Jiang Xuenian caused a sensation among the senior students. When Le Zhengfeng had dinner with Le Shayu in the afternoon, Le Shayu was so excited that she even ignored her usual favorite fried food. chicken.

    "Brother, you and Jiang Xuenian are in the same class, right??" Le Shayu asked, clutching his chopsticks.

    Le Zhengfeng nodded, "Yes, sister, do you know her too?"

    Le Shayu slapped Le Zhengfeng on Le Zhengfeng's shoulder with a "snap", her eyes lit up, "How many people in the school don't know her name?"

    "You guys have a combat class this afternoon, have you fought with Jiang Xuenian? How is her strength? How many seconds can you hold on?"

    Le Zhengfeng was almost bewildered by Le Shayu's questions, and he reacted proudly and said: "I lost a few games, the points are relatively few, and I did not match with the squad leader. The other classes and our squad leader There are many people fighting, and they all say that she is super strong, and no one can last more than 20 seconds in front of her."

    "Sister, haven't you said how you know the monitor?" Le Zhengfeng asked.

    Le Shayu clicked on her little brain to show Le Zhengfeng the record of the school's combat power rankings, "The first time she played the combat power rankings, Jiang Xuenian was on the list. It was the first in our school, and it broke the record twice, and Jiang Xuenian was also the first. Now that not only I know Jiang Xuenian, I am afraid it will be difficult for the whole school to find someone who does not know her name."

    Le Zhengfeng: "!!"

    Shi Qingfan finished the meeting with the people from the Oga Alliance. After the others left, only she and Wei Anxian were left in the conference room.

    Wei Anxian and Qiao Ya had a hot fight recently, which completely contradicted what she said at the beginning, just chatting, and falling in love after graduation.

    After seeing everyone leaving, Shi Qingfan turned on Xiaoguangnao to chat with Qiao Ya for the first time, and she began to worry about gains and losses without receiving a reply for a minute.

    "Qingfan, why is Qiao Ya ignoring me? Is she bored?"

    Shi Qingfan sighed, and brought out Qiao Ya's class schedule from Xiaoguang's brain and showed it to Wei Anxian: "Qiao Ya is in class."

    The tense expression on Wei Anxian's face relaxed, "I remembered it wrong, I thought they had already finished class."

    "President." Shi Qingfan solemnly called Wei Anxian.

    Wei Anxian wondered: "Qingfan, what's wrong?"

    "I don't think you can go on like this anymore." Shi Qingfan frowned, and a shallow worry flashed in his light brown eyes, "Now you are the president of the Oga Alliance, I'm just a deputy President, but basically everything in the meeting is handled by me, which is not right."

    Wei Anxian smiled and said, "Anyway, when I graduate, you will grow up. Don't I treat you the same?"

    "But you are only a sophomore this year, and you will graduate in more than two years. Are you going to let me, the vice president, manage it completely in these two years?"

    The smile on Wei Anxian's face faded, she hesitated for a while, and said, "If you want, I can give you the position of president, you are so capable, everyone must not There will be opinions."

    "The president gave it to me, then what? What are you doing?" Shi Qingfan asked.

    Wei Anxian's face turned pale, "I, I can be an ordinary member."

    Shi Qingfan couldn't understand Wei Anxian's thoughts, "You were not like this before. The reason why the former president passed the position of president to you is because you are excellent, excellent and strong. , I believe you can manage members well, increase Oga's presence and competitiveness in the school, and prove that Oga is no worse than the other two genders. Now you only have your Alpha in your eyes, if you know you will become like this, I won't I'll give you Joa's contact information."

    "You're right, but I just can't control myself, Qiao Ya is really good..." Wei Anxian's eyes showed vulnerability, "I just wanted to understand when I chatted with her at first. Take a look at her and see if there's anything Oga can learn from."


    Wei Anxian lowered her head for a long time without speaking, resisting with silence.

    Shi Qingfan didn't know how to convince her, "Forget it, think about it again."

    Shi Qingfan can't understand Wei Anxian, she likes Jiang Xuenian, she will only strive to improve herself and become the best person, so that Jiang Xuenian's eyes will only see her at first glance, Instead of falling like Wei Anxian, doing nothing, just thinking about chatting and falling in love.

    She didn't even meet Joya alone.

    Shi Qingfan didn't know who to turn to for advice on this matter. When chatting before going to bed, he couldn't help but tell Jiang Xuenian.

    Shi Qingfan: Every year, I have a friend who falls in love with a person. Recently, she doesn't want to do anything to chat with that person, she just wants to chat with that person. I persuaded her today, but to no avail. [sigh]

    Jiang Xuenian immediately looked at Qiao Ya, who had never put down his little brain when he returned to the bedroom.

    This situation is very similar to Qiao Ya, but the person Shi Qingfan said should not be Qiao Ya.

    The person who can be called a friend by Shi Qingfan should be with her often, maybe it is an Oga from the Oga Alliance... So could it be the Oga who is chatting with Qiao Ya?

    Jiang Xuenian: Coincidentally, my roommate is also like this, we even tried the sarcasm. [Cat Cat sighs]

    Jiang Xuenian: You actually know the roommate I mentioned, that is Qiao Ya, who didn't know how to do questions before. She seems to be in love, chatting with her little light brain all day long. She used to love studying so much, but now she has become "lazy" visibly.

    Jiang Xuenian: I don't know where she met Oga.

    Shi Qingfan looked at the message from Jiang Xuenian on Xiaoguang's brain and felt a little guilty.

    It seems that she introduced Joya to her...

    Shi Qingfan: Since we all have the same troubles, why don't we find a solution together, maybe we can solve the problems of the two people together, how about that?

    Jiang Xuenian: Well, as long as we can think of a way, we can try it for two people.

    Jiang Xuenian: By the way, the friend you are talking about should not be Oga. It would be a coincidence that the person you are dating with Qiao Ya is your friend.

    Jiang Xuenian teased her on purpose.

    Shi Qingfan: "..." is her friend.

    It took two minutes for Shi Qingfan to reply.

    Shi Qingfan: It shouldn't be so coincidental...

    The punctuation is enough to show her guilty conscience.

    Jiang Xuenian imagined the cute appearance of Qingfan, and accidentally laughed out loud.

    Sun Peichun heard the voice, raised his head and saw Jiang Xuenian's doting smile, was startled, and immediately ran to Jiang Xuenian's bed and stepped on the ladder in a low voice: "Xue Nian, you, You, you are not in love, are you?!"

    Jiang Xuenian adjusted the angle of his wrist to make sure that Sun Peichun could not see the small light brain screen, and said: "No."

    She thinks so.

    Sun Peichun didn't believe it at all.

    She seemed very worried about Jiang Xuenian's love affair.

    "Can't you see the lessons learned in our dormitory? What was Qiao Ya, what is it now, love makes people demented, you must not step into the quagmire of love. "

    Zhao Yihan also supported behind: "I originally wanted to talk about a campus romance, but seeing Qiao Ya like this, I have no illusions about love at all. Love is ruined."

    Jiang Xuenian: “…”

    She felt that it was necessary to justify her love.

    "You can't just look at Qiao Ya as an example. Qiao Ya is completely the reason why she has no self-control." Jiang Xuenian retorted.

    As soon as she finished speaking, Sun Peichun immediately said: "You still said that you are not in love!"

    Jiang Xuenian opened his innocent black eyes and said, "I really didn't fall in love, but I was just talking about things."

    "Love is a beautiful thing, so it makes people addicted, but not everyone is like this. Isn't the president and the president's wife now free love? They just fell in love When she was married, she has not yet reached her current position. After marriage, Luo Weier became the wife of the president and was loved by the people of the alliance. For them, does love make them better?"

    Sun Peichun: "...Okay, it seems to make sense."

    "I think Joa's mistake is that she fell in love when she had no self-control, which led to her own depravity. If a person with complete self-control falls in love, the other half It will only inspire her to become better."

    Like me and Qingqing.

    Sun Peichun and Zhao Yihan were persuaded, and Jiang Xuenian sent his words to Shi Qingfan very "schematically".

    Jiang Xuenian: Qingqing, do you think I am right?

    There are wrong love cases around them, she doesn't want Shi Qingfan so she doesn't want to fall in love.

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