Wu Xiaoyin and San Xiaozhi didn't go back until the sun was about to set. It was because Lei Lu was worried about Xiao Xiao, so he came here to pick Xiao Xiao and San Xiaozhi back home.

Lei Lu hugged Wu Xiaoyin, followed by the thumping three little ones, the three little ones roared from time to time, Wu Xiaoyin lay on Lei Lu's shoulder, watching his babies howling non-stop in bewilderment , I can't guess what they mean at all, but Lei Lu understood it, and he heard it very clearly. As for whether the unborn cubs discussed in the three little mouths are male or female, Lei Huo'er is very sure. The cub in Uncle's stomach is the same male as himself, that's because Lei Huo'er once heard Dad and Uncle Bin discuss what soup, eggs, etc. to make for the cub.

However, the two on the side don’t agree anymore. You must know that there are already enough orc cubs, so many that they have to rush to eat on weekdays, and the female cubs are said to be soft. Lei Dianer and Wu You are looking forward to the female cubs. The cub will pop out of Uncle Bin's stomach. Thinking of this, Lei Dian'er and Wu You looked at their father with some resentment, and then gave their father's back a hard look, as if this could relieve their anger. The only female that can be reached on weekdays Staying in my father's arms all the time, I have never felt what a soft female is like since I was born, hum!

No matter how much the three little ones slandered in their hearts, Lei Lu didn't feel that what he did was wrong at all, so he walked home quickly, and he couldn't let his little ones go hungry. Eat a full meal!

Wu Xiaoyin was carried away with a dazed face, completely unaware of the inner drama between the two parties, waiting to go home for dinner!

Soon the breath of the growing season firmly occupied the entire giant tiger tribe, and the females began to haunt the northern forests from time to time, and happily watched the growing plants on their own fields, especially the plants that had been "hardly" planted by themselves. , that taste is really not too good!

The males who have come back from hunting and watering are completely ignored. In the eyes of the females, there are only green seedlings. Where are the males? ? ?

Wu Xiaoyin's family didn't grow any plants, but in the yard behind his house, Wu Xiaoyin played around and planted some plants that could be used as seasoning. After all, Wu Xiaoyin didn't have the energy and strength to worry about the crops in the field.

Therefore, the fruits at home are mainly picked by Leilu after hunting, or taken by Leilu to pick them. However, today is a day for large-scale hunting. As soon as Kai encouraged, Wu Xiaoyin thought that he had been to the northern forests where females usually go, and he had been there before, so there shouldn't be any problem, um, that's it!

Xiaokai looked at Xiaoxiao who was a little moved, and quickly said: "Xiaoxiao, think about it, we are just wandering around the tribe, there will be no problem, and if we are in any danger, call for help, the guard at the gate The orcs can hear it, and they can come right away, and there is still time, don’t you think?”

Wu Xiaoyin bit her lower lip, swallowed nervously, and said, "Yes, we just went to pick the fruit, and we didn't do anything, so don't be afraid!" It seemed that only in this way could I force myself to feel at ease and convince myself a little.

Then, Xiao Kai happily took Xiao Xiao out. You must know that since Bin became pregnant, she has not gone out for a long time. Xiao Xiao can only be hugged by Lei Lu when she is a baby on weekdays. Lu is not here, so hurry up to pry the corner of the wall, hahahaha! I'm really too smart!

Together with Xiaokai, Pupu was chasing his tail in circles, and the three little ones were looking at Pupu with disdain. Finally, they stopped seeing that their father was almost out of sight. This is a self-entertaining game.

After arriving in the woods, Wu Xiaoyin worked hard to pick the fruits he could reach. A huge peach was enough to fill Wu Xiaoyin's back by a third. So, a peach, a crystal pear, A string of loquats was already full, and just when Wu Xiaoyin wanted to call Xiaokai, he found that Xiaokai was already panting on the ground from the exhaustion of jumping, lying on Pupu's body and sticking out his tongue.

So, watching Pu Pu with a confused face being pressed by his father and Xiao Kai sticking out his tongue, this scene is really funny, it is really a family carved out of the same mold!

However, happiness is short-lived. When Xiao Kai and Wu Xiaoyin had enough rest and wanted to sneak back with their son, Lei Lu and Kos had already found them. Looking at Lei Lu with a gloomy face, Wu Xiaoyin knew that he was It's not good, I probably won't be able to sleep tonight, God is going to kill me!

Originally, Wu Xiaoyin had calculated well, and Lei Lu's time and his own return time were also very accurate. However, he did not expect that today when Lei Lu and the others were hunting, they happened to encounter a herd of giant bulls, except for the pregnant mother and cubs , the rest were all slaughtered, so Lei Lu and Cos, who came back early, caught Wu Xiaoyin and Xiao Kai!

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