Jiang Kai's arrival temporarily resolved the crisis.

    Dr. Luo extracted pheromones for Jiang Xuenian and Shi Qingfan, and said: "I will mail these two pheromones to Professor Zhang Kuiyun, and I will keep an eye on the progress of the research and development of pheromone stripping agents. Please leave two contact information, and I will notify you when the drug is developed."

    Jiang Xuenian and Shi Qingfan wrote their mobile phone numbers on the list, and Dr. Luo took the list and said, "Okay, Jiang Xuenian, you just need to pay attention to marking it in time every month. Shi Qingfan will do."

    Xu Jie said to Jiang Xuenian and Shi Qingfan: "Because the students are divided at different times, the college entrance examination is held every two months, and there is still half a month before the next college entrance examination. Your grades are stable, there is nothing good. I'm worried. Go back and think about which university you want to go to, and the school will help you with the formalities."

    "Thank you, Xu Xiao."

    Xu Jie finished talking with Jiang Xuenian Shi Qingfan, and walked to the three parents with a serious expression, "Mr. Shi, Lieutenant General Jiang, Ms. Qiu, Jiang Xuenian accidentally marked Shi Qingfan, yes Our school is poorly managed, we will definitely take the corresponding responsibility, and we can find a time to talk about the relevant compensation."

    Shi Lian is not bad for money, and for him, it is a good thing that Shi Qingfan was marked by Jiang Xuenian, he was too happy. Therefore, Shi Lian waved his hand and said generously: "I don't need to compensate here."

    Xu Jie then asked Jiang Kai and the silent Qiu Fanrou.

    Jiang Kai glanced at Jiang Xuenian and Shi Qingfan, who were sitting there who didn't know what to say, and said gently, "Mr. Shi has the right to not compensate. But after all, the victim They are two children, and they are adults, how about your school compensate them one hundred thousand yuan?"

    Shi Qingfan stopped using the money from Shi's family when she was very young, and Shi Lian never gave her money. When she wants to go to university in the future, what Shi Qingfan lacks most is money.

    As for Jiang Xuenian, it may be that Shiqing Fan is independent, everything depends on himself, and he has learned something along the way. The card that Jiang Kai gave her has only spent a few times so far. Hundred yuan, and these hundreds of yuan, after she won the city's league bonus, she also entered the bank card.

    Jiang Xuenian and Shi Qingfan didn't want to use the family's money, Jiang Kai respected them, but didn't want them to be in a difficult situation because of money. Besides, this money was originally what Saint Leith College should compensate them.

    "Lieutenant Jiang, you can rest assured that this compensation will be no problem. When I go back to school, I immediately told the principal that I will try to reach the accounts of Jiang Xuenian and Shi Qingfan today."

    Jiang Kai nodded in satisfaction, raised his hand and called Jiang Xuenian and Shi Qingfan over, and said to Shi Qingfan kindly: "There is still half a month before the exam, do you want Qingfan to come? Our family accompanies Xue Nian to study together?"

    Shi Qingfan was stunned, and subconsciously glanced at Qiu Fanrou: "Is it okay?"

    Jiang Kai said: "Of course you can. Aunt Qiu and I each have work to do and won't go home unless necessary, and Xue Nian's brother rarely goes back. There is a nanny at home to help with cooking and cleaning. , the two of you just have to concentrate on your studies."

    She can no longer live in the dormitory of Saint Leith College, and she does not want to go home. Shi Qingfan had no reason to refuse, and agreed, "Thank you, Uncle Jiang."

    Jiang Kai still has official business. Since the matter has been dealt with, there is no need to stay. When he left, he took Qiu Fanrou with him.

    Shi Lian had no opinion on the matter that Jiang Xuenian and Shi Qingfan were going to live together, and said something to Shi Qingfan in front of Jiang Xuenian, "Don't do it for half a month. Just thinking about studying, do you know how to learn more about Oga etiquette?" It's better to learn how to seduce Alpha by other Oga, and try to win Jiang Xuenian in half a month, put her to sleep, and cook raw rice.

    If she can get pregnant, she and Jiang Xuenian will be done.

    Shi Qingfan looked at him coldly and didn't speak, Shi Lian now regards her as a tool for the Shi family to break through the class, not only is not angry, but also smiles: "Dad is all for your own good. "

    Jiang Xuenian rejected Shi Qingfan: "Qingqing doesn't need to learn that kind of thing."

    Seeing Jiang Xuenian protecting Shi Qingfan, Shi Lian laughed instead of anger.

    Xu Jie couldn't stand it any longer, and came over and said, "Your things are still at school, I'll take you back to school to pack them up, and send you back to Jiang's house after packing."

    Shi Lian immediately said: "Then hurry up and clean up. My company has something to do, so I won't delay you."

    Xu Jie took a taxi and returned to Saint Leis College with Shiqing Fanjiang Xuenian. At this time, the students were in class, Xu Jie went to the parking lot and drove her car to the dormitory building Next, Jiang Xuenian and Shi Qingfan went up to pack up together.

    The two cleaned up very quickly, Shi Qingfan left a note to Gong Linglang explaining the situation and asked her to call her if there was anything.

    The two went downstairs with their bags, Xu Jie opened the trunk and said, "I have asked your head teacher to pack up the things in the classroom, she is waiting outside the teaching building, let's go over and finish Go directly to Jiang's house."

    The car slowly stopped, Xu Jie turned back and said, "I'll just go down, you all sit and rest for a while."

    Tan Ying came up with two schoolbags, Jiang Xuenian and Shi Qingfan greeted her through the car window, "Tan teacher."

    Tan Ying sighed in relief when she saw that their faces were fine, and said, "It's fine, the sudden division really scared me to death."

    Tan Ying put the schoolbag in the other side and talked with Xu Jie.

    "Xu Xiao, did Shi Qingfan mark Jiang Xuenian?" Tan Ying asked worriedly.

    Xu Jie said: "Shi Qingfan did not mark Jiang Xuenian."

    Tan Ying just breathed a sigh of relief, Xu Jie said: "But Jiang Xuenian marked Shi Qingfan."

    Tan Ying didn't react for a while, "...???"

    She looked in the direction of the car in surprise, "Jiang Xuenian is Alpha?!" She always thought that it was Shi Qingfan who differentiated into Alpha.

    "Yes." Xu Jie said.

    "How can Shi Qingfan be differentiated into Oga?" There is a pity in the tone of English, if Shi Qingfan is Alpha, there will be higher achievements in the future.

    "It was marked as soon as it differentiated into Oga, hey. By the way, Xu Xiao, what did the Jiang family say?" Jiang Xuenian is Jiang Kai's daughter, and there is a huge gap with the Shi family. Acknowledging Shi Qingfan, what can she do?

    Xu Jie briefly talked about what happened in the hospital, Tan Ying said: "It's fortunate that Lieutenant General Jiang is here, otherwise I don't know what will happen. In today's society, regardless of the cause and the process, Most of the losers in the end are Oga."

    Xu Jie patted Tan Ying on the shoulder and winked at Tan Ying when she looked over: "Don't worry, I have a hunch that Shi Qingfan probably won't be able to use the pheromone stripping agent in the end. ."

    Xu Jie, who jumped the prophet, returned to the car and drove Jiang Xuenian and Shi Qingfan to Jiang's house. The guard outside the villa came to help take out the luggage and put it in the living room. Said to go, Jiang Xuenian said: "Xu Xiao, you have worked hard all the way, have a cup of tea and then go."

    Xu Jie waved her hand and said, "I don't drink anymore, I have to go back to school and talk to the principal about the compensation, and try to get it into your account today."

    After Xu Jie left, only Jiang Xuenian Shi Qingfan and the nanny were left in the Jiang family villa.

    The nanny asked: "Xue Nian, are all these luggage yours?"

    Jiang Xuenian said: "There are me and my friends. Auntie, this is Shi Qingfan, you can call her Qingfan, she will live at home during this time, you help me in three Get a room downstairs."

    "Hello Auntie."

    The nanny just didn't look at Shi Qingfan carefully, and now she turned her head and was stunned when she saw Shi Qingfan's face, "My God! What kind of fairy has descended into the world, how could it be? so pretty?"

    Shi Qingfan's cheeks were slightly red, and she didn't know how to deal with the warm eyes of the nanny.

    Jiang Xuenian smiled and said, "Auntie, you have been blessed during this time."

    "Then I have to clean up Qingfan's room, clean it up, Qingfan will stay for a few more days, and I will also have a few more days of good eyesight."

    After Auntie went upstairs, Shi Qingfan suddenly said softly, "Nian Nian, I'm a little afraid that I won't be able to sleep alone at night."

    The slender eyelashes trembled uncomfortably, and the fingertips were tangled nervously.

    Jiang Xuenian held her hand, feeling her cold fingertips and the tide in her palm, and felt a little distressed.

    "Jiang Xuenian" just has a bad mother, but Shi Qingfan is a stepmother, and she has a vicious stepsister, no matter how strong she looks, now It's just a little girl who just became an adult and was afraid to sleep alone in a strange place.

    Jiang Xuenian said in a gentle tone: "You must not be used to it when you first arrived, don't be afraid, you sleep with me first for the past two days. Don't be afraid, there is me."

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