Chapter 195: Xiao Yichen, You B*stard…

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Xiao Yichen had just left the mansion and was heading home.

He hadn’t been able to have lunch with Lin Wan. He couldn’t postpone dinner any longer. He needed to spend more time with her since she had been in a bad mood for the past two days.

Suddenly, Xiao Yichen’s phone rang. With one hand on the steering wheel, he answered the call from the home’s landline.

Xiao Yichen furrowed his brow. He couldn’t tell if it was Lin Wan or Auntie Li on the other end, but he picked up the call nonetheless.

“Mr. Xiao, please come back quickly!” Auntie Li’s voice was filled with sorrow.

Xiao Yichen immediately tensed. He had suspicions and asked, “What’s the matter?

“Madam, she… she…” Auntie Li was so agitated she couldn’t articulate her thoughts.

“Wan’er? What’s going on?” Xiao Yichen’s anxiety escalated.

“I think… she was assaulted,” Auntie Li conjectured. Then, she explained, “When I returned to the villa in the afternoon, Madam was lying on the ground. She… had numerous injuries, and…”

Before Auntie Li could finish, Xiao Yichen interrupted her.

“I’m on my way.” Xiao Yichen hung up without delay.

He discarded his phone and accelerated, heading straight to Blue Bay villa.

Wan’er… is being beaten? Who did that?

A surge of anger welled up within Xiao Yichen as he speculated, but he could only think of one person. Was it Yanxi?

The usual forty-minute journey took Xiao Yichen twenty minutes to reach home. He had just stepped out of the car and briskly walked toward the villa.

Upon entering the living room, Xiao Yichen called, “Wan’er…”

He scanned the living room but didn’t see her.

Auntie Li emerged from the kitchen at that moment. Upon observing his return, she said anxiously, “Mr. Xiao, Madam is upstairs.”

Upon hearing Auntie Li’s words, Xiao Yichen nodded and quickly ascended the stairs.

Xiao Yichen pushed open the bedroom door upstairs, expecting to find Lin Wan. However, the bed was empty, and there was no sign of her.

“Wan’er, Wan’er…” he called out, beginning to search the room for her.

After scanning the room without finding Lin Wan, Xiao Yichen contemplated for a moment and headed to the bathroom.

Upon opening the bathroom door, he discovered she seated in the bathtub, wiping her face.

Was she… crying?

“Wan’er,” he said, his heart aching. He approached her and squatted beside the bathtub.

Xiao Yichen’s heart was pained as he observed the scratches on her face, neck, and arms.

She turned her face away, avoiding his gaze.

Suddenly, he drew her into his arms and held her tightly. He paid no mind to her wet clothes, desiring to keep her in his embrace.

“Wan’er, I’m sorry. 1 had no idea… I had no idea she would come to the house,” he said, his voice devoid of its usual dominance and coldness. It held only a sincere apology.

Upon feeling the warmth of his embrace and recalling Xu Yanxi’s words from the afternoon, Lin Wan couldn’t control her emotions and began to cry.

“Sob… Xiao Yichen, you are a b*stard…” she cried and yelled. Her hands repeatedly struck his chest.

He can tell me that he loves that woman. If he wants a divorce, 1 will… agree.

Xu Yanxi scolded me as the outsider in their relationship, but I was not the one who ruined their relationship. 1 had no idea that Xiao Yichen loved Xu Yanxi when I married him.. 1 don’t know! I truly don’t know!

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