Seeing that Qingfan was happy, Jiang Xuenian forgot the jealousy just now.

    On the second day after returning to Jiang's house, Jiang Xuenian remembered the question he had asked on the forum.

    After she added a series of conditions, she got more than 100 answers, of which the one with the most likes was at the top.

    —I suspect that the landlord is here to show that she is an alha and has an oga girlfriend, you have marked her, you don’t know why she blushed when she saw your disheveled clothes? I was really short of those 100 alliance coins to endure strong jealousy to answer the landlord's mentally handicapped question. The reason is simple - she likes you. (100,000 likes)

    —Landlord, you, hey! Why do alhas like you have oga willing to let you mark! I'm furious! ! (Number of likes 90000)

    —A show of affection and love is in front of me? I endured it for one hundred alliance coins! It's time to be together, what's next for the markup? marry! You must get married now! Civil Affairs Bureau, I'll move it for you! (Number of likes 80000)


    The following answers are similar, they all say that she is showing her affection on purpose.

    After all, the oga in this world belongs to the category with the smallest number of genders, an oga can definitely find an alha husband, but an alha cannot necessarily find an oga wife.

    Jiang Xuenian felt that she was wronged, she was really looking for an answer.

    "Qingfan likes me?" Jiang Xuenian was shamefully moved by this possibility.

    If Shi Qingfan likes her and confesses to her, Jiang Xuenian feels that he will bend in a second.

    Jiang Xuenian sighed, rewarded one hundred alliance coins to the answerer with the most likes, and then posted a new question.

    She wrote the previous patch and highlighted a few more.

    [Oga regards alha as a friend. ]

    [oga likes men. ]

    [So why is alha jealous because oga makes alha friends, or even oga friends? ]

    After posting the question, Jiang Xuenian set up a reward of 200 Union Coins.

    I posted a question in the morning, and Jiang Xuenian received a text message from the forum at noon. The text message reminded her that more than 100 people answered the question, and the highest number of likes exceeded 100,000, please read it as soon as possible Answer.

    Jiang Xuenian was nervous before opening the forum, she felt that she would know the answer without opening it.

    They must think that alha likes oga, which means she likes Shi Qingfan.

    Click on the first few articles, and it really is.

    —Familiar landlord, have you come to show your love again? Of course you are jealous because you like oga. If the landlord's money is too much to burn, it is better to transfer 10,000 alliance coins directly to me, saving hundreds of hundreds of dollars to play. (100,000 likes)

    —don't doubt, you love her. I'll go to the Civil Affairs Bureau immediately! (Number of likes 90000)


    I read thirty or forty articles in a row, and they all say that Qingfan will be jealous when she likes it.

    Jiang Xuenian rewarded the answerer with the highest number of likes, and then posted another question.

    [There are many kinds of likes, how to determine it is love? ]

    —The landlord has never been in love, right? ? ? Love means that you have an urge to her, want to do intimate things with her, hug, kiss, and the last step, you know what that means? If the landlord has ever had this kind of impulse, and the impulse comes up from time to time, don't doubt, you love her and want to possess her, this is love.

    Jiang Xuenian silently tipped 300 Union Coins for this answer and quit the forum.

    Jiang Xuenian lay on the window sill and looked at a small piece of plum forest outside. As time passed, the sun rose slowly, and the golden sunlight fell on Jiang Xuenian's face through the glass window, it was pitch black in the eyes.

    Suddenly, her eyes were focused downstairs.

    Shi Qingfan and the nanny came out of the villa, holding hands, and their relationship seemed to be very good.

    "I'm not jealous of Auntie."

    "...Well, Auntie really doesn't need to be jealous. If I love her, I definitely want more people to love her, but only if that love is not love."

    Jiang Xuenian was looking at Shi Qingfan downstairs from the window and muttered to himself.

    "Actually, I have liked her for a long time, maybe it was the first time we met, maybe in the next few days, maybe after they became friends."

    "Am I smart? I'm a fool. I know I like her and want to be close to her, but I can't tell if it's friendship or love."

    Jiang Xuenian walked away from the window, went downstairs, and went to Merlin outside to find Shi Qingfan and the nanny who were taking pictures.

    "Why didn't you call me? Let me take pictures for you." Jiang Xuenian walked over and said.

    Shi Qingfan gave the camera to the nanny, "Auntie, help me take a photo with Nian Nian."

    After finishing speaking, she ran to Jiang Xuenian and put her arm around her.

    Jiang Xuenian raised his wrist, Shi Qingfan's hand slid down, the two hands touched each other smoothly, and their fingers clasped together.

    Shi Qingfan raised his head slightly, Jiang Xuenian lowered his eyes, and their eyes were entangled.

    "Click! Click! Click!..." The nanny took more than a dozen pictures in a row, just in time to capture a series of actions of the two of them.

    In the afternoon, the nanny took out the photos and made them in duplicate, one for Jiang Xuenian and one for Shi Qingfan.

    Jiang Xuenian said he wanted to take a nap, went back to his bedroom, put the photos on the bed in order, looked at himself and Shi Qingfan, Jiang Xuenian The corners of his mouth curved up unconsciously.

    After laughing, Jiang Xuenian sighed deeply when he thought of his unrequited love for Qingfan.

    Qing Fan regards her as a friend, but she has long had thoughts that she should not have.

    Jiang Xuenian was lying on the bed, flipping through the phone, and accidentally opened the chat interface with Jiang Yue.

    She remembered that Jiang Yue felt that she and Shi Qingfan were a couple from the first time she saw Shi Qingfan, and then reminded her many times to face her feelings, but she identified herself at that time It was just friendship with Shi Qingfan, and Jiang Yue didn't listen to a word of his persuasion.

    Jiang Xuenian: Brother, what do you think will happen if I like Shangqingqing?

    Jiang Yue may be resting, and the information is returned very quickly.

    Jiang Yue: Didn't you like Shangqing Brahma long ago? The first time I saw the two of you, I could see it. You can see that Brahma's eyes are as gentle on the surface as other people's, but they are actually very different. How they are different can only be understood and cannot be expressed in words.

    Jiang Xuenian: But I like Qingqing, but Qingqing doesn't like me, and I'm struggling with this now.

    Jiang Yue: How do you know that Qing Fan doesn't like you? I see that she has the deepest affection for you.

    Jiang Xuenian: She used to have a good relationship with her in St. Lis.

    Jiang Xuenian: Besides, Qingqing likes boys, I am a woman, definitely not. [sigh]

    Jiang Yue: Did Qing Fan tell you that he likes boys? If so, it would be a bit difficult to do.

    Jiang Xuenian: I didn’t say it personally, but I know.

    The heroine of the heroine likes you. Although the female protagonist yearns for freedom, she still compromises for the male protagonist.

    Jiang Xuenian suddenly felt lucky when he thought of this.

    Fortunately, Shi Qingfan didn't have feelings for Jiang Yue like inside, otherwise, wouldn't she and Jiang Yue want to kill each other?

    Jiang Xuenian: Brother, you are so lucky.

    She is a sss-level alha now, and Jiang Yue can't beat her after the division.

    Jiang Yue: I am very lucky. You will marry Qing Fan in the future, and Qing Fan will be my righteous sister. I am so lucky to have you and Qingfan as my sisters.

    Jiang Xuenian: Brother, you are really my brother. [compare heart]

    Jiang Yue: Don't compare your heart with me, go compare your heart with Qing Fan, and quickly catch up with people.

    Jiang Xuenian: I dare not. What if Qingqing doesn't like me and therefore alienates me?

    Jiang Yue: What you worry about is also justified. Hey, recently, a comrade of mine suddenly confessed to me. I only regarded him as a buddy and rejected him. Now I see him subconsciously and hide away, for fear of embarrassment.

    Jiang Yue: You are still chasing secretly. If she likes you, she will understand.

    Jiang Xuenian: Well, thank you brother, fortunately you are here, otherwise I don't know what to do. [Love you]

    Jiang Yue: Go and talk to your future wife.

    Jiang Xuenian finally made up his mind to chase after Shi Qingfan, but how to implement it is a problem.

    Before Jiang Xuenian made a plan, Shiqing Fanxinjia's WeChat friends suddenly invited her to go shopping and watch a movie together.

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