang Feng frowned, and said: "This is too coincidental. You are the most searched in the shape of the elf, and the other is the most searched in the shape of a mermaid. Although your elf shape is the most searched, this newcomer is ranked below you. But the number of retweets and comments of the other party far exceeds yours."

Hearing this, the smile on Mu Xiaoxue's face gradually subsided, and she took the phone.

Clicking on the photo, I saw a beautiful mermaid with snow-skinned hair, red lips and white teeth, and a golden fish tail shining in the water.

It is hard to forget at a glance.

Obviously, compared with this mermaid, her elf shape lost its color in an instant.

Mu Xiaoxue's eyes darkened, she suppressed her shock, it turned out to be Mu Yao!

"Xiaoxue, look at her retweeting volume, it's already over a million, and even the comments are almost over a hundred thousand."

Fang Feng has been in the entertainment circle all year round, and has seen countless good-looking male and female stars, but at this time he has to admit that this mermaid-shaped girl is amazingly beautiful.

I just don't know whether this girl is man-made or born. And these photos are really the original pictures, or have they gone through serious post-processing.

If the photo is really the original one, just based on this face and this good looks, in his opinion, it will be very difficult for anyone in the entertainment industry to surpass this girl in appearance.

Fang Feng raised his eyes and looked at Mu Xiaoxue, who was in front of him with exquisite makeup. If he was compared with this girl, Mu Xiaoxue would be inferior.

"But it doesn't matter, I have already notified the team to operate." There is a group of trolls behind them, and the amount of comments and reposts is not a problem.

What he was worried about was that Mu Xiaoxue had now become the foil for this girl.

"This is my sister." Mu Xiaoxue said.

"Huh?" Fang Feng looked at her in astonishment, "Xiaoxue, what did you say? This is your sister?"


Mu Xiaoxue nodded, and she clicked on the comments below, only to see netizens wildly praising Mu Yao's appearance.

"Oh my god, this mermaid is so beautiful to me, the young lady is so beautiful, and the facial features are so perfect."

"Immortal beauty, the appraisal is complete. Others' faces are carefully carved by the heavens, but mine is made by hand."

"This mermaid look is amazing, it's better than that snowy elf look."

"It's beautiful, but those upstairs don't take the opportunity to trample on my Xuexue, thank you."

"I don't believe this is the original picture. At least the skin has been polished and the face shape has been corrected. Otherwise, how could the skin not have any blemishes at all? The complexion is so white, and the slapped face is really rare."

"It's the original picture without makeup, I believe you, isn't there lipstick on the lips? And the skin of a real person will be so good? If there is no skin care and beautification, I will live broadcast and eat shit."

"I don't know where the newcomer came from. It was on the hot search for no reason. I bought it. My Xiaoxue is beautiful, and Xiaoxue's appearance is real."

"Compared with the mermaid shape and the elf shape, I prefer the elf shape, and I stand Xiaoxue."

Mu Xiaoxue knew that this was the end of the navy. She calmed down a little, and the koi system began to work.

If she encounters trouble, the koi system will be automatically turned on, but there is only one chance a day, and even if she doesn't use it, it won't accumulate. Moreover, her koi system needs to absorb other people's favorability points to maintain her. The higher the favorability points, the better her luck.

If one day she can no longer absorb favorability points, her koi system will disappear. This is one of the reasons why she entered the entertainment industry. It will be easier for her to absorb favorability points from fans.

Manager Fang Feng was a little unbelievable, "Didn't you say that your sister was brought back from the countryside? I thought..."

He coughed, and changed his words: "I didn't know that your sister is also so beautiful. Why, she also wants to enter the entertainment industry? Sign a company?" So tender and delicate.

If I can take Mu Xiaoxue's younger sister with such good looks, and cultivate them well, they will definitely become popular in the future, "By the way, the navy is over, do you need me to tell them to restrain themselves?"

After all, the two are in the same hot search, and they must be pushing each other down, and they can make the popularity even higher.

Now that this girl turns out to be Mu Xiaoxue's younger sister, it's not easy to continue to bully her.

Mu Xiaoxue shook her head, "It's okay, I will go back and explain clearly to Xiaoyao. As for entering the entertainment industry, Xiaoyao doesn't seem to have told her family that she has such an intention."

Fang Feng said with a smile: "Then you go back and ask her. If your sister is really interested, I can take her with me, so as not to be robbed by a rival company."

Mu Xiaoxue smiled lightly, "Okay."

The night was thick.

Mu Yao's residence was quiet, the small light in the living room was on, giving off a warm yellow light.

Jiang Yan lay sleepily on the quilt, as long as he closed his eyes, his mind would be filled with the Mu Yao he saw in the swimming pool today.

Annoyed, Jiang Yan turned over the dog and fell asleep. The four dog legs were opened, revealing his round, pink belly.

Close the dog's eyes again.

In his mind, the appearance of Mu Yao once again flashed, a pair of black and moist almond eyes are bent, smiling, the tip of the upturned nose seems to be tinged with snow, so small and cute that he wants to take a bite, even the beautiful Lips, pink and tender, glowing with water.

He hugged her slender waist, in the water, he accidentally touched something slippery, it was Mu Yao's fish tail!

With a "snap", Jiang Yan opened his dog's eyes and sat up.

There seemed to be that smooth, delicate touch left in his hand, Jiang Yan felt ashamed and his face felt hot, and his heart felt like he had been bitten by a small ant, it was crispy and itchy.

Jiang Yan realized that Mu Yao's influence on him was growing.

He got up, walked to a wooden chair with four short legs, and began to push the wooden chair with his little dog's head. In the darkness, the wooden chair rubbed against the ground making harsh sounds.

Jiang Yan continued to push with difficulty, pushing the wooden chair all the way to the door of Mu Yao's room.

The girl slept so soundly in the room, but why did he stay alone in the living room, thinking of her and thinking he couldn't fall asleep?

Jiang Yan's chubby dog ​​body awkwardly climbed onto the wooden chair, stretched out two small and short dog paws, he closed the door handle tightly, and opened the door.

Just stepping into Mu Yao's room with dog legs, the sweet and fruity scent of the girls in the room hits her face, the smell is both familiar and pleasant.

Jiang Yan's eyes were dark. He raised his dog's head and looked at the bed in the middle of the room. He stood on tiptoe and climbed up by the side of the bed.

He doesn't really want to sleep with Mu Yao, it's just that he is used to smelling her fragrance to sleep peacefully.

The dog's body fell into the soft quilt, Jiang Yan picked an empty seat beside Mu Yao, smelling the fragrance of her body, he lay down comfortably, and slowly closed the dog's eyes.

In the dark night, in the boudoir filled with the scent of a girl, the warm yellow light of the room was dizzy, and the little dog's body gradually moved towards the girl bit by bit.

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