Lei Lu took Wu Xiaoyin to the forest outside the tribe. There is no large prey in this forest, because the females in the tribe usually come here to collect fruits and wild vegetables, so the males may harm the female beasts Drive them farther away, or kill them on the spot. Therefore, Lei Lu slowly brought the little female into the forest.

At this time, Wu Xiaoyin's eyes are no longer enough. As a person who is determined to taste all the delicacies and visit the beautiful scenery of the world, although he has not traveled abroad yet, there are already countless delicacies and beautiful scenery in the Great Heavenly Dynasty. Therefore, Wu Xiaoyin's During the trip, I really saw a lot of beautiful scenery and tasted a lot of food. But he was still shocked by the scene in front of him!

Large expanses of green are just like this, with different shades, and any kind of green has a shocking beauty. What surprised Wu Xiaoyin even more was that there are giant vegetables everywhere in this land, because these vegetables are almost the same as those on the earth except for their size. The giant cabbage that I ate at lunch is growing in pieces like this, and the giant red pepper is almost the size of a watermelon on the earth. Climbing on various climbing vines on the big trees, there are giant cucumbers and giant loofahs. In short, the forest is a treasure, this sentence is true.

Lei Lu placed the little female on a towering tree, and after ensuring that there was no danger on and around the tree, he told the little female to stay where she was, and then jumped off the tree to go further away Go hunting, but make sure you can feel the breath of the little female for peace of mind.

Wu Xiaoyin, who was placed on this tree, regretted that he could not move too much, but this tree was an apple tree, and the apples on the tree were already ripe. As a result, Wu Xiaoyin, who hadn't eaten fruit for three days, couldn't help but Secrete a lot of saliva. However, knowing that if he walked around at random, he might accidentally fall off the big tree, so Wu Xiaoyin could only stay where he was, and wait for Lei Lu to come back before picking it for himself. Live salivation.

In order to divert his attention, Wu Xiaoyin decided to look around to see what other vegetables and fruits he knew. Not far away were ripe watermelons and oranges, and even lychees and longan trees, all of which were huge and plump. It's unscientific in my heart. Fruits from different seasons and different regions can appear in this small area at the same time. It is really a world completely different from the earth!

Before Wu Xiaoyin sighed for a while, there was a rustling sound in the forest, which made Wu Xiaoyin startled. He thought that some wild beast had come over, and couldn't help being frightened. He hoped that the beast that appeared would not climb trees. However, before Wu Xiaoyin was worried for a long time, the voice of someone suddenly appeared in his ears. Compared with the rough voices of Lei Lu and Father, the voice of the visitor was more similar to his own. Therefore, Wu Xiaoyin judged that it was a female. Vegetables and fruits are picked here.

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