The annual trading day came to an end when one tribe left after another. With joy, reluctance, and fear, what remains is the same colorful sea of ​​flowers, blue lake water, and colorful hot springs that are faintly visible.

Wu Xiaoyin looked at the valley that was gradually disappearing, and was attracted by the large expanse of green forest. Because he wanted to find rice, the flying speed of Lei Lu and others slowed down a lot compared to before. Even Wu Xiaoyin's bad eyesight can see the occasional blood dripping in the forest, and the occasional peace and tranquility.

Compared to when Wu Xiaoyin tried to open his eyes wide to see things in the forest, Xiao Kai, Bin and others could see clearly and without any effort. Xiaokai has always cared about the rice in the novel, but since he has never seen rice before, he can only look for it according to the characteristics of the rice described by Xiaoxiao. His eyes dare not stop staring for a moment, fearing that something will be missed. Until life just slipped away like this inadvertently.

Xiaokai was chanting brokenly: "Large stretches, golden color, clear particles..." Cos has been listening to Xiaokai's chanting, but because he is in the shape of a beast, he can't speak, otherwise Kos will definitely interrupt Xiaokai's fatigue bombing .

Until Lei Lu and others slowly landed, Xiao Kai's disappointment at not finding the rice was straightforwardly expressed on his face. When Bin saw it, he quickly climbed off Feng's back, took Xiao Kai's hand to comfort him.

Wu Xiaoyin saw that Lei Lu was busy clearing up the open space, arranging for people to set up tents and hunt, and quickly jumped off Lei Lu, so frightened that Lei Lu quickly caught it with both hands. Wu Xiaoyin expressed depression about another failure, and said, "Lei Lu, let me go down quickly, I'm going to see Xiaokai."

Lei Lu saw Xiao Kai and the others not far away, especially the unstoppable disappointment on Xiao Kai's face. After putting Xiao Kai down, he said, "Walk over slowly, and be careful not to trip."

Wu Xiaoyin hastily expressed that he would be careful. After all, there were still some dead branches and gravel in the open space in the forest, and he would trip over if he was not careful, especially Wu Xiaoyin's scumbag body, so he had to be more careful.

When Wu Xiaoyin came to Xiaokai's side, the naturally optimistic Xiaokai was already full of energy, so there was no need for Wu Xiaoyin to comfort and persuade her.

Wu Xiaoyin thought for a while and said, "Let's go and see if there are any edible wild vegetables around? Also pick some fruits and see if we can find rice too?"

Xiao Kai waved his hand and said, "That's right, let's go find it."

Bin and Wu Xiaoyin looked at each other and smiled, seeing Xiao Kai who was striding ahead to open the way, he exhaled unconsciously and quickly followed Xiao Kai.

It's just that Wu Xiaoyin felt a vague gaze staring at him all the time, but it definitely couldn't be Lei Lu, because Lei Lu's gaze was much more intense and straightforward, not to mention that the owner of this gaze seemed to be hugging him. A wave of hostility. Wu Xiaoyin looked back for a while, but didn't find the owner of the line of sight, so he could only quicken his pace to keep up with Xiaokai and Bin. At the same time, he secretly reminded himself to be more careful, and to report to Lei Lu after returning, just in case!

The three of Wu Xiaoyin walked to a place not far away where there were giant red fruit, giant honey fruit, and giant orange fruit. Xiao Kai was busy picking his favorite giant red fruit, Bin was busy picking giant cabbage, and Wu Xiaoyin was watching slowly around, and suddenly found There was a small animal, similar to the little squirrel on the earth, holding something in the shape of an enlarged version of rice, and quickly beckoned Xiao Kai and Bin to follow the enlarged version of the squirrel.

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