A Blessed Daughter

Chapter 526: Now the bad tricks are returned intact.

Chapter 526: This three-pronged trick is returned intact.

 After speaking, Mo quickly lowered his head.

From what Mr. Mo said, it seems that Mr. Bai wants to do something today?

Wei Ruo narrowed her eyes and then raised the corners of her mouth. She wanted to see how brave Bai was and what kind of tricks he dared to use against her.

 Came to the garden of the uncle's house. There were two round tables in Wei Ruo's garden. On each round table were dried longans, preserved apricots, tea cakes and dried sweet potatoes.

After Wei Ruo sat down at a table, Wei Qingwan chose another.

 After the two of them took their seats, the female relatives also chose their seats.

Wei Qingwan's table was full, but Wei Ruo's table was deserted. She was the only one and no one else was seated.

Upon seeing this, Mr. Mo and Mr. Yun went to Wei Ruo and sat down.

Both of them are relatively silent, so no one at Wei Ruo's table is talking, which is in sharp contrast to the liveliness at Wei Qingwan's table.

The servants served jasmine tea to everyone. When the tea was brought to Wei Ruo, Bai Shi's eyes followed him.

Wei Ruo was keenly aware of Mr. Bai looking at him, and thought of what Mr. Mo had just said to him, and lowered his head to look at the teacup placed in front of him.

Wei Ruo picked up the tea cup and put it to his lips, but did not drink it immediately.

 She sniffed it carefully first, and then tapped the tea in the cup with the tip of her tongue.

The tea was mixed with a very light medicinal smell, which was masked by the scent of jasmine, but Wei Ruoneng, who had tasted medicine and prepared countless medicines all year round, could distinguish it very keenly.

Then the corner of Wei Ruo's mouth raised a sarcastic smile.

I see.

 What is she? It turns out to be this old and clumsy trick.

With this thing, she knew what was going on as soon as she entered. Even without Mo's size, she wouldn't be able to figure her out.

 After knowing what happened, Wei Ruo put the teacup back.

Then Wei Ruo waved and called Lin Fang to him.

Lin Fang came over, Wei Ruo whispered a few words, and Lin Fang nodded.

“Don’t worry, young lady, I can handle this matter.” Lin Fang replied confidently.

 “Okay, then I’ll trouble you.” Wei Ruodao.

Lin Fang took Wei Ruo's instructions and stepped back.

Wei Ruo continued to sit in his seat, admiring the surrounding scenery with a leisurely expression.

 Wei Ruo didn't drink tea, but Mr. Bai, who was sitting opposite, was a little anxious.

Ms. Bai glanced at Wei Qingwan next to her slightly anxiously, because she had just told Wei Qingwan that she would make Wei Qingruo look good, but Wei Ruo had not fallen into the trap yet and she was afraid that Wei Qingwan would question her arrangement.

So Mrs. Bai came close to Wei Qingwan and whispered in her ear: "My dear, don't worry, the show will start soon."

Wei Qingwan smiled lightly and replied: "Second aunt, you don't have to be like this. If you let my sister know how to retaliate against you, I will definitely feel guilty and uncomfortable. I don't want to see that happen. Second aunt has treated me well and I have already done so." I know, so Second Auntie doesn’t need to do such a thing for me.”

Bai Shi explained: "My dear, please don't say that. I have done this secretly. Once Wei Qingruo falls into the trap, she will be ashamed to speak out. How can she dare to tell anyone about it? Today, all the people in the house are members of her own family, and there will be no one there." If this matter is disclosed to the outside world, please rest assured, I have already found a scapegoat."

Wei Qingwan whispered: "The second aunt treated me well, Qingwan will never forget it."

Bai Shi said with a smile: "Well, my wife and I are one family. Although you didn't spend much time in the capital when you grew up, my second aunt has watched you grow up since you were a child. She has no daughter of her own, so when you are Just like my own daughter."

 She did this, firstly, to please Wei Qingwan and make her heart completely turn to her side; secondly, to avenge Wei Ruo for herself, because Wei Ruo had humiliated her before, and she had long held a grudge.

 Now doing this can be said to be killing two birds with one stone. Wei Qingwan was moved by Bai's words and deeds.

She really didn't expect Bai to be able to do this for herself.

 Her adoptive mother would never do such a thing.

When Bai was talking to Wei Qingwan, he would pay attention to Wei Ruo's situation from time to time, but after a long time Wei Ruo still sat there and did not move, neither tasting tea nor touching cakes.

After thinking for a long time, Bai couldn't bear it any longer, so she walked over.

“Princess Rui, let me offer you a cup of tea instead of wine,” said Bai.

"Oh? Why does Second Aunt want to respect me?" Wei Ruo had a faint smile on her lips, her eyes bright and somewhat sharp.

"Princess Rui has a noble status now and is a very busy person. You have things to do both inside and outside the court. It can be said that you have a lot of things to do every day. It is a great honor for our Wei family that you take time out of your busy schedule to come home." Bai Shi was busy replied.

Wei Ruo smiled lightly: "What the second aunt said makes sense."

 After speaking, Wei Ruo picked up the tea cup in his hand and drank it in one gulp.

Seeing this, Mrs. Bai was overjoyed: "Princess, do you have any other instructions for me? The women of the country will go back to their seats first."

 Wei Ruo raised his lips and smiled, "Please do it."

Mr. Bai returned to Wei Qingwan and said to Wei Qingwan happily: "My dear, just wait and see the good show!"

"Yeah." Wei Qingwan responded, then picked up the tea in front of her and took a sip.

Seeing that most of the tea in front of Wei Qingwan was missing, the maid next to her hurriedly came up with a teapot to refill it for her.

 After that, everyone continued to enjoy the conversation, eat tea, and chat in the garden.

From time to time, those at the same table would come up and offer compliments to Wei Qingwan with tea instead of wine. Wei Qingwan responded with a smile, and her attitude was gentle, polite and approachable, which made the female relatives deeply happy.

 After a while, Bai Shi began to look at Wei Ruo frequently, wondering why the medicine still didn't work.

At this moment, Wei Qingwan beside her looked uncomfortable and said: "What's going on? Why am I so chest tight..."

Ms. Bai looked up and saw that Wei Qingwan's face was flushed and there were tiny beads of sweat on her forehead.

Bai Shi was startled: "My dear, what's wrong with you?"

Wei Qingwan didn’t know what was wrong with her: “I feel hot in my body, my limbs are weak, and… there is an indescribable feeling.”

Wei Qingwan didn't know how to describe that feeling, but the discomfort made her ashamed to talk about it.

Bai Shi was shocked: "How could it be? I didn't give this to Wei..."

Mr. Bai raised her eyes and looked at Wei Ruo, only to see Wei Ruo sitting calmly and calmly in his seat, not looking strange at all.

Although I don’t know what happened, judging from the situation at hand, Wei Qingwan drank the medicine that was supposed to be given to Wei Qingruo!

 Mr. Bai was extremely anxious and didn't know what to do for a while.

Seeing that Wei Qingwan was feeling unwell, others gathered around him.

Yunshi stood up and walked over: "But you don't feel well? Help Prince Yu's side concubine to Yifang Pavilion to rest, and then order someone to call the doctor."

 Yifang Pavilion is the nearest wing room from here.

"No!" Bai refused.

 (End of this chapter)

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