Seeing Lei Lu's dark face, Wu Xiaoyin knew that she couldn't leave her and Lei Lu's house these two days. When Lei Lu left without saying a word, Wu Xiaoyin was holding Wu Xiaoyin in his arms. Wu Xiaoyin was silently thinking that he might only be able to rest in bed for the next two days!

Don't think too dirty, just rest in bed, but it's also boring, especially when you can only spend three meals a day in bed.

Leilu's Adiexi saw Leilu's actions, smiled and said to the priest: "This kid, you really care about Xiaoxiao, I can't stand it after such a short time, really!"

The priest glanced sideways at Xi, and said: "It seems that you and Lei Yan were not like this at the beginning. Lei Yan was still sticking to you like sticky grass. Even now, you sometimes talk to other males twice. Just a word of gossip, Lei Yan got angry and went to wrestle with others, really!"

Hearing Luo's words, Xi was also very speechless to Lei Yan's actions, but his own tiger still had to protect it by himself, so he retorted: "You are sour, right? You are still alone!"

That's right, the fathers who worship Luo and Leilu are of the same generation. They grew up together with Feng's father Alai, Kos's father Alai, Binde's father Qingke, and Xiaokai's father Axing. Great friend, brother.

However, up to now, the priests still haven't paired up. It's not that no one is pursuing them, but the priests always believe that their lifelong dedication is in the cause of medicinal herbs and medical treatment. Over 50 years old, for the orcs in the Beastman Continent, he is still a very good young man, so the priest is not in a hurry to find a partner.

On the other side, Wu Xiaoyin and Lei Lu were relatively silent. Wu Xiaoyin didn't dare to say a word all the way home, and silently hugged Lei Lu's neck as a reflection on himself.

When he got home, Lei Lu hugged Xiao Xiao and sat on the special large wooden chair, and said, "Xiao Xiao, didn't you promise me yesterday that it would be enough for Bin and Xiao Kai to teach the females in the tribe? Now Guang Guang It's still very strong, look at your red face now, and the sweat on your forehead, it's not like you don't know your body and can't be tired."

When Wu Xiaoyin heard Lei Lu's words, she didn't refute. She knew that Lei Lu was thinking of her own health and her own good, and what Lei Lu said was reasonable. If she didn't listen, she would be at a loss. So Wu Xiaoyin has been obediently listening to Lei Lu's words, but whispered quietly: "Actually, I'm not very tired. I've only been out for 2 hours. Don't worry too much. I'm okay, not very tired."

Hearing Xiao Xiao's words, Lei Lu said, "You will not be convincing until your face is no longer so red and your lips are no longer so white."

Wu Xiaoyin lowered her head silently, and said, "Okay, I get it, I will be obedient next time, don't be angry."

Lei Lu could see Xiaoxiao's disappointment. After all, Xiaoxiao is really good, and only on the collection day or when he takes him out to the tribe, Xiaoxiao has time to relax. However, Xiaoxiao The body has always been a hidden danger in Lei Lu's heart, Lei Lu is worried, and the way of expression is a bit domineering, just sticking to Xiaoxiao, but there is no other way, isn't there?

Thinking of this, Lei Lu said: "Xiao Xiao, if you have been resting for a while, after half a month, I will take you to the annual tribe exchange day, how about it?"

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