The night is getting darker, the crescent moon is hidden behind the clouds, and the evening wind of early autumn is blowing, making the night more and more quiet.

Mu Yao was already sound asleep, and the sound of her slight breathing could be heard from the bed.

On the floor, Jiang rolled around on the quilt irritably, forgetting that he couldn't look at his phone, anyway, who Mu Yao dated or met with has nothing to do with him.

He closed his eyes directly.

The short puppy's legs moved, and the dog turned over again. Jiang Yan opened his eyes sleepily.

There was an indescribable panic in his chest.

Jiang Yan got up, under the dim light, he carefully jumped onto Mu Yao's bed, and the dog's head slammed into the bed at once.

The soft quilt carries the fragrance of a girl.

When Jiang Yan got up, he lowered his paw and walked to Mu Yao's side, only to see the mobile phone beside her pillow.

Stretching out two short dog legs, he clasped his paws together, and he clamped the phone over.

Jiang Yan looked at Mu Yao's hanging hand, his eyes brightened slightly. In addition to entering the password, you can also unlock it with your fingerprint.

Gritting his dog's teeth, Jiang Yan approached Mu Yao, and the dog's paw stretched out to hook Mu Yao's finger, wanting her finger to press the unlock button.

Under the warm yellow light, Mu Yao's eyes were closed tightly, her side face was half covered by her fine long hair, only her small and white chin was exposed.

Jiang Yan breathed lightly, stretched out his short dog paws to hook Muyao's hand.

The girl's fingers were fair and slender, with a light healthy pink color at the fingertips, which was very pretty. They were in stark contrast to the fat and short dog's paws.

Jiang Yan glanced at his paws in disgust, it's time for the stupid dog to lose weight.

Clumsily, Jiang Yan hooked Mu Yao's finger out, and lightly pressed the dog's paw on the unlock button of the phone.

The lock was unlocked.

Jiang Yan quickly used his dog's paw to click some information.


Suddenly, Mu Yao's sleepy voice sounded behind him, and Jiang Yan was so frightened that the whole dog froze.

He immediately turned to the dog and covered the phone behind him.

"Little thing, sneaked onto my bed again." Mu Yao lifted the quilt from her body, pulled the dog into the quilt, tugged at its right ear, and said fleshly: "Only this time, in the future You can't sneak into bed."

Jiang Yan's dog body froze.

The dog's eyes were full of astonishment, he actually slept with Mu Yao?

The quilt was soft and warm, and it was filled with the sweet and fruity scent of Mu Yao's body. He raised his dog's head, and only saw Mu Yao's delicate white chin, and his eyes darkened.

Jiang Yan moved the dog's body, wanting to stay away from Mu Yao, how could he be willing to sleep in the same bed with her?

"Don't move the ginger." Mu Yao hugged the little thing tightly with one hand.

Under the quilt, Mu Yao's voice was soft and sleepy, falling on her right ear, and the tip of Jiang Yan's ear fluttered, very itchy.

Jiang Yan gritted his teeth, and it didn't move anymore. After Mu Yao fell asleep later, he would definitely jump out of bed.

On the second day, the sky had not fully brightened yet, and the room was quiet.

Jiang Yan slowly opened it, only to feel that he was trapped in the softness, and the tip of his nose was full of fragrance.

After blinking, he realized that his dog's head was buried in Mu Yao's arms. As soon as his nose became hot, Jiang Yan was about to cover the dog's nose. The next moment, when he opened his eyes again, he was already lying on his big gray bed.

He sat up and touched his nose, his fingertips were instantly stained red.

On Saturday, Mu Yao prepared dog food for Jiang before going out.

When they reached the entrance of the exhibition hall on Nanjiao Road, Mu Yao saw Fu Zhengran from a distance. In the crowd, he was wearing a white casual shirt, and he was handsome. Next to him was his younger sister, Xiao Tongxin. The two were talking about something.

"Sorry, I'm late." Mu Yao hurried forward.

"Sister Xiangxiang." Little Tongxin's **** eyes lit up, and he called out to Mu Yao in a childish voice.

"Xiao Tongxin, good morning." She touched Xiao Tongxin's head, she had two braids on her head, she was very cute, and she smiled like a little angel.

"Mu Yao, early. You didn't come late, Tong Xin and I were early." Fu Zhengran had a slight smile on his lips.

Xiao Tongxin held her elder brother with one hand, and took the initiative to hold Mu Yao's hand with the other. She smiled and rolled her eyes, "Sister leads Xinxin to walk, and Xinxin will not lose it." Xiao Tongxin likes her brother the most, and now he also likes this Sister Xiangxiang, my sister is beautiful, and Xinxin should be as beautiful as her sister.

Mu Yao asked little Tong Xin to hold her hand, and said with a smile, "Okay, Xin Xin will not lose it."

"Let's go in." Fu Zhengran said to Mu Yao with a trace of tenderness in his eyes.


Just like that, Xiao Tong Xin was walking in the middle, Fu Zhengran was walking on the left, and Mu Yao was walking on her right. Such a good-looking combination attracted passers-by to look back frequently.

The scale of the exhibition is not large, mainly some small spice companies and some more powerful physical stores participate in the exhibition. Unlike large-scale exhibitions, large-scale exhibitions only cooperate with distributors, but some of these small exhibitions can be retailed. It is also available for purchase.

Little Tongxin was eating sweet orange candy, looking around with big eyes.

Because of the need to make perfume, Mu Yao came here today for the fragrance.

"Do you want to perfume?" Fu Zhengran watched Mu Yao choose spices, he didn't ask her if she would perfume, but directly asked if she wanted to.


Mu Yao picked some rose essential oil, lemon, jasmine, green pine, cherry blossom, and some fruit-scented spices, which are commonly used in perfumery.

When the girl was choosing spices, her eyes seemed to light up, and Fu Zhengran was a little dazed.

Outside the entrance of the exhibition hall, Jiang Yan frowned. He held the little pier by his feet with a cold expression.

Before looking at Mu Yao's mobile phone, he only saw half of the address. Later, he asked people to investigate and found that there was a fragrance exhibition on Nanjiao Road.

"Brother, Pudding is so tired." The fat and white little short man raised his head, his little mouth was slightly pouted, and looked at Jiang Yan pitifully.

Jiang Yan raised his eyebrows, "Who told you to come with me?"

This Saturday, this guy was sent to Jiang's old house early in the morning.

Not only knocking on his door, making him sleep, even crying to follow him when he went out, like a follower.

Jiang Yan bent down, picked up the short man with one hand, and said with disgust: "You should lose weight."

"The pudding is not fat, and my mother said the pudding is cute." The little short pier was hugged by his brother, and he smiled happily.

Jiang Yan lowered his eyes, looked at his fleshy body, twitched the corners of his mouth, and walked into the exhibition hall.

Mu Yao was in a good mood, she picked a lot of spices, and the harvest was very rich, "Squad leader, don't you pick some?" She was the one picking all the way, and Fu Zhengran looked at it, and it became him to accompany her shopping Pavilion, she was a little embarrassed.

"I came here mainly to see how some of the spices introduced in the book are." Fu Zhengran smiled softly, "Maybe you can tell me about the characteristics of some spices."

"Okay." Mu Yao responded.

Not far away, Jiang Yan was hugging the little short man, his eyes fixed on Mu Yao who was smiling charmingly across the way.

She wore a light tangerine coat today, which made her complexion whiter and brighter. I don't know what the man said to her, but she smiled with crooked brows, and her eyes seemed to be radiant, beautiful and eye-catching.

Although Mu Yao is leading a little girl, but such a combination of three people walking together is an eyesore.

There was a strange sourness in his chest, and Jiang Yan's thin lips were tightened.

"elder brother?"

Little Shorty looked at his brother blackened, with a fierce look on his face, the little guy was a little scared.

Jiang Yan withdrew his eyes, lowered his eyes, and slightly hooked his thin lips, "Do you want to eat something delicious?"

When the little short pier heard that it was delicious, his **** eyes lit up instantly, and the little guy's voice was milky, but very loud, "I think, the pudding needs cake and fried chicken legs."

"Then you have to be obedient."

Little Shorty boasted: "Pudding is the most obedient."

Mu Yao did not expect to meet Jiang Yan at the exhibition. The other party was holding a child in his arms. He looked only three to four years old. He was fat and white, and looked at her with big round, black eyes, full of curiosity. look.

Jiang Yan walked towards her with the child in his arms, and glanced at Fu Zhengran with his dark eyes, before he slowly said to Mu Yao: "What a coincidence."

Although Mu Yao and Jiang Yan have divorced, but Jiang Yan helped her before, Mu Yao is not a person who does not know how to be grateful, "Yes."

Jiang Yan put down the short pier, "It's really heavy, you go by yourself."

Little Shorty nodded, he walked in front of Mu Yao, and asked childishly: "Sister, can you hold Pudding?"

Jiang Yan hooked his lips.

"Little friend, I'm on a different path from you..."

"Since we met, let's go together, I just want to go shopping too." Jiang Yan has a handsome face, but a thick skin.

"Pudding will go with my sister, okay?" After the little short pier finished speaking, he thought of the cake his brother promised to buy him, and he sucked in his saliva.

Jiang Yan also looked at Mu Yao.

Mu Yao was the least resistant to children, the little boy in front of her looked at her eagerly, and even handed over a soft chubby hand, waiting for her to hold it.

"It's okay, since you met friends, Mu Yao, it would be more fun to walk together." Fu Zhengran suggested with a smile.

The ticket was paid by Fu Zhengran, and seeing that he had no objection, Mu Yao agreed. She took Little Shorty's chubby hand, "Is your name Pudding?"

Little Shorty nodded, puffed out his small chest, and said in a milky voice, "My name is Pudding, and my mother loves pudding the most."

Because the four of them couldn't walk hand in hand, Fu Zhengran held the little Tong Xin, Mu Yao held the little Pudding, and Jiang Yan who was next to him curled his lips and held the hand of the little Pudding calmly.

Now, from the trio of Fu Zhengran, Xiaotong Xin, and Mu Yao just now, it became the trio of Jiang Yan, Xiao Puding, and Mu Yao.

Facing Mu Yao's slightly astonished gaze, the sourness in his chest disappeared inexplicably, Jiang Yan's dark eyes were stained with a smile, "Let's go."

Along the way, the atmosphere of several people was a bit awkward.

Fu Zhengran's eyebrows were gentle, and there was still a slight smile on his face. He didn't know how long he had walked, so he suggested, "The child is so tired from walking, why don't we find a place to rest for a while."

Mu Yao looked at the time, it was almost noon, "I've finished my selection, now it's almost time for dinner, let's go eat."

"fair enough."

Mu Yao looked at Jiang Yan, "Jiang Yan, we finished shopping and are going to eat, you..."

"Oh, it just so happens that the little guy and I are also hungry, let's go together." Jiang Yan said.

Mu Yao's black eyes stared slightly, she didn't know why she had the illusion that Jiang Yan seemed to be determined to follow them today.

They chose a nearby restaurant, the environment was quiet and tidy, and it was not officially lunch time yet, so there were still few people in the restaurant.

The biggest one in the restaurant is only a six-person booth. When Mu Yao sat down, Little Pudding looked at his brother and gave him a wink. The little guy sat next to Mu Yao very cleverly. Sit down next to him.

Opposite, sat Fu Zhengran and Xiao Tongxin.

At first glance, Mu Yao, Jiang Yan, and Little Pudding looked like a family of three, but they became guests.

Although there was a small pudding in the middle, Jiang Yan's imposing manner was too imposing, and it was hard to be ignored just by sitting. She unnaturally sat a little further inside.

Seeing her little movements, Fu Zhengran smiled, and said, "Mu Yao, order." He handed her the menu.

"What do you like to eat?" Mu Yao took the menu.

"I'm free to order an egg custard for Tong Xin." Fu Zhengran said.

"Okay, what about Jiang Yan?" Mu Yao looked at Jiang Yan.


"Pudin likes to eat cakes. He wants chocolate flavor. He also likes to eat fried chicken drumsticks. My brother doesn't like to eat fish." The little pudding next to him broke his little finger and actively reported the menu.

Mu Yao was amused by him, "Okay, is there anything else Pudding wants?"

Little Pudding's big round eyes rolled, "Pudin still wants to eat ice cream."

"Jiang Puding, shouldn't it be time for you to lose weight?" Jiang Yan squeezed his fleshy face with two fingers.

"Sister, the pudding only eats cakes and fried chicken drumsticks." He said in a childish voice.

Mu Yao responded, "Okay."

After placing the order, the waiter asked, "Is there anything else you need?"

"Add some cherries." Jiang Yan said in a low voice.

The waiter was taken aback, "Excuse me, is it cherry salad?"

"Just wash the cherries."

"Okay, please wait a moment." The waiter stepped back.

Mu Yao lowered her eyes, wondering if it was an illusion, she felt that Jiang Yan ordered the cherries for her.

"Brother, Xinxin wants to sit with Sister Xiangxiang." Little Tongxin glared at Little Pudding with big eyes.

Fu Zhengran poured a glass of lemonade for Xiao Tongxin, and coaxed her in a warm voice: "It's okay, my sister is sitting opposite, and Tong Xin is sitting here, so I can see my sister clearly." After finishing speaking, he smiled and looked at the opposite Mu Yao took a look.

Jiang Yan raised his eyebrows.

He directly turned his head to look at Mu Yao, his dark eyes fell on her face openly.

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