Jiang Xuenian thinks that she has a mild temper and never acts evil with others, but in the face of those who have hurt Shi Qingfan and will continue to hurt her, Went seems to have left her suddenly, and only down cold.

    Sh Xinran clutched her heart and took two steps back, and found that Jiang Yue was looking at her with the same indifference. Unable to bear the blow, she turned and ran downstairs crying.

    Shi Qingfan was very moved to know that Jiang Xuenian was supporting her.

    She always wanted to escape from these people in Shi's family, and never thought of revenge. Jiang Xuenian's call just now made her suddenly enlightened.


    Jiang Yue said: "Qingfan, if you don't want to live here, I will take you back immediately. If Dad heard about these things, he would definitely agree."

    Shi Qingfan was about to speak when footsteps came from the stairs.

     Shi Lian came up.

    Shi Qingfan looked at Shi Lian coldly, waiting for him to ask his teacher for guilt, for Shi Qingfan to take revenge.

    When she and Shi Xinran quarreled when they were young, they would be reprimanded by Shi Lian.

    However, when Shi Lian came up, there was still a smile on his face.

    He sighed and said to Shi Qingfan, "Qingfan. Your sister has a bad temper. I told her just now, don't mind, I apologize for her. She is old Still young, I will let her mother teach her well."

    Shi Qingfan's body was slightly stiff.

    How ridiculous, the person she hated but also feared since she was a child was apologizing to her, just because he wanted to please the Jiang family.

    Jiang Xuenian put his hand on Shi Qingfan's back waist and stroked it gently, Shi Qingfan said coldly, "Shi Lian, you shouldn't apologize to me on behalf of Shi. You should apologize to my mother."

    Shi Lian seemed to have long expected that Shi Qingfan would mention her mother's affairs, and his face showed a repentant expression: "I have always felt sorry for your mother, and I have been repenting of my mistakes all these years. , Qingfan, I'm sorry for neglecting you all these years. I really want to make up for you."

    "Since I've said this, I would like to ask Jiang Yue and Xuenian to be a witness." Shi Lian sincerely said to Jiang Yue and Jiang Xuenian, "I, Shi Lian, speak what I say, from today onwards. Since then, Qing Fan is my most precious daughter, and I will never let anyone have the opportunity to bully her."

    "Qingfan, you believe in Dad, Dad knows how wrong he was in the past. From now on, I am glad to have it. You not only have it, but you will have more than her."

    Jiang Xuenian's smile contained a slight irony, "Since Uncle Shi asked my brother and I to witness, then we can't just watch. Didn't Uncle Shi say to give more to Qingfan? "

    Jiang Xuenian raised his hand and swiped across the entire third floor, "Then let's decorate this floor as Qingfan likes."

    Shi Lian's face stiffened, "Xue Nian, this..."

    Jiang Xuenian looked at him in amazement: "Didn't Uncle Shi say it? Shi Xinran has it, and will give more to Qingqing, and now even a few rooms are reluctant to renovate?"

    Jiang Yue followed suit: "It seems that what Uncle Shi said doesn't count."

    "Calculate! Of course!" Shi Lian was sweating anxiously, wiped it with his hands, and said, "I can't find anyone to decorate it during the two-day holiday. , I'll have it re-installed immediately. Qing Fan, just tell me what style you like!"

    Shi Qingfan was not polite to him, "I like blue, please replace all the pink-related things in the room."

    Sh Xinran was raised as a princess since she was a child, and she liked pink the most. The wallpapers on the third floor, including the corridors, are all pink and court-like, and changing them is definitely a big project.

     Shi Lian gritted his teeth secretly and nodded: "Okay."

    Shi Lian said: "Tonight, you are wronged. You live on the second floor. Everything in the room is complete and new. I'll go downstairs to have a look first."

    Shi Lian left in a hurry, Jiang Xuenian looked at his back and smiled: "Does it feel like running away?"

    Shi Qingfan said: "He is afraid that if he doesn't leave again, he will be peeled off by you again."

    "Come on, go to the second floor and see my room."

     When Shi Lian came to the living room, Shi Xinran was crying in Bai Xinyue's arms, her body trembled, so pitiful.

    Shi Lian felt distressed at once, walked over and said, "Xinran, Dad has something to tell you."

    Shi Xinran turned around, revealing her crying red and swollen eyes, "Dad, let's not please the Jiang family, okay?"

    Before Shi Lian spoke, Bai Xinyue patted her arm, "No."

    Shi Lian recounted what happened on the third floor just now, "Xinran, please feel wronged, the third floor must be redecorated, my father and mother live on the first floor, and I will give you the second floor. "

    Shi Xinran's eyes widened with disbelief, "Why?! I don't agree!"

    Shi Lianxiao said with reason and emotion, "Dad has already agreed, this must be done. Don't worry, when our family catches up with Jiang's family and becomes the top, Daddy will buy it. It’s a bigger house, you can choose the room, and the decoration is up to you. By then, you will definitely not like the house here.”

    Bai Xinyue also persuaded: "Baby, for the sake of a better future, let's be wronged for a while."

    Jiang Yue stayed until the afternoon before leaving, during which time Xinran never showed up. Before leaving, Jiang Yue said in front of Shi Lian and Bai Xinyue, "I will pick you up at noon tomorrow."

    Shi Lian prepared two rooms next to each other for Jiang Xuenian and Shi Qingfan. Jiang Xuenian knew that Qingfan had bad memories here and was worried that she would have nightmares. Before going to bed, he asked: " Would you like to sleep with me?"

    Shi Qingfan tightened his hand on the doorknob slightly, turned his head and said, "Is it alright?"

    Every year, sometimes unexpectedly innocent, sometimes seems to have forgotten the difference between AO.

    Jiang Xuenian said: "Of course, it's not like we haven't slept together."

    Jiang Xuenian pulled Shi Qingfan over, pushed the door open, entered the room, and said to Shi Qingfan, "I'm worried that Shi Xinran is stupid, and we do something like a sneak attack in the middle of the night, let's be together Safer."


    Shi Qingfan went back to his room to take a shower and put on his pajamas.

    Jiang Xuenian was taking a bath when he heard the door open and knew that Shi Qingfan was back, got up from the bathtub, put on a bathrobe and walked out.

    Shi Qingfan was lying on one side of the bed, looking at his phone, when he heard a voice, he turned his head, his cheeks flushed slightly, "Put on your bathrobe, don't catch a cold."

    Jiang Xuenian bowed his head, the yukata belt was loose, and the v-neck was exposed.

    She deliberately didn't arrange the bathrobe, approached Shi Qingfan who was embarrassed to look at her, and said narrowly: "They are all girls, what's so shy, don't you have what I have?"

    Because of the novelty, Jiang Xue also checked how the female Alpha and the female Oga gave birth to the next generation a few days ago. The process and marking are somewhat similar, only the last step is different.

    Shi Qingfan smelled the scent of the shower gel on Jiang Xuenian's body, his cheeks were hot and redder, he looked aside and said, "I'm not shy."

    Even if you are a girl, you are an Alpha, how could she not be shy as an Oga.

    Jiang Xuenian looked at Shi Qingfan's blushing ears and cheeks in surprise. Seeing that the blush spread to the collarbone, and there was a downward trend, Jiang Xuenian's heart suddenly jumped twice , I couldn't help but took two steps back and distanced myself from Shi Qingfan.

    The long-standing doubts came to my mind.

     Doesn't Qingqing like boys? Why do you blush when you face her?

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