"Jiang Xuenian, are you sure you saw Shi Qingfan pass a note to help Gong Linglang cheat?" A female voice asked seriously.

    Who is talking to her?

    Jiang Xuenian was dizzy and wanted to ask, but found that his body was out of control, his eyes were blurred, and he couldn't see anything clearly.

    "I, I'm sure. Teacher, I really didn't lie."

    Although her tone was flustered, Jiang Xuenian could hear that it was her own voice.

    She didn't open her mouth, who made the voice?

    Jiang Xuenian's mind was psychedelic and confused, the clear voice in her ear suddenly became noisy, the humming sound pierced her brain, and the pain like needles made her cover her head and scream, "Well!"

    I don't know how long it took, the stinging pain passed, the drowsy and floating soul returned to its original position, Jiang Xuenian's body suddenly became conscious, the remaining malice and fear were in chaos in her brain, Jiang Xuenian frowned tightly He shook his head vigorously, trying to shake away the emotions that obviously did not belong to him, but his feet were unsteady, and he threw himself straight forward.

    Jiang Xuenian exclaimed briefly, and her first reaction in desperation was to cover her face with her hands—wrestling is fine, but you can’t hurt your face.

    The next moment, Jiang Xuenian threw himself into an unusually soft embrace, and the surrounding screams shocked Jiang Xuenian. In front of him, push people away.

    "Yes..." Jiang Xuenian's curled eyelashes trembled, opened his eyes, revealing wet black eyes, seeing the face of the person in front of him, his breath suddenly stagnant, he forgot to respond, and was stunned. stared blankly at her.

    Crow black long hair reaching her waist, complexion deceiving Frost Sai Xue, beautiful light brown eyes under her long eyelashes, high nose bridge, she looks cold and a little unhappy On the ground, the fresh and soft lips are pressed into a straight line...

    "Jiang Xuenian, have you touched enough?"

    The voice was like a cold spring, and immediately brought the sluggish Jiang Xuenian back to reality.

    "Ah, yes, I'm sorry!" Jiang Xuenian moved his eyes to his hands, only to find that her hands were on the chest of the girl in front of him, and hurriedly retrieved them. Grab it lightly.

    She likes to grab something when she's nervous.

    In an instant, the girl's face seemed to be covered with a layer of frost, and her temperament became even colder.

    Shocked by the soft touch and her behavior, Jiang Xuenian's face turned red with a "swoosh", and lowered her head to repent, "I, I didn't mean to..."

    "Jiang Xuenian, what are you pretending to be a pure little white flower! Just now I wronged Qingfan for helping me cheat, and now I take the opportunity to molest Qingfan, shameless!"

    "Linglang." Shi Qingfan saw that the head teacher Tan Ying frowned slightly after hearing Gong Linglang's words, and stopped Gong Linglang from continuing to speak.

    Gong Linglang scratched her long brown-red hair, stomped her feet in anger, pouted and looked at Jiang Xuenian angrily, but did not speak any more.

    "This matter must be investigated clearly, Jiang Xuenian, you said you saw Shi Qingfan passing a note to Gong Linglang during the exam, apart from what you saw with your own eyes, is there any other evidence?" Tan Ying adjusted her glasses and looked straight at Jiang Xuenian through the lens.

    Jiang Xuenian was confused about the current situation.

    She remembered that she had just attended the wine party and negotiated an order. Before leaving the restaurant, she thought of the six-figure commission, and she was happy to drink two more drinks. She went out and took a car to go home. Just as he was about to get into the car, the alcohol surged up, and he suddenly had a splitting headache and lost consciousness.

    Open your eyes again, it is now.

    Waking up from the beauty of the girl in front of her, Jiang Xuenian finally had the mind to observe the surrounding environment.

    The room is not big, there is a simple desk with papers, textbooks, red pen, water cup, amplifier, etc. on the table, two pots of green plants against the wall, and a water dispenser next to it.

    Recalling the distant memory, Jiang Xuenian felt that this room was very similar to her high school teacher's office.

    Look at the images of the people in the room.

    Woman with glasses wears long hair up and wears a simple and comfortable top and trousers in clean colors.

    The girl who said she was wearing a little white flower had long hair half folded and half loose, her complexion was healthy, there were a few small freckles on both sides of the bridge of her nose, and her eyes were full of anger.

    She should be called Linglang, Gong Linglang.

    The last girl...

    Jiang Xuenian couldn't help his heart beat faster when he saw her. He usually watches beautiful stars on TV every day, but this girl is actually a bit prettier than those stars.

    He looks a little taller than her, and her figure is... also very good (after all, I grabbed it myself just now, cough).

    What's her name?

    It seems to be Shi Qingfan.

    Jiang Xuenian did not miss that he and Gong Linglang and Shi Qingfan were wearing the same style of clothes, a white shirt and a gray suit jacket, and a circular badge on the chest of the jacket embroidered with "Saint Liss" "Three words,

    A complete stranger, a complete stranger.

    The cold sweat soaked through the shirt instantly, and the soft fabric was sticking to the skin, which was very uncomfortable, but Jiang Xuenian didn't have time to care about the discomfort.

    What is this place? How could she be here? !

    The question raised by Tan Ying not only was not answered, Jiang Xuenian was still in a daze.

    The black pupils were dazed, and the curled eyelashes feathered like a butterfly flapping its wings, blinked, blinked again, the mist gradually filled the eyes, the corners of the lips were down, and the sweat was wet The dark hair on his cheeks looked like he was wronged.

    Tan Yingdao swallowed the harsh words on his lips and changed to a more gentle tone, "Jiang Xuenian, don't be afraid, think about it, is there any evidence? If you Without other evidence to provide, I can't just take your word for it."

    "Talk about the teacher! Jiang Xuenian is lying! She has no other evidence!"

    Jiang Xuenian was frightened by her shrill voice, and came back to his senses, facing the other three people with seriousness, anger, or cold eyes, his heart tightened, his hands subconsciously Grabbing a pocket of his clothes, he felt that there was something in the pocket, and Jiang Xuenian twisted his thumb and index finger together across the fabric.

    The sound of the tiny paper rubbing is infinitely amplified in the quiet space.

    Tan Ying and the three of them immediately attracted their attention.

    "Jiang Xuenian, is there evidence in your pocket? Show it to the teacher." Tan Ying stared at Jiang Xuenian and said.

    "Evidence?" Jiang Xuenian reacted with hindsight, she not only came to this place inexplicably to change clothes and saw the most beautiful girl she had ever seen in her life, but also seemed to be involved in plagiarism event.

    The person being reported is Shi Qingfan.

    The whistleblower...she was.

    Jiang Xuenian held her pocket and didn't move, Gong Linglang felt that she had caught Jiang Xuenian's handle, and suddenly said loudly: "Ha! Jiang Xuenian, you still slander Qingfan for helping me cheat. , in fact, you are the one who cheated! Let me see if you have a cheat sheet in your pocket!"

    Gong Linglang took a step forward and held Jiang Xuenian's wrist tightly, pulling it away, inserting the other hand into Jiang Xuenian's pocket and taking out a crumpled note .

    Gong Linglang's movements were too fast, and the people present were too late to react. In response, Gong Linglang threw off Jiang Xuenian's wrist and opened the folded note.

    Gong Linglang didn't use much effort, but Jiang Xuenian was thrown staggered and took a few steps back before standing firm.

    Jiang Xuenian: “…”

    Why did she suddenly become so useless? ? ?

    Gong Linglang is a little shorter than her, as thin as a wicker, swaying when the wind blows, but this weak-looking "wicker" can easily throw her unsteady.

    Anyway, she is also a good physical and athlete, how could this be? ? ?

    Jiang Xuenian couldn't believe it, she became more and more suspicious of the authenticity of this world.

    Am I drunk and dreaming?

    Gong Linglang opened the note, saw a lot of formulas written on it, and immediately took the note to Tan Ying excitedly, "Tan teacher, I'm right, the cheater is Jiang Xue Nian, she shouts to catch a thief!"

    Gong Linglang squinted at Jiang Xuenian with contempt.

    Shi Qingfan glanced at Jiang Xuenian, who was obviously in a daze, and felt that something was wrong.

    The development of things is too inexplicable. Although she is not familiar with Jiang Xuenian, she does not think Jiang Xuenian will be stupid enough to put her cheating note in her clothes pocket. Deliberately making noises to attract attention.

    Shi Qingfan thought that Jiang Xuenian had a deep scheming, and all the performance just now was intentional.

    "Shi Qingfan, come and take a look." Tan Ying frowned after reading the note Gong Linglang gave her.

    Shi Qingfan glanced at Jiang Xuenian before walking over, Jiang Xuenian just raised his head, the two looked at each other, Jiang Xuenian's curled eyelashes trembled, and quickly lowered his eyes, The white auricles and cheeks are pale pink.

    Shi Qingfan turned his head expressionlessly, Jiang Xuenian was not only scheming, but also lustful.

    "Talk about the teacher."

    "Look." Tan Ying gave the note to Shi Qingfan, Shi Qingfan took it, Jiang Xuenian grabbed the crumpled note and spread it in her tender palm.

    Just one glance, Shi Qingfan immediately recognized that it was his own handwriting.

    She confirmed that she had never written such a thing. This note was from Jiang Xuenian, and everyone who wrote the note must have something to do with Jiang Xuenian.

    "Tan teacher, the handwriting is the same as mine, but it was not written by me." Shi Qingfan said calmly without panic on his face.

    Gong Linglang was still happy to catch Jiang Xuenian's handle, but she was stunned after hearing the conversation between Tan Ying and Shi Qingfan, "What do you mean? Teacher Tan, you said the handwriting on the note Is it from Qingfan? Impossible!"

    Gong Linglang said firmly, "Even if the handwriting resembles Qingfan's, it must have been written by Jiang Xuenian looking for someone to follow Qingfan's handwriting. Qingfan only lost a copy last month. notes."

    "Jiang Xuenian, you're so despicable, and you tell the truth, you're still not a woman!"

    Jiang Xuenian thought that this dream was quite vivid. She has a good personality and many friends. Even if her competitors met, she was polite. It was the first time she was scolded by the nose.

    "I..." Jiang Xuenian was about to say something when there was a sudden sharp pain in his mind, and his face turned pale and his body fell to the side weakly.

    Shi Qingfan was the closest to her, raised his arms around her waist and embraced her, preventing Jiang Xuenian from leaning to the side.

    Shi Qingfan bowed his head slightly, Jiang Xuenian frowned tightly, biting his bloodless lower lip, and a painful moan and groan overflowed between his lips.

    "She, what happened to her? I didn't do anything to her!"

    Gong Linglang was taken aback by the sudden change. After seeing Jiang Xuenian's face, she frowned and said, "Jiang Xuenian won't really have an accident, hurry up and send her to her. Go to the infirmary, and don't have any problem with us again."

    "Linglang." Shi Qingfan gave Gong Linglang a disapproving look.

    Although I agree with Gong Linglang's words, this should not be said in front of Tan Ying.

    Tan Ying has no time to care about Gong Linglang's words right now. Jiang Xuenian's family background is not simple. If something goes wrong at school, even the principal will be held accountable.

    "The infirmary is too far, you help me put her on the bed in the back, I'll call the doctor to come."

    Tan Ying called the doctor in the infirmary, explained Jiang Xuenian's symptoms, and called an ambulance in case of an accident.

    Jiang Xuenian fainted, but her brain did not lose consciousness. Instead, after the severe pain, she began to revolve around a novel in her mind, or a novel of abo color.

    The plot h made Jiang Xuenian open the door to a new world.

    The male protagonist Jiang Yue, S-level Alpha, handsome and unpretentious, when the pheromone bursts, it can make Oga's legs within a radius of one kilometer soft.

    The heroine Shi Qingfan, the top Oga is a delicate and beautiful woman, a trace of pheromone can make Alpha within ten kilometers go crazy.

      , Whenever the estrus season comes, this small island will become the h venue for the male and female protagonists.

    As an abo color novel, 80% of the content in the book is H description, and the remaining 20% ​​is used to slap the face and abuse the scum, among which the most disgusting The character is a vicious female supporting role who constantly provokes the feelings of the male and female protagonists because of her jealousy of the female protagonist's beauty.

    The vicious female supporting role who was finally seen through was miserable, which made people applaud.

    The vicious female supporting role is the younger sister of the male protagonist Jiang Yue, named Jiang Xuenian.

    Wait, something doesn't seem right...

    Why does the vicious female match have the same name as her? ? ? ! !

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