Chapter 278: So What If I Contact Him?

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After saying that, Shen Yu looked at Zhu Ling. It didn’t matter if the others misunderstood. The key was that he couldn’t let Zhu Ling misunderstand.

However, Zhu Ling had just glanced at Shen Zhao after she finished speaking. She had already retracted her gaze.

She seemed to be chatting with someone on her cell phone with a smile on her lips.

Shen Yu.

He was afraid that Zhu Ling would misunderstand, but Zhu Ling’s nonchalant look made him even more afraid.

“Lingling…” Shen Yu called out pitifully.

Zhu Ling looked up from her cell phone and looked at Shen Yu in confusion. “What’s wrong?”

Shen Yu said, “1 really have nothing to do with Song Xi.”

Zhu Ling nodded and said calmly, “I know. Didn’t you explain just now?”

Shen Yu was on the brink of tears. “Although I did explain and 1 indeed have nothing to do with her, don’t you have any other thoughts?”

Zhu Ling raised her eyebrows. “What should 1 think?”

“…” Shen Yu.

“…” The others.

Zhu Sui was quite angry just now. After all, it was because of Shen Yu that the two of them got into a car accident. However, seeing Zhu Ling like this, he inexplicably felt that Shen Yu was quite pitiful.

However, Shen Yu asked for it. When Shen Yu expressed his interest in Zhu Ling, he had already advised him. Shen Yu did not listen to his advice, so he had no choice.

“Since the police have already found out about Song Xi’s assistant, we can put Song Xi aside for the time being. It’s very suitable for such a person to be handed over to the law for punishment,” Liang Xun said.

Zhu Ling nodded. “That’s indeed the case. In that case, Song Xi won’t be able to act as the female lead of that drama anymore, and An Tengyue probably won’t invest in Yonghui anymore. Then, we don’t have to care about Yonghui and Tengyue anymore, right?”

Liang Xun shook his head. “No, 1 gave Yonghui a chance last time. They don’t know how to cherish it. It won’t be so easy this time. As for Tengyue, we can’t ignore them either.”

If Tengyue’s actions were really related to Jing Mo, there would be no way to settle this matter peacefully.

Liang Xun stayed in the hospital for about half an hour before going home.

He also had social engagements in the next few days.

With Zhang Jing in Lin City, he should speed up the process and quickly contact the politicians in Bi City.

It was Sunday today, so Wen Chen did not go to the company.

However, he felt that it was better to work at the company than stay at home. Cheng Wan liked to watch Jing Yao’s television dramas when she had nothing to do. Jing Yao didn’t appear much in them, but she could watch them over and over again tirelessly.

As for Ji Wei.

Ji Wei was even more weird. He did not know what was wrong with him today, but he kept sizing him up.

It had been going on since breakfast.

Wen Chen’s intuition told him that he had something to say to him, but there were others at home.

After lunch, he offered to take a walk in the nearby park.

As expected, as soon as he said that, Ji Wei immediately said, “Sigh, I’m stuffed. I’ll go for a walk too.”

Wen Chen did not say anything and followed him out.

Seeing the two of them go out together, Cheng Wan was a little worried. She said to the auntie at home, “Don’t tell me they’re going out to fight?”

The auntie advised, “1 don’t think so. Although Little Young Master is unruly, he’s not an unreasonable person. Eldest Young Master is more stable than before. Even if there’s a conflict, he will give in to Little Young Master.”

Cheng Wan thought that it made sense, so she was relieved. She took the tablet to the balcony to watch dramas.

Ji Wei followed Wen Chen out of the door. Wen Chen only asked when there was no one around, “What do you want to tell me?”

Ji Wei was a straightforward person to begin with. Hearing Wen Chen’s question, he said it directly.

“You contacted Jing Mo?”

Wen Chen was stunned at first, then he said disapprovingly, “No matter what, he’s an elder. You can’t call him by his name.”

Ji Wei rolled his eyes. “It’s not like you don’t know what he did to Sister Yaoyao. He’s the culprit. Forget it, 1 won’t talk to you about this. Anyway, you’ve been so hypocritical since you were young. Answer my question first. Did you contact Jing Mo?”

Wen Chen looked to the side and did not look at him.

“So what if I did? What are you trying to say?”

Ji Wei glared at him. “Are you crazy? Jing Yuan died in prison. Based on Jing Mo’s personality, he must be trying to take revenge on Sister Yaoyao. Why did you contact him?”

Wen Chen’s face turned pale. He straightened his neck and said, “You don’t have to worry about these things..”

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