After Having Everything Taken Away, She Returns As A God

Chapter 289 - Chapter 289: The Crowd Has Gone Crazy! Relationship Progress (3)

Chapter 289: The Crowd Has Gone Crazy! Relationship Progress (3)

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Recalling the way Yu Tang had eagerly informed him about Bie Yunxi on the way there, Feng San straightened up with determination. “Uncle Nine, while Miss Si protects Miss Yu Tang, I will ensure your reputation remains untarnished!”

Yu Xiheng, without shifting his gaze, asked, “Oh? And how will you protect it?”

Feng San, “…”

He stammered, “Then… then I’ll go protect Miss Yu Tang, and have Miss Si come over?”

Yu Xiheng’s eyelashes fluttered slightly. “Mhmm, go ahead.”

Feng San:

Feng San left the room silently.

He found Yu Tang backstage, who had just obtained an autograph, and firmly brought her back.

Yu Tang, shocked by Yu Xiheng’s authoritarian approach, protested, “Uncle

Nine, is this fair? Not even giving me this much time?”

Yu Tang looked tearfully at Si Fuqing as she left.

Si Fuqing, moving quietly, went upstairs. “Boss, Feng San told me everything. I will fulfill my duty diligently and protect you!”

Yu Xiheng turned his head slightly.

The girl hadn’t removed her makeup; her eyes were adorned with earth-toned shadows, which couldn’t hide her inherent vivacity and brilliance.

He paused, asking softly, “Are you happy?

“Happy,” Si Fuqing’s eyes sparkled, “Rarely this happy.”

She hadn’t expected to come to the Great Xia Empire and meet her old online friends.

Yu Xiheng nodded, “Good, as long as you’re happy.”

Si Fuqing pushed his wheelchair out of the venue.

Reaching the street, precisely at ten o’clock, an alarm sounded.

It wasn’t music, but a cool-toned male voice, both warm and pleasant to the ear.

Si Fuqing froze for the first time, swiftly silencing it.

But it was already too late.

Yu Xiheng’s hearing was exceptionally sharp; he almost instantly glanced over.

His phoenix eyes deep and penetrating.

Yet, his expression remained undisturbed, unhurriedly he said, “So, you recorded it to use as a ringtone.” Si Fuqing:

An awkward, social fauxpas.

“Boss, your voice is very pleasant and serves as a reminder for me,” Si Fuqing explained earnestly, “That’s why I set it as an alarm tone. Even when you’re not around, it constantly reminds me to work hard!”

The man’s gaze darkened momentarily but quickly returned to its usual aloofness. He sighed lightly, “Let’s go.”

Si Fuqing promptly disabled all her alarms, her mood visibly brightening, “Mm-hmm.’

Indeed, as long as she played the ‘dedication’ card, her wages wouldn’t be docked.

Yet, she had no intention of changing that alarm.

On the other side.

Ming Wenxian returned to the hotel, her face a shade of iron blue.

With an angry huff, she fiercely tore off the pearl necklace around her neck. T he pearls scattered across the floor with a clatter.

Still not pacified, she smashed a bedside lamp.

“Sis-Sister Ming, the program team actually invited two of the Deity Voice’s most senior members,” her assistant stuttered nervously. “But, aren’t they supposed to be promoting Lu Yan? Why would they help Xie Yu instead?”

Ming Wenxian was well aware of the bias the producer and director had towards Si Fuqing.

Therefore, starting from the previous two episodes, the investors had already begun reclaiming much of the producer’s authority, effectively rendering him powerless.

Even if he hadn’t been sidelined, inviting celebrity guests was a task for the investors.

The production team of “Under Heaven” hadn’t managed to invite Serene Delight and Upon Brocade simultaneously, so how could the producer of “Youth With You” possibly succeed?

What a joke.

“I think Deity Voice is deliberately opposing me!” Ming Wenxian sneered coldly. “I knew it from the Oracle’s press conference.

The assistant didn’t dare to speak.

But she did recall something.

Among the six senior members of Deity Voice, the Director was calm and collected, Mighty Dark quirky, and Gleaming Crystal somewhat marginalized.

Homeward Deer had retired from the scene for years, leaving only Serene Delight and Upon Brocade, both known for their pleasant voices and good looks, as the prominent figures.

The duo had participated in many joint activities in the past, garnering a large following of ‘ship’ fans.

Today, the fans in their couple’s fan forum were ecstatic, fervently celebrating their pairing.

Tapping lightly on the table, Ming Wenxian’s red lips curved into a cold smile, “Let’s not worry about Upon Brocade for now. I still need Xie Yu. Nowadays, it’s the ‘puppy love’ type that’s more appealing.”

“Get ready. They rest tomorrow; we make our move..”

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