Wu Xiaoyin stopped here, looked at the patriarch, and asked, "I wonder if we can just use the wooden bed for now?"

The patriarch heard the key point of Wu Xiaoyin's analysis and said, "You mean, there is a way to preserve a large amount of animal meat until the entire cold season passes?"

Wu Xiaoyin replied: "Yes, in the place where I lived before, the shelf life of methods such as salting, sugaring, smoking, etc., if the sealing effect is good, can last up to one to three years, so it can completely support a cold in the Beastman Continent. season."

The patriarch laughed loudly when he heard this: "Xiao Xiao, you are really a treasure bestowed by the beast god!"

Hearing the patriarch's words, Lei Lu emphasized emphatically, "It's the treasure bestowed on me by the Beast God!"

Kos, Feng, and the patriarch all laughed teasingly when they heard Lei Lu's words.

Wu Xiaoyin was powerless to refute Lei Lu's words, and abruptly changed the subject to: "Now that the harvest season is here, I think it's time to start preparing?"

Kun and the others stopped laughing, and Kun said: "Yes, now is the time when the prey is plump. If we start to store it now, it will last until the cold season, for a full five months, to ensure that the entire tribe will no longer go hungry. It's not a problem."

When Wu Xiaoyin heard this, he raised his own question: "Will the prey be greatly reduced, and the number of prey next year will not be enough for everyone's normal needs?"

Hearing Xiaoxiao ask such a cute question, Lei Lu also regretted that he hadn't told Xiaoxiao much about the overall distribution of the Orc Continent, so he patted Xiaoxiao's head to let Xiaoxiao focus on himself, Said: "Xiao Xiao, we don't know how big this orc continent is at present. Even the continent atlas does not clearly record how big it is. Our giant tiger tribe is located in the north of the currently known continent, but the northernmost point is The giant wolf tribe that passed through the northern forest of the tribe is also the closest tribe to our giant tiger tribe, and the relationship between the two tribes is also good.

In the grassland to the west, there are giant lion tribes and giant leopard tribes, and the two are fighting each other, so the conflict with us is not very big, and we live in peace. In the forest to the south of the tribe live the giant bear tribe, the giant fox tribe and the giant snake tribe. The giant bear tribe is the closest to us and has a good relationship. Say hello to people from both tribes. From the east of the tribe to the sea, we don't know whether there are tribes, because we don't know whether there is land behind the sea, or whether orcs still exist.

As for the population of these 7 tribes, the giant tiger tribe has a maximum of about 5,000, the giant wolf tribe, giant lion tribe, and giant leopard tribe have a population of about 4,000, the giant bear tribe has a population of about 3,000, and the giant fox tribe and giant snake tribe. The population is around 2000. The total population in this way is only about 24,000, but the number of beasts in the entire Beastman Continent has reached millions or even tens of millions. How can there be a problem of a large reduction in prey? "

Wu Xiaoyin, who heard such a long speech from Lei Lu for the first time, said it was an eye-opener, and Kun, Sko, and Feng expressed the same feeling.

At this time, Wu Xiaoyin asked another question stupidly: "The number of orcs in the Beastman Continent is far less than that of wild beasts, so won't there be a wave of beasts every year in the cold season?"

Lei Lu really laughed this time...

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