However, before Lei Lu's idea was put into practice, he was interrupted by the three little ones who broke into the bed. The three little ones said that they were frightened and wanted to sleep with daddy. They could still see in the dark Lei Lu clearly saw the calm faces of the three cubs, not frightened at all, and saw himself staring at them, the light in his eyes clearly revealing provocation and gloating.

Lei Lu told himself to endure, after all, this is his cub, and if he beats them by himself, Xiao Xiao probably won't even let him in, um, that's it, so, in Lei Lu's self-hypnosis, Wu Xiaoyin fell asleep with her three cubs in her arms.

Wu Xiaoyin who got up the next day felt that the air pressure around Lei Lu was a little low, and his face was full of gloomy, especially seeing that the three little ones were able to sink out of the water, Wu Xiaoyin vaguely understood that this was the three little ones and the last night. They slept together, but wasn't the three little ones scared?

Wu Xiaoyin thought that Lei Lu couldn't be so narrow-minded, and said, "Don't be upset, the three little ones were frightened last night, can't I promise not to let them sleep with us in the future?"

Hearing these words, Lei Lu's expression improved a little, and he sneaked a glance at the unhappy faces of the three little ones. Lei Lu's mood obviously improved again, and he said, "You said this, and you will do what you say. what!"

Wu Xiaoyin curled her lips and said, "Okay, is this okay?"

Lei Lu was satisfied, especially seeing San Xiaozhi's depressed face, he felt even better. He also ate an extra bowl of fresh meat wontons for breakfast, um, today's breakfast was delicious!

Soon after the harvest season, the cold winter is coming. This year's cold season is a little different from the past, that is, because the three little ones were locked in the house, they ran around all day long, and occasionally accidentally kicked over the stool, throwing The storage room was a mess, and Lei Lu spent the whole day cleaning up the mess behind them, so Lei Lu had a real chance to teach the three little ones a lesson.

In the past, Wu Xiaoyin would always stop Lei Lu, but this time, Wu Xiaoyin supported Lei Lu very much. Children should be pampered, but they should not be excessive or arrogant, especially in this period of character development. They will have nothing to worry about, and they will be out of control ever since.

The butts of the three little ones were red and swollen for three days under the "love touch" of Lei Lu's big hand. Wu Xiaoyin didn't give much comfort, but told them to eat when it was time to eat, and to sleep when it was time to sleep. Some of them couldn't sit on a stool and could only sleep on their stomachs. Wu Xiaoyin didn't show anything on the surface.

The three little ones lived in such anxiety for three days, and finally realized that their father and father would not spoil them all the time. The three little ones were a little terrified, and looked at Wu Xiaoyin with a mournful face, expressing deeply that they would never do anything wrong again. Determination.

Wu Xiaoyin has finally returned to normal. During this period, Wu Xiaoyin did not maintain or express too much. He just expressed his attitude with practical actions. This kind of resolute and calm handling is the decisive factor for the three little ones to misunderstand. Because, the three little ones only said that their favorite is father, as for father, they will remember the hatred of spanking little butts for a lifetime, when they grow up, hehe!

After a small conflict, the family returned to the joy and warmth of the past. Of course, the three little ones never dared to run around and cause trouble to the father.

At the same time, Feng also encountered the same trouble as Cos, that is, Bin couldn't eat the food he cooked, so he had to ask for help and came to Wu Xiaoyin and Lei Lu's house. Of course Wu Xiaoyin said there was no problem: "Of course, it's just Bin What do you want to eat?"

Feng said helplessly: "I just don't know what he wants to eat, but he basically doesn't want to eat anything now."

Wu Xiaoyin recalled that during the previous dinner party, Bin kept stretching his chopsticks on the sweet and sour dishes, thinking of making sweet and sour dishes for him to eat, "Then I will make sweet and sour pork and sauerkraut for appetizers." Give him fish, hot and sour potato shreds, sauerkraut noodles and lemon pear soup, just so we can eat these at noon, and it’s easy to do together.”

Feng is grateful. After all, everyone knows that he has a small body. On weekdays, Lei Lu doesn't let him move too much for fear of getting tired. It is not a matter of a day or two to take on this job. Before Xiao Kai was pregnant with a cub It was the same at times, Feng didn't know what to say, he just kept thanking him.

Wu Xiaoyin said that it was nothing, "I happen to practice my craft too, and I don't usually do much, so I almost can't cook anymore."

Finally, with a grateful and happy face, Feng went home with a tight basket wrapped in animal skin.

However, in the process of cooking today, when Wu Xiaoyin thought about finding the ingredients he needed, he realized that the room at home was full of ingredients except for himself, Lei Lu, and the three little ones. If you can't finish eating, how can you not waste food and use it effectively?

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