Across the Sky From the Stop of Time

Vol 5 Chapter 1248: The world's top five-element Qi cultivation method in Shushan

Chapter 1248: The world’s top five-element Qi cultivation method in Shushan~

 “Are the Five Elements Zhenqi?” Hao Xiang held his chin and thought.

Hao Shuai really has the five elements of vitality.

 When he was in the mummy world before, the "Five Elements Sutra" he got from Qin Shihuang Zheng Ge was for cultivating the Five Elements Qi.

Over the years, Hao Shuai has also been using the Five Elements Qi to train his internal organs.

So, Hao Shuai began to run the "Five Elements Sutra" in his body, and used the Five Elements True Essence in his body to break the jade restrictions, and two pieces of jasper fell out, rectangular, seven inches large, and about an inch thick, faintly visible. , those two Taoist books are hidden in the jasper.

Hao Shuai continued his efforts and used the five elements of true energy to break through the jasper one after another. He immediately got two jade leaf gold medals. The treasure light shone faintly, which was very magical.

I quickly took it into my hand and saw that the book was neither silk nor silk. It was warm to the touch, as moist as jade, but also as soft as silk.

One of the books on the front has four vermilion ancient seals. After careful identification, it is the four characters "Hesha Qishu". When he opens it, he sees that it is the cultivation method of the five elements of Qi successively that Hao Shuai dreamed of, and the combination with it. There are seven chapters in total including matching spells, elixirs, formations, sacrificial vessels, charms and restrictions.

 75,000 words, a complete inheritance of the Golden Immortal!

If you get an extraordinary talent like Chang Mei Zhenren or Zhang Sanfeng, you can use it to create a big sect comparable to Emei and Kunlun.

Although the ancient martial art "Hesha Qishu" is not as good as the Emei sect and Chunyang sects with Taoist true immortals, it is also a record of the famous Sanxian Taoist Hesha who practiced the Five Elements Dao in the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

Taoist Master Hesha and Taoist Master Changmei, the founder of Emei, are Taiyuan Zhenren and Chuosanzi Yu Taoist, their two mentors. They can also be regarded as beings of the same generation.

Furthermore, although Taoist Master Hesha is a casual cultivator, he has extremely strong magical powers. He can be said to be a powerful cultivator among the predecessors of true immortals, no less powerful than Jinshixia Ai Zhenzi.

 The Taoist book left by such a powerful monk naturally contains all of his inheritance, and it also records what he has learned in his life, as well as some other magical powers and secrets!

Of course, for Hao Shuai, what attracts him most is not other magical powers and secrets, but a particularly famous magical power - the Great Five Elements Extinction Divine Light Magical Power.

This magical power was famous all over the world in the past, with few rivals. There are still several illustrious Sanxian who are famous in this world.

For example, the gods Tuo Yixiu, Zhongnan Sansha, Shang Zhu, Zhu Que and other immortals are all descended from the Hesha lineage. These people are also the top existences in the Shushan world.

Looking at the entire Shu Mountain, Taoist Master Hesha is the most accomplished in terms of Five Elements Avenue. Even the Holy Aunt from Yihuanling is still far behind. Not to mention others, Taoist Master Hesha is the best. She ascended to the spiritual realm with the cultivation of a side sect's golden immortal, but the real body of the holy aunt in Yihuanling is still sitting at the bottom of the fantasy wave pool in Yihuanling. Her soul is extinct, and she is similar to a dead person, unable to have the slightest thought. , otherwise you will have to break away from the deadlock state. At best, all your previous efforts will be wasted, and at worst, you will go crazy.

Hao Shuai happens to be practicing the "Secret of Immortality" and "Five Elements Sutra" as fellow practitioners of Yin Yang and Five Elements. He is also extremely proficient in Yin Yang and Five Elements exercises.

If he can get this wonderful book, Hao Shuai will be able to better deduce the exercises. If he masters the acquired five elements of Qi, then the challenge of leapfrogging will no longer be a dream.

However, Hao Shuai was not in a hurry to practice "Hesha Qishu" right away. Now that he has returned to Baiman Mountain, he naturally has to care about Dongfang Bai and the others.

He first called Lao Zhang and others and took out the techniques he had recently obtained, such as "Chun Yang Sword Jue", "Bai Yang Illustration", "He Sha Qi Shu" and other techniques for them to read and refer to.

After Lao Zhang and the others left, they distributed the Sancai Qingning Circle, Tianxin Ring, Xuanyin Slips, Dutian Liehuo Shen Banner, Tianhe Secret Demonic Nail, Ghost Jade Flame Shuttle, Liehuo Leiyin Sword and other magical weapons to the girls. . The people who followed Hao Shuai to the Shushan world this time were basically interested in improving their own strength. As for the others like A Ke, Jian Ning, Lu Su, etc. who had no interest in fighting and killing, they were basically left behind by Hao Shuai. All the worlds are supervising the country for him.

 This is also the reason why Hao Shuai is safe in digging for treasures and leaves Dongfang Bai and the others alone in a dangerous place like southern Xinjiang.

As for Hao Shuai’s new disciple, Yu Yingnan, she was sent to the Zhuxian World to undergo basic training there.


Far away from the border of Sichuan and Tibet in western Yunnan, among the snow-capped mountains that stretch thousands of miles away, there is a valley that feels like spring all year round, located deep in the towering snow-capped mountains.

This valley is called Qingluo Valley. Its mountain shape is like a conch, winding and winding. The valley is full of flowers, deep grass and trees, and the scenery is pleasant.

At the end of the valley stands a huge, antique palace with old walls and tangled vines. I don’t know how many years it has been there?

This palace is called Qingluo Palace. It was originally the residence of ancient immortals. It was supposed to have outstanding people and beautiful scenery.

It’s just that things have changed now. There is a layer of evil mist outside the palace, and evil spirits are everywhere. Inside the palace, there is a miasma of filth, and many naked men and women are professing their sexual **** in the daytime.

Just because this Qingluo Palace has already fallen into the hands of a notorious female devil named Wei Fengniang, but she has a nickname called "Magic Hand Bhikkhu". It is conceivable that she originally She should be a Buddhist bhikshuni who always accompanies the ancient Buddha with a green lantern.

When Wei Fengniang was young, she lived outside the Great Wall of Xinjiang and studied under Master Guangming, the leader of the Tianshan Sect, Hanqiong Fairy. Although Master Guangming was from a side sect, she was proficient in many Tibetan esoteric secrets, practiced Buddhism and Taoism, and had many skills. High strength. In addition, she has devoted her whole life to studying swordsmanship, and has also created a set of powerful Tianshan swordsmanship. Therefore, she has always been highly respected by various sects.

Wei Fengniang was talented and intelligent, and she practiced hard since she was a child. She often mastered all kinds of magical skills taught by Master Guangming immediately, so she was deeply favored by her master.

In just a few decades, Wei Fengniang has learned all the true inheritance from Master Guangming, and her cultivation level is already strong. Because this woman is good at the tantric gold and steel divine palm, she got the reputation of a "magic hand monk" when she first came out of the apprenticeship. Number.

But who would have expected that this girl was obviously a Buddhist nun, but she was born with a love for money, had evil intentions, and had a special liking for magic skills. In the end, because she couldn't bear the suffering of the ancient Buddha of the Evergreen Lamp, On the day of cultivation, I finally found an excuse to go down the mountain to practice Taoism, and used the excuse to carry forward my sect and go to the Central Plains.

Not long after Wei Fengniang left the school, she couldn't bear the loneliness. She made friends with evil spirits and demonic people everywhere. She even practiced some demonic techniques, and began to do evil everywhere with her skills.

 Especially in the past ten years, she established a dojo in Qingluoyu and accepted eight disciples including Huang Jiao, Xue Ping, Qian Qingxuan, Yin Hongying, Gongsun Wu, Li Hou, Xu Renlong, and Qiu Shen.

These eight people are known as the "Eight Demons of Xichuan" in the spiritual world.

 Actually, they are just eight minor characters who are not popular.

The main job is to be Wei Fengniang’s captive face, taking turns to go on stage to accompany her twice every day, and open the Uncovered Conference in a grand manner...


 (End of this chapter)

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