At this time, Lei Lu finally felt like he had thrown a rock and hit his foot. Although Lei Lu didn't know what he said, he felt so depressed and powerless right now.

It was me who wandered around in the tribe, and I couldn't treat my father the same way I treated Xiaokai, Kos and others, otherwise I would be the one who was beaten.

When Lei Lu was in a low mood, he immediately returned to his soul after receiving his little soft call: "What's wrong? Little, is there anything I can do?"

It was the first time Wu Xiaoyin saw that Lei Lu didn't respond to him in time, and he didn't know why he felt a little uncomfortable, "I want you to do me a favor, can you completely crush the giant rice? Of course, it is on the premise of using tools." Then Wu Xiaoyin used a burnt small stick to draw an enlarged version of the pot for pounding medicine on a giant goat hide. This kind of drawing has been preserved since Wu Xiaoyin drew it before, and now there are several sketches of various tools. up.

Seeing this tool, Lei Lu said that it was not difficult, and soon used the remaining stones to make an enlarged version of the bowl, and finished rolling the huge rice that Wu Xiaoyin needed. Wu Xiaoyin tried to make a face-to-face meeting, but he didn't expect it to succeed! ? Sure enough, everything in the different world cannot be concluded with common sense?

After reconciling the noodles, stretching them into strips and cutting them into small balls, Wu Xiaoyin looked everywhere for a wooden stick that could be used as a rolling pin. At this time, Lei Lu's role was perfectly demonstrated, and he used his claws to cut the wood into pieces suitable for his own little ones. A rolling pin and a rolling pin suitable for your own use.

Wu Xiaoyin quickly rolled the small dumplings into dumpling wrappers with a rolling pin, and then asked Dad and Lei Lu to help. As one can imagine, Lei Lu's hands were completely unable to hold a small dumpling wrapper to make dumplings For such a difficult movement, I had no choice but to step back and pour water for Xiao Xiaoduan's tea.

The dumplings were finished with the efforts of Wu Xiaoyin and Dad, and it took less than an hour in total. Lured by the dumplings, Lei Yan, the grandfather who came to pick him up, the family had a happy dinner.

Everyone loves the dumplings stuffed with sauerkraut and marinated meat. Lei Lu and Father even ate hundreds of dumplings each, and each dumpling is twice the size of the dumplings Wu Xiaoyin ate on Earth before. I don't admire the good appetite of the two of them!

Satisfied, Father and Father took the hat, gloves and warmer bag that Wu Xiaoyin had made before and left.

After Lei Lu packed the dishes and chopsticks, he boiled hot water for Xiao Xiao to take a bath in a separate room. Wu Xiaoyin in the big wooden barrel was drowsy from being soaked, when he suddenly heard Lei Lu's slightly depressed voice Came: "Xiao Xiao, next time you just cook for me alone, okay?"

Hearing Lei Lu's voice, Wu Xiaoyin knew why Lei Lu's mood was not high today. Before Lei Lu didn't respond to his discomfort in time, it disappeared. He understood Lei Lu's strong possessiveness, and Wu Xiaoyin didn't have any rebellious emotions. , gently followed Lei Lu's words: "Okay, I will cook for you to eat alone in the future, but if Father, Father or Xiao Kai comes, how about letting you cook?"

Lei Lu nodded happily, and thought that Xiaoxiao couldn't see, so he raised his voice and returned: "Okay, Xiaoxiao will teach me how to make it later, and when father and father come, I will make it for them to eat."

Having not heard a small voice for a long time, Lei Lu was a little worried and thought about the difference between males and females, but when he thought of Xiao Xiao's situation, he couldn't care less, opened the curtain, and saw that Xiao Xiao had fallen asleep in the bathtub look.

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