After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

Chapter 310 - Chapter 310: You Offended Wen Yanqing

Chapter 310: You Offended Wen Yanqing

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After Wen Yanqing had warned him that day, he had immediately clarified the matter with Tan Huiya. It was true that he wanted the Lin family to be his support, but if it did not work out, he was naturally willing to give up on the idea. After all, what he wanted the most was the Yin family’s assets. Once Wen Yanqing interfered, things would become even more difficult.

He had once hoped that Wen Yanqing was just bluffing, but during his recovery period, the part of the company that he took over gradually became sidelined. Only after asking around did he know that someone was deliberately targeting him. Yin Zhen was busy with the entertainment company and had no time to be distracted. From the looks of it, this was a warning from Wen Yanqing.

Everyone in the world was doing this for profit, and Yin He wasn’t surprised at all how he did it.

He could not let his plans and efforts go to waste, but this half-sister in front of him actually disregarded his reminder and provoked Wen Yanqing again.

Wen Yanqing had clearly said that Tan Huiya’s debt was also on his head!

He regretted it too much. He should not have agreed to Tan Huiya’s rotten idea of poaching others back then!

“Go back to your original school.” Yin He made arrangements for her on account of their many years of being siblings.

“I’ve already applied for a transfer in Z City,” Tan Huiya was unwilling to do so. “They’ve already canceled my degree.”

Yin He gritted his teeth.

Who was to blame? He would not believe that it was not Wen Yanqing’s doing!

The quarrel between the two of them had attracted Grandpa Yin’s attention. This matter could not be hidden from him. After all, Grandpa Yin had used his connections to look for a school.

He came out of his room and said, “You can’t go to your original school. C University won’t accept you either. Why don’t you go abroad? It’s just a few years of tuition. It’s not like you can’t afford it.”

“Why do I have to leave C City?” Tan Huiya was not satisfied with this arrangement. “Besides C University, there are many other good universities.” “Are you stupid! If C University rejected you, the other schools can reject you too!” Yin He didn’t have the patience to persuade her. “You still want to study here after offending Wen Yanqing? Dream on!”

Tan Huiya’s expression changed. She then realized that it was Wen Yanqing who did it.

“It’s not like he can cover all bases. Why can’t I?” Tan Huiya stubbornly said.

“Yes, he can’t, but he can easily donate a laboratory building with the best equipment. The only condition is that the school refuses the application of an ordinary student. Do you think the school will agree? You’re originally not an admitted student!” Yin He scolded. “Do you think you’re a genius or a person the country is nurturing? How strong are you? Wake up!”

Tan Huiya’s face turned red from the scolding.

Grandpa Yin was much calmer. After all, Tan Huiya was not his family. He did not need to be overly concerned. “So, going abroad is the best choice. You can continue to receive a high-quality education overseas. It will not affect your future.”

“I don’t want to leave my brother.” Tan Huiya couldn’t take it lying down.

“Then stop studying! Take your high school degree and get a job outside.” Seeing that she was still unwilling to give up, Yin He was livid. “I’m your brother, not your father. I have no obligation to take care of you for the rest of your life. If you have no way out in the future, don’t even think about asking me to give you money and arrange a job for you.”

Tan Huiya was shocked by his heartless words. “You’re my brother! How could you say such things!”

“Enough; I’ll get my assistant to arrange the procedures for going abroad.” Grandpa Yin interrupted their argument and made a decision. “Two of the projects that the company was bidding for a few days ago have been snatched away by our competitors. Yin He, you should find out whether Wen Yanqing was the one who interfered. I don’t need a grandson who drags the company down.”

Granpa Yin’s words were harsh. Yin He secretly hated him, but he did not show it on the surface. “I know that Wen Yanqing cares only about Lin Gantang. As long as we maintain a relationship with the two of them, I believe that there will be no more accidents..”

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