Having said that, Xiao Kai finally came back to his senses, took a careful look at Lei Lu, and found that Lei Lu's face didn't change, he immediately changed the subject and said: "Let's go back first, I saw a giant willow tree nearby, we're going back I’ll take the wicker back with me sometime, and after I’ve made the wicker frame at the campsite, I’ll come here to collect giant rice, right?”

Wu Xiaoyin nodded in agreement with Xiao Kai's words, and at the same time thought of the giant cabbage and asked: "The giant cabbage wrapped outside is non-toxic, can it be eaten?"

When Lei Lu heard Xiao Xiao's question, he immediately returned: "This giant cabbage is non-toxic, Xiao Xiao, do you want to use it for cooking?"

Wu Xiaoyin heard Lei Lu's question and said happily: "This kind of giant cabbage can be used for cooking, but it can also be used for sauerkraut. The sauerkraut we make from cabbage is very, very tender, and it is more tender than ordinary cabbage. The sauerkraut made from wild vegetables is many times more delicious!"

Xiao Kai, a foodie, forgot all the threats when he heard delicious food, and hurriedly went to Wu Xiaoyin and said, "Then what should Xiao Xiao tell us to do? Don't worry, we will definitely exchange it with animal meat, no problem." Bar?"

Wu Xiaoyin thought that sauerkraut and pickles could be regarded as rare vegetables in the cold season. Of course, he hoped that the entire Juhu tribe could eat the rare green color in this cold season. Of course, the sauerkraut and pickles produced are not pure green anymore. That's right, but sauerkraut tends to be yellow-green, and pickles tend to be dark green, but there is always a word "green".

In this way, Wu Xiaoyin and his team broke off many giant willow branches on the way back. After returning to the camp, they told the tribe that they had found the giant rice. Everyone cheered and acted enthusiastically.

When it was time for dinner, Lei Lu had already handed over how to make the wicker frame to the clansmen. Unexpectedly, the male orcs made the wicker frame decently. Using, instead, the wicker boxes of male orcs are larger, thus enabling more jumbo rice to be loaded, increasing utilization.

After dinner, Wu Xiaoyin washed up and fell asleep in Lei Lu's arms. Before going to bed, he still thought about the pickled fish and fried pork with pickled vegetables, and his mouth was watering just thinking about it. In fact, Wu Xiaoyin was indeed drooling, but he didn't know it.

And Lei Lu saw Xiaoxiao foolishly sleeping drooling, gently wiped off the little saliva, kissed Xiaoxiao's face, and fell asleep.

The next day, Wu Xiaoyin woke up to the sound of rustling animals running in the forest and the chirping of birds singing. Her eyes were full of original green, and she was breathing fresh air. Don’t be too good. what!

Lei Lu had already woken up and finished washing. Seeing himself waking up, he hurriedly brought warm cabbage broth and a piece of barbecue. Wu Xiaoyin wanted to take the broth, but Lei Lu handed the soup to Wu Xiaoyin's mouth , Wu Xiaoyin quickly avoided and said: "I haven't brushed my teeth and washed my face yet, I'll go wash up first, and then I'll eat."

Then Lei Lu gave up, put down the broth and barbecue, took Xiaoxiao's hand, walked to the nearby creek, watched Xiaoxiao wash up, and after eating breakfast, he said: "Kos, Feng and others have already We went to pick the giant cabbages, we just need to pick some back this time, and the patriarch will organize people to pick them on a large scale."

After hearing this, Wu Xiaoyin asked worriedly: "Didn't it mean that the winter season is coming soon? Will it be in time?"

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