"I'll go back to my room to get the room card." Jiang Xuenian said.

    Shi Qingfan knew that he had misunderstood, and thinking of what he had just blocked, his ears burned, "Okay."

    When the two finally came downstairs for dinner, it was already ten forty in the evening. The restaurant in the hotel is open 24 hours a day and provides free meals for guests staying here.

    Jiang Xuenian and Shi Qingfan ordered their favorite food and found a place to sit by the window.

    Shi Qingfan sat down and looked out the window, her light brown eyes were slightly cold, she sat there without speaking, it was the most beautiful scenery in the restaurant.

    People's eyes in the restaurant always drifted over involuntarily, and even Jiang Xuenian was baptized by a wave of eyes.

    Jiang Xuenian put his hands on top of each other and rested his chin on them, admiring the wave of Shi Qingfan's crit at close range, "Squad leader, did you forget something?"

    Shi Qingfan seemed to have forgotten her promise to praise her, and Jiang Xuenian felt it was necessary to remind her.

    Shi Qingfan turned his head when he heard the words, the long eyelashes cast a light shadow on the bottom of his eyes, a smile flashed in his light brown eyes, "I exaggerated."

    Jiang Xuenian was surprised, "No, when did you praise it? Why do I have no memory at all?"


    "Are you sure I really didn't fall asleep?" Jiang Xuenian swore that he didn't remember a word.

    "You said my voice was too low to hear, so I said it again." Shi Qingfan looked at Jiang Xuenian's black eyes and said.

    "I didn't hear it twice???!"

    Jiang Xuenian seems to have lost the whole world.

    That is Shi Qingfan's praise!

    Why did she forget, she hadn't fallen asleep yet...

    "Squad leader, do I have a chance to hear your praise again?" Jiang Xuenian asked expectantly.

    Shi Qingfan recalled the two shameful compliments, and felt that he was really not suitable for such a thing, "I think it's better not to."

    Clearly Jiang Xuenian was sincere and cute when she praised her, but she was inexplicably embarrassed when she praised her...

    Fortunately, Jiang Xuenian didn't hear it at that time.

    Jiang Xuenian: "..." What did I miss, this may be the only second chance in her life to hear Shi Qingfan praise her.

    Fortunately, the food healed Jiang Xuenian's pain. After eating a delicious dinner, Jiang Xuenian and Shi Qingfan took the elevator back upstairs. The elevator stopped on the thirteenth floor and the door slowly opened. When he opened it, the sound of arguing outside entered the ears of Jiang Xuenian and Shi Qingfan.

      Checking the room, someone even installed a camera in the bedroom, I want to call the police!"

    There were two staff next to him, one kept saying "I'm sorry", and the other told him to "be gentle, don't strangle the manager".

    Jiang Xuenian's heart skipped a beat when she heard the conversation, and the man found a camera in the bedroom. She and Shi Qingfan also lived on this floor, so there was no guarantee that there would be no camera in the bedroom.

    "Squad leader, let's check it out too." Jiang Xuenian said with a serious expression.

    Shi Qingfan nodded.

    The two returned to their rooms and went to their own bedrooms to check.

    Jiang Xuenian finally found a pinhole camera in the TV cabinet opposite the bed. When he found it, the camera was on with a red light, obviously recording.

    Jiang Xuenian immediately took out his mobile phone and called the police, explaining the name and location of the hotel and what happened. After hanging up, he told the city's league group about the situation.

    Jiang Xuenian: I was just in the TV cabinet

    Jiang Xuenian: You'd better check it out, focusing on the sides and opposite sides of the bed.

     Bai Yeyu: No, does this happen to five stars?

    Cang Chen: It is very likely that it was a case of a hotel employee.

    After everyone expressed their shock, the group was silent for two minutes. Almost 50% of the students found cameras in their rooms.

    After Jiang Xuenian called Xu Jie, he suddenly remembered that Shi Qingfan had changed clothes in his bedroom not long ago, and was shocked.

    I hurriedly went to Shi Qingfan's room to find her.

    Shi Qingfan's room door was open, Jiang Xuenian almost ran in, "Is your room alright!"

    Shi Qingfan just checked the bathroom and said, "I haven't found it yet, but whether there is really nothing in the room, the police still need professional tools to detect."

    Jiang Xuenian breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the first sentence, and when he heard the latter sentence, his heart rose again.

    "Wait, the police should be here soon."

    The two went to the living room to wait, Jiang Xuenian took out his mobile phone, and the whole city's league group panicked. After the game, everyone went back to the bedroom to rest, basically took a shower, and some used to change clothes in the bathroom , and some are used to changing in bed.

    Jiang Xuenian: Don't worry too much, the suspect should not have spread it in such a short time, as long as the police catch him in time, everyone's privacy can be protected.

    Shi Qingfan: Jiang Xuenian is right.

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