The study committee looked blankly at Jiang Yan who suddenly stopped him, "Jiang...Jiang Yan, what do you want?"

"I signed up for the sports meet."


The study committee member was shocked, "Didn't you last time..." Last time when he asked Jiang Yan if he wanted to participate in the sports meeting, his eyes were cold and cold. He thought that the other party was unwilling to participate, why did he suddenly say that he would participate?

"Brother Yan, are you going to participate in the sports meeting?" Chen Qinghui was also shocked.

Why did Jiang Yan suddenly have such an idea?

"You, wait a minute. I'll look at the registration list." The study committee member immediately ran to his seat to find his registration form. "Now there is no signup for the men's 100 meters and the men's 5,000 meters."

"Only these two items, write my name." Jiang Yan said coldly.

The study committee member couldn't believe it, "Jiang Yan, do you want to participate in the men's 5,000 meters?" Many people are unwilling to do this, after all, not everyone can persist in running 5,000 meters.


"Brother Yan, you are serious." Chen Qinghui felt incredible.

You know, from elementary school to high school, he hadn't seen Jiang Yan participate in a sports meeting. And they won't do such a boring thing.

"Yes." Jiang Yan turned and left.

"Brother Yan, class is about to start, where are you going..." Chen Qinghui rubbed his forehead, feeling that Jiang Yan had really confused him recently.

The servant sent a gift box to Mu Yao.

"Second miss, the master ordered you to wear this dress to the banquet later." The servant looked at the girl holding an ugly dog ​​in front of her with a respectful attitude.

Ever since Mu Yao fired a servant because of this ugly dog ​​last time, everyone knows that even though Mu Yao is not favored in the Mu family, she is still the daughter of the Mu family, and the other party is not as easy to bully as imagined .

"You put it down." Mu Yao said.

After the servant left, Mu Yao opened the box, and there was a light blue dress inside.

At the door, the car was ready, and Mu Wanhai was already waiting.

Seeing Mu Yao walk out, he nodded in satisfaction. Back then, Ye Yun was famously beautiful in City B, but he discovered that this youngest daughter, who was brought back from the countryside and raised for a period of time, had completely inherited Ye Yun's beauty, and was even more delicate and beautiful.

"Get in the car." After speaking, Mu Wanhai got into the car in front.

Mu Yao sat in the car behind.

The banquet was held in a five-star hotel, and it was a birthday banquet for a wealthy and famous old man.

The car stopped at the entrance of the hotel, and Mu Yao got out of the car.

"Follow me later, don't walk around, don't talk nonsense, and follow my instructions." Mu Wanhai said, "I know you don't want to attend this banquet, but the company has encountered problems recently, so you can live normally. Yes, good food is all supported by the company. So, if you help your father, you can also count as helping yourself, you know?"

Mu Yao is not the original owner, she clearly knows about Ye's shares

The dividends are all in Mu Wanhai's hands, and her food and lodging costs are not even a ten thousandth of the dividends.

Mu Yao didn't say much, but just responded lightly.

Walking into the lobby, the crystal chandelier hangs high in the hotel, reflecting the bright lights of the hall, and the air is filled with light and faint incense.

Many guests in suits, leather shoes and heavy make-up have arrived.

Mu Wanhai was afraid that this little girl who had never seen the world would be embarrassed by stage fright, so he reminded him again, "Wait a while, you have to pay attention to your behavior and look at me for everything."

After speaking, he walked into the hall first.

Mu Yao took her time and followed.

"Mr. Guo, long time no see." Mu Wanhai greeted the familiar guests with a smile.

"Long time no see, this is..." The middle-aged man in a gray suit smiled.

"This is my youngest daughter, who has been studying abroad. Mu Yao, this is Uncle Guo, hurry up and say hello."

There was a faint smile on the corner of Mu Yao's mouth, "Uncle Guo, hello."

The middle-aged man surnamed Guo nodded, "Mr. Mu, you are really lucky. I remember that your eldest daughter is very good. I didn't expect that even the youngest daughter is so good. Compared with my brat, she is much better."

"I still have something to talk to Mr. Tan, so don't bother Mr. Guo for now, see you later."

Mu Wanhai took Mu Yao away and found a partner, "Mr. Tan."

"It's Boss Mu, and you're here too." Boss Tan is relatively short and inconspicuous in the crowd, but the young man standing beside him is just the opposite, tall and thin.

"This is your son, isn't it? I heard that he came back from studying abroad recently?" Mu Wanhai said with a smile, "This is my youngest daughter, Mu Yao, who has been studying abroad. She just came back and the two young people can communicate. .”

"Jinnian, come here to say hello, this is Uncle Mu." Tan Jinnian was obviously very impatient at the banquet, and now another person came up to chat with his father, and his expression became more and more impatient.

"Uncle Mu."

Forced to do so, Tan Jinnian casually turned his head, his eyes inadvertently fell on the girl in the light blue dress beside him, and his expression froze for a moment. He straightened up in an instant, and pulled out his hands from his pockets.

"Mu, Miss Mu, hello, my name is Tan Jinnian." Tan Jinnian hurried forward, wanting to shake hands with Mu Yao.

Mu Yao nodded slightly, without shaking hands, "Hello."

Seeing Tan Jinnian's eyes glued to his youngest daughter, Mu Wanhai's eyes flashed with joy, "Mr. Tan, it's rare for two young people to hit it off. Let's let them communicate. I also want to talk to you about cooperation." I don't know what you mean."

"Dad, Uncle Mu has something to discuss with you, don't delay,

Uncle Mu, don't worry, I will take care of Miss Gu. "Tan Jinnian's eyes were tightly glued to Mu Yao's body, and he was reluctant to move away at all.

He has always only liked temperamental or mature beauties, and he is not very interested in pure little girls. However, he realized that he was wrong. It wasn't that he didn't like the pure type, but that he had never met someone who was extremely beautiful before.

Mr. Tan has always loved his son. Seeing his expression like this, he didn't know that he had taken a fancy to Mu Wanhai's daughter. He was so angry that his nose twisted. After all, he listened to his son and went to the lounge with Mu Wanhai to talk about things.

"I just heard from Uncle Mu that your name is Mu Yao, can I call you Yaoyao?"

Tan Jinnian looked at Mu Yao with obsessed eyes.

He leaned in front of Mu Yao, and just as he approached, he smelled a sweet, fruity scent, which was very pleasant.


Such a nice fragrance must come from Mu Yao's body. Not only is she beautiful, but even the perfume she uses smells so good, just like her, sweet.

"You can just call me Mu Yao." Mu Yao's tone was very light.

Hearing Mu Yao's voice, Tan Jinnian's body froze all of a sudden, even with such a nice voice.

Tan Jinnian looked at her enthusiastically, "Uncle Mu said just now that you have been studying outside. Coincidentally, I just came back from country M. How about you?"

"I've been living in the country before." Mu Yao didn't hide it at all.


Tan Jinnian was stunned, and he still wanted to cling to Mu Yao for the next second, "The countryside is good, the countryside must be beautiful, and Mu Yao will be well-groomed."

Mu Yao bent her lips and didn't say much.

Tan Jinnian didn't mind the other party's indifference at all.

Like a puppy coveting meat, he kept turning around Mu Yao, "Mu Yao, are you hungry? There is food over there, do you want me to help you? Are you tired? Do you want me to take you to rest?" a bit?"

"No thanks, I want to go out for a walk." The lobby of the hotel is filled with the smell of food and various perfumes. Her nose is sensitive, so many smells are mixed together, smelling too much is not good for the nose .

"Ah? Go out for a walk? Walking is good. Walking more is good for your health." Tan Jinnian's heart warmed up when he thought of taking a walk with the goddess, and he hurried to catch up.

The landscaping in the hotel is well done.

Away from the noise in the lobby, the outside is a little quieter.

However, Tan Jinnian next to him seemed to have endless words and was very clingy. He looks sunny and handsome. If Fu Zhengran is like the gentle sunshine of He Xun, then Tan Jinnian is the hot and scalding Lieyang, whose enthusiasm is so overwhelming

"Mu Yao, are you in college now? In that school? Can I go and play with you?" Tan Jinnian chattered.

Looking at Mu Yao's little face that was so white that it seemed to be shining under the sun, his handsome face was slightly flushed, and he patted his head embarrassingly, "Did I talk too much?"

After finishing speaking, he whispered like a little daughter-in-law: "I just like you so much, I want to talk to you more."

Mu Yao didn't expect the other party to be so straightforward, she froze for a moment, and directly refused, "I'm sorry, I don't like you."

"It's okay, it's okay, if you don't like it now, it's fine if you like it in the future." Tan Jinnian was not shocked at all.

He looked at Mu Yao brightly, "Uncle Mu seems to be looking for my father for something. My father loves me the most. As long as I ask, he will definitely help Uncle Mu. Mu Yao, I can help my father."


Mu Yao looked at him seriously, "You don't need help." She never thought of helping Mu Wanhai.

Tan Jinnian couldn't help but say, "Okay, I'll listen to you."

In response, Tan Jinnian cheerfully surrounded Mu Yao, even if he didn't speak, smelling her fragrance was enough to satisfy him.

Mu Yao was a little uncomfortable with the other party's enthusiasm, she pursed her lips and said, "I'm going to the bathroom."

"I'll go with you..." Tan Jinnian paused, worried that he would frighten Mu Yao away, so he finally changed his words: "Then I'll go back to the lobby with you, and wait for you there."

As he said that, Tan Jinnian really accompanied Mu Yao back home, and then waited for her in the lobby.

Following the sign in the corridor, Mu Yao turned a corner, and soon saw the bathroom at the end of the corridor.

However, the next second, the door of the side passage was opened, and she was pulled in by a big hand.

The door is closed, and the noisy noise outside is far away.

Mu Yao exclaimed, and the next moment, her whole body was pushed against the wall of the stairs.

The back stairs are a little dark because there are no lights. In the panic, she met the dark eyes that contained anger, dark eyes.

"Jiang Yan?" Mu Yao's gentle voice was trembling, she was frightened.

Then the light came in from the door, Jiang Yan stared at her closely.

"Who was that man who was with you just now?" In the dim light, his voice was cold and deep, yet dangerous.

The hand propped on the wall had bulging veins.

When I came to the hotel, I saw that Mu Yao was different from the people with heavy makeup at the banquet. She was wearing a light blue dress with fair complexion, and she followed Mu Wanhai gracefully, which was very eye-catching.

When the tall and thin man saw her, his eyes lit up immediately, like a bee meeting honey, and kept circling Mu Yao, with obvious intentions.

Mu Yao did not refuse.

The fury in his heart wanted to burst out, Jiang Yan's delicate jaw tightened, and he just stared at her, waiting for her to answer.

"That's the son of my father's friend, Jiang Yan, you're crushing me."

The wall behind her was cold, and the back of the skirt she was wearing was relatively low, and her skin was directly touching the wall, which was very cold. But the temperature on the young man in front was very high, one cold and one hot, she felt a little uncomfortable.

Jiang Yan looked down at her, realizing that he was pressing down on her, and his body seemed to be trapped in a ball of soft cotton.

I froze.

He was wearing a black shirt, the hard black was pressed against the soft light blue, such a stark contrast made the roots of his ears feel hot and burned.

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