The weather gradually turned cold, and when Mu Yao woke up in the morning, she felt that her nose was a little stuffy, which was a pre-cold symptom.

The interview location is in the laboratory of No. 9 teaching building. When she came to the door of the laboratory, she found that two other students had already arrived.

"Come in." The interviewing teachers were two middle-aged professors.

Mu Yao and the others sat down on the seat where their names were pasted.

"There are different spices in the small bottles in front of you. According to the serial number, distinguish the smell in the small bottles. The students on the left will start first."

The candidate on the left was a little nervous. He didn't expect that the interview would ask him to identify the smell of spices.

Originally, he was a student in the Department of Economics. However, he heard that the flavor and fragrance major has good benefits and is easy to find employment in the future. After thinking about it for a long time, he decided to change his major. Before the written test, he studied hard for nearly a month and got a good result. However, he can recite it, but he has never practiced it.

The examinee stabilized his mind, opened the first bottle, and sniffed the mouth of the bottle carefully.

"It's orange." He smelled such a familiar and simple smell right away.

The professor motioned for him to continue.

The examinee opened the second bottle and tried to smell it. "It's a lemon."

The third bottle is green pomelo.

The fourth bottle is Qingsong.

Candidates failed to answer the fifth bottle. The first few bottles had a single smell, but the perfume smell in the last bottle was mixed with many kinds of smells. It was really difficult to distinguish.

The professor nodded, "Next."

Another candidate got only three correct answers.

"The last classmate, you can start now."

Mu Yao opened the first bottle, and began to distinguish the smell inside the bottle, and within a second, she said, "It's cherry blossoms."

"You have a cold?" one of the professors asked.

Mu Yao pursed her lips. She knew that a cold is the most fatal to a perfumer and would affect the sense of smell of the nose, but she is not serious now, and she can handle such a simple test, "A little bit, but it's okay."

"Okay, you can continue."

Mu Yao opened the second bottle and smelled it lightly, "Grapefruit."

The third bottle is vanilla.

The fourth bottle is musk.

"The top notes of the perfume in this bottle are rose, tuberose, cedar, the middle notes are peach, orange, plant sucrose, and vanilla, and the base notes are patchouli and vanilla." The fragrance in the bottle is fresh sweet.

"Have you ever been exposed to spices?" A professor looked at Mu Yao, with a smile on his serious face, as if he had found a good seed. This candidate is obviously different from the other two, she has a foundation.

"I like to study perfumes." Mu Yao had a calm demeanor, and mixing fragrances was what she was best at.

"Okay, the interview is over now, you can leave now, go back and wait for the result notification." The interview is very simple and the time is short. This time it is mainly to test the candidates' sense of smell.

Clearly, there are good seeds here.

After the candidates left, the professor wearing glasses asked, "How about Lao Xu, which one do you choose to enter your class?"

"Mu Yao is a good student, you can join my fast class." Professor Xu looks kind and doesn't make students feel too far away.

"You old fox, this Mu Yao only scored 60 points in the written test, I thought you wouldn't pick her." The professor wearing glasses jumped a little bit, he also took a fancy to this student,

Although the student had just passed the written test, he heard from the invigilator that she forgot to bring her school card, and she only had less than half an hour to take the test. He was the one who graded the test papers, of course he knew that as long as this Mu Yao was answering the questions, she would get the answers completely correct, and she even answered correctly several questions that were only learned by sophomores and juniors.

It is a pity that the test paper is not finished.

However, he thought that the old fox, Old Xu, would consider the results of the written test, but he didn't expect that he would choose Mu Yao as a student when he opened his mouth.

"Student Mu Yao enters my fast class, and the remaining two go to your class." Professor Xu directly assigned the candidates with a smile.

The professor wearing glasses can't do anything about it. After all, he has no reason to prevent students from going to fast classes.

Walking out of the laboratory, a gust of cool wind in early autumn blew over, and Mu Yao couldn't help shivering. It was still sunny when she went out this morning, but it turned cloudy in one morning, and the sky became gray and dark, like It's going to rain.

She came here for the interview on leave, and now she still needs to go to class.

Walking into the classroom, Mu Yao immediately attracted the attention of many people. Now she is not only white, but also much more beautiful, and she has become very low-key recently. Gradually, everyone feels less disgust towards her.

Mu Yao sat down in the second-to-last row near the aisle.

She took out a box of cherries and didn't eat them all morning, she already wanted to eat them so badly. Picking up a small bright red cherry with crystal clear drops of water on it, it was small and cute. She put it in her mouth, and the sweet and sour juice overflowed the tip of her tongue.

"Brother Yan, I heard that Mu Yao asked for leave just now to attend the interview for changing majors." Chen Qinghui threw away the phone, gossiping.

Jiang Yan gave him a cold look, "I'm not interested in knowing."

"Didn't you help Mu Yao find a dog the day before yesterday? I thought you..." Chen Qinghui swallowed under Jiang Yan's gloomy gaze, "It's nothing, it's my illusion, I shouldn't have such absurd thoughts."

God knows he thought Jiang Yan suddenly helped Mu Yao because he had a crush on her.

"However, Brother Yan, you can't blame me. You asked me how to please girls, and suddenly helped Mu Yao find a dog. Can I not misunderstand?"

Jiang Yan twitched the corner of his lips, "It's just a task."


Chen Qinghui was dumbfounded.

Could it be that Mr. Jiang gave Jiang Yan some task? That's right, Mr. Jiang loves this Mu Yao very much, so it's normal for Jiang Yan to take care of her more.

During class, I don't know if it's because of a cold, Mu Yao's spirit is not very good.

The breath between the nostrils was a little hot, Mu Yao felt weak all over, her head was dizzy, and she tried her best to open her eyes wide.

Really unable to support it, Mu Yao secretly took out a cherry from the drawer, and when the teacher turned around, she lowered her head and stuffed it into her mouth, so she regained her energy.

Jiang Yan leaned casually on the back of the chair, twirling the pen with his slender fingers boredly, staring at Mu Yao diagonally above and across the aisle with his dark eyes. Her waist is straight, and her sitting posture is very similar to that of a young elementary school student.

When the teacher couldn't see, Mu Yao ate cherries secretly, her snow-white cheeks were bulging like a squirrel.

Jiang Yan sneered.

The next second, he saw Mu Yao sneaking out a cherry from the drawer. When the teacher turned around, her pink lips opened, and she quickly put the little cherry into her mouth. Vaguely, he saw Mu Yao sticking out the tip of her tongue and licking the corner of her lips.

His gaze seemed to have been scalded, and Jiang Yan instantly looked away.

The sky outside gradually darkened, dense layers of dark clouds shrouded the sky, and the trees planted by the roadside were shaken by the strong wind.

After a while, the heavy rain fell on the ground, and the rainstorm came.

When school was over, Mu Yao received a call from the driver, Uncle Fang.

"Miss, I'm sorry, the car broke down on the way here, and there may be no way to come right away." Uncle Fang said.

"How long will it take?" Mu Yao looked outside, the rain probably won't stop so soon.

"This..." On the other end of the phone, Uncle Fang was a little embarrassed.

"It's okay, I'll take a taxi and go back by myself." The rain is heavy now, and she didn't bring an umbrella, so she can only wait for the rain to calm down before leaving.

Chen Qinghui put the phone into his trouser pocket and stood up empty-handed, "What the **** is the weather, it will rain if it rains."

He followed Jiang Yan out of the classroom door, and said cheerfully: "Brother Yan, I'll give you a ride. Isn't your old man going on a trip? I'll go to your house for dinner tonight."

Jiang Yan raised his eyebrows, "It's up to you."

The black car drove directly into the campus and parked outside the teaching building. The driver of Jiang's family was already waiting, "Master."

The car door opened, and Chen Qinghui got in unceremoniously.

"Master, it's raining heavily. Get in the car quickly. The butler has already prepared towels." The driver held up an umbrella to protect Jiang Yan from the heavy rain.

"Uncle Jiang is more careful." Chen Qinghui wiped the rain from his short hair. His hair is short and he is not afraid of getting wet.

Jiang Yan stood in front of the car door, his eyes were dark, his brows were frowned, and the next second, he grabbed the driver's umbrella, "I have something else to do, wait for a while." After speaking, he took the umbrella and turned to leave.

"Huh? Brother Yan, Brother Yan..."


Because of the rain, it was only less than five o'clock, and the light in the classroom had already dimmed.

The large classroom was very quiet, Mu Yao was lying on the table in the seat, her head was groggy, and her cold seemed to be getting worse.

Water droplets kept dripping from the umbrella to the ground, Jiang Yan walked into the classroom through the back door, and saw Mu Yao at a glance.

Lying on the table, Mu Yao's back is slender.

"Mu Yao, here's your umbrella." Jiang Yan stood beside Mu Yao.

There was no movement in the seat.

Jiang Yan had no patience, he reached out and knocked on Mu Yao's table.

The eyelids opened slowly, the dark pupils seemed to be covered with a thin water color due to the heat, Mu Yao looked at Jiang Yan blankly, not knowing why.

Condescending, Jiang Yan looked at Mu Yao's fair and light pink face, and his moist eyes. He tightened his hand holding the umbrella, "You take the umbrella and use it."

Mu Yao sat up straight, her head was a bit heavy and dizzy, she must have a fever, "Can you lend me an umbrella?"


Jiang Yan saw that something was wrong with Mu Yao, but he didn't pay attention, left the umbrella behind.

In the villa.

"Xiaoxue, are you wet?" He Xiumei turned her head and ordered someone to bring out a bowl of **** soup cooked in the kitchen, "I asked someone to cook **** soup for you, drink some, so you don't catch a cold."

"Thank you mom. By the way, I heard from Uncle Fang that you asked him to pick me up from the set?" Mu Xiaoxue sat down next to He Xiumei.

"When Lao Gao went to pick you up, the car abandoned, so I asked Lao Fang to pick you up." He Xiumei was relieved when she saw that her daughter's clothes were not wet.

"Isn't Uncle Fang going to pick Xiaoyao up from school?" Mu Xiaoxue asked, "How did Xiaoyao come back?"

"Old Fang called her, and she will take a taxi back. Xiaoxue, your body has been carefully nourished since childhood, and you are very delicate, so you can't get wet in the rain. Xiaoyao has been in the countryside since she was a child, and her body is strong. You don't have to worry." He Xiumei urged Said: "Silly boy, come on, drink up the soup quickly."

When Jiang Yanchuan came over, it was different from usual, the room was pitch black, and Mu Yao hadn't come back yet?

Didn't he leave her the umbrella?

Could it be that the woman lay down in the classroom and fell asleep again after he left?

However, in the next second, there was a slight breathing sound on the bed.

Mu Yao?

In the dark night, Jiang Yan jumped onto the chair and struggled to turn on the lamp beside the bed with his dog's paw.

When the warm yellow light came on, Jiang Yan saw Mu Yao lying on the bed at a glance. Her eyes were tightly closed and her brows were slightly frowned, as if she was suffering.

Jiang Yan jumped directly from the chair to the bed, walked to Mu Yao's side, stretched out his dog's paw to her forehead, and found it was hot.

"Woof, woof." Jiang Yan pushed her with his paw.

After a while, Mu Yao opened her eyes, her throat was dry and sore, her head was drowsy, and in a daze, she saw Jiang lying beside her, she hugged the little thing in her arms, and rubbed her face affectionately. The dog's head of the little thing, the voice is soft, soft, as if coquettish, "Ginger, don't make trouble."

The bosom is extremely fragrant and extremely soft.

The dog's heart beat wildly, and Jiang Yan stiffened the dog's body due to the scalding heat.

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