Wu Xiaoyin was hugged by Lei Lu, and he couldn't avoid the patriarch's big gift, so he could only say: "Patriarch, I just want to use my time more valuable. After all, the tribe has given me so much, so that I can feel at ease. Living here, I just did such a small thing, it’s nothing.”

When Kos heard Wu Xiaoyin's words, he said excitedly, "Xiao Xiao, why is this nothing? For the females and cubs of our tribe, this can greatly improve the chance and guarantee of survival in winter!"

Feng's expression was also rarely moved, and he echoed: "That's right, Xiao Xiao, thank you so much!"

Patriarch Kun stood up, patted Lei Lu on the shoulder vigorously and said: "Lei Lu, be nice to Xiao Xiao, otherwise, if you don't talk about your father and father, even I will not let you go!"

Lei Lu puffed up his chest, gave Kun a hard look, and said, "Of course I will treat Xiao Xiao well." There was still the contempt in your eyes.

Furious, Kun wanted to beat Lei Lu on the spot, but when he saw the little boy in Lei Lu's arms, he could only lower his pressure, took a deep breath, and cursed with a smile: "You boy, just know!"

Wu Xiaoyin didn't have a deep understanding of the importance of the gate, because when he came to the Beastman Continent, it was after the growing season, the first month of the hot season, and it is still the harvest season. Continental cruelty.

However, Wu Xiaoyin also learned from other people what the cold season means to the orcs in the entire orc continent, it is a "gateway for hell". Wu Xiaoyin decided to work hard so that he and the people around him would not lack food in the cold season, but also be able to spend the whole cold season warmer. However, it’s too late to start building a house now, but it’s impossible to get Leilu’s approval for such a large-scale engineering design. We can only wait until today’s cold season to plan well, and start to implement it slowly during the growing season next year. You have to take your time.

Therefore, when everyone focused on the door, Wu Xiaoyin said, "Uncle patriarch, in fact, it seems that the two most important issues in the cold season are keeping warm and food, although this door can block wind and snow. invasion, but the temperature of the cave itself is still very low, if you want to increase the survival rate of females and cubs, how about listening to my opinion?"

Kun heard the small summary, nodded and responded: "The small novel is good, it is indeed a problem of keeping warm and food, so what else can be done to increase the chance of survival?"

Wu Xiaoyin pointed to the bed in the cave and said: "What we see now is the most common bed. Keeping females from sleeping on the ground is also a way to keep warm. The ground is too humid and low temperature, even thick animal skins cannot completely Blocking the moisture rising from the ground and the cold wind at the entrance of the cave are double disadvantages. Therefore, placing the wooden board on the support can block part of the moisture and low temperature, and with the function of the door, it can play a more important role. The role of double insurance."

When Wu Xiaoyin said this, he paused for a moment, wondering if he should continue. However, seeing Lei Lu's encouraging eyes and the eager expressions of the other people, he took a breath and said, "If we can find and build a kang bed, we can keep the temperature of the bed for a long time. The question is of great significance. But..."

Kos heard the word "but" yelling eagerly, "but what? Is it impossible?"

Seeing Cos's eagerness, Wu Xiaoyin said: "It's not that it can't be done, but the conditions are not allowed. The amount of work to make the kang bed is huge. Of course, this is not a problem for males, but the biggest problem now is that the harvest season is coming. Males spend a lot of time on hunting, and I want to teach you how to salt, sugar, smoke and other methods to preserve a large amount of meat, fruits and vegetables, which requires a lot of labor, so is it possible to do the kang bed? Take it easy? After all, with this simplest bed and a lot of fur, can you temporarily survive this cold season?"

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