"Okay." Lu Qingye paused. Seeing that she was rarely so interested in dressing up for tonight's annual party, he smiled helplessly, "I'll be back in a minute."

 After Lu Qingye left, Meng Chuyuan turned around and looked around, briefly familiarizing himself with the layout of the venue.

Soon, Lin Youjuan and Lu Quanyu also arrived. As soon as Lin Youjuan came in, she spotted Meng Chuyuan's figure. She even went around to talk to Meng Chuyuan.

Meng Chuyuan saw Lin Youjuan walking towards her, "Mom, are you here?"

"Yeah, I just went to have dinner with your dad." Lin Youjuan looked around and didn't see Lu Qingye, "Where's Lu Qingye? He's not with you?"

 “He is busy.”

"Then do you want to come with me?" Lin Youjuan looked back at Lu Quanyu, who was still waiting. She raised her finger to point to the target group in front, and then said to Meng Chuyuan: "Go and chat with some elders."

Meng Chuyuan looked over subconsciously and found that the elders Lin Youjuan was talking about were the directors she had met at the dinner party before. She thought about it seriously and declined: "I won't join in the fun while you elders are chatting. Wait here for Lu Qingye to come back."

“Then your dad and I will go there first.”

Lin Youjuan was afraid that Meng Chuyuan would be alone, so before leaving, she called a few female colleagues next to her to keep Meng Chuyuan company, "You girls, don't take pictures, chat with the president's wife for a while."

The female colleagues next to them looked flattered, as if they had not expected that they would be treated like this. Originally, they just wanted to stand there and secretly take a few photos of Meng Chuyuan, but the chairman's wife discovered them and asked them to come over to accompany Meng Chuyuan. Chu Yuan chatted, "...Okay."

Lin Youjuan called them over and went back to find Lu Quanyu.

After a while, a group of people gathered around Meng Chuyuan. They first told her that they were fans of Meng Chuyuan's variety shows, and even took photos with her.

Everyone called her "Sister Meng" very affectionately from the beginning, which immediately eliminated the sense of alienation in the superior-subordinate relationship.

"Sister Meng, do you want a hot chocolate? I'll pour it for you." Meng Chuyuan responded politely: "No thank you, I won't drink it."

“Is the last variety show about to be recorded?”

 “The recording will start the day after tomorrow.”


 After chatting, the topic unknowingly came to the company, and then they enthusiastically introduced Meng Chuyuan to the people within the company, starting with the closest ones, and finally everyone's attention turned to the directors.

Before they could speak, Meng Chuyuan said with a smile: "I know all of them. I met them once when we were eating before."

Speaking of the directors of the company, one of the female colleagues couldn’t help but break the news: “That Director Xia saw that Mr. Lu was single and always wanted to arrange his niece to be with Mr. Lu, but he was turned away by Mr. Lu. .”

Meng Chuyuan raised his eyebrows slightly, as if he was very interested in this matter, "Really?"

Another colleague also echoed: "It should be true, I've heard about it too... People in our department were spreading the news at that time that Special Assistant Yang was Mr. Lu's 'true love'. No one was qualified except Special Assistant Yang." Stay with Mr. Lu..."

Over the years, Lu Qingye has not added more people to his staff. Assistant Yang does everything himself. He only borrows people from Jiang Yi occasionally when he is too busy.

Just when colleagues wanted to talk to Meng Chuyuan about those old things in detail, Lu Qingye came back.

"Mr. Lu." Seeing Lu Qingye suddenly appear, everyone felt guilty inexplicably. When looking at Lu Qingye, their eyes dodge a little, and everyone dispersed in a tacit understanding.

Seeing them running away so fast, Lu Qingye looked at Meng Chuyuan and suddenly became curious, "What were you talking about just now?"

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