A Big Shot’s Woman Is Wild and Fierce

Chapter 255 - Chapter 255: Next Time, I Will Learn to Depend on You

Chapter 255: Next Time, I Will Learn to Depend on You

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Mu Chengxi looked at his hand that had been slapped and sighed softly. He felt that he had angered his little descendant. Otherwise, she would not have hit him so hard.

“I’m sorry. I was just worried about you, so I spoke without thinking. I just wanted to be your support. The feeling of not being needed by you made me panic.”

Mu Chengxi looked at Wen Xin gently, and his tone softened. He took the initiative to admit his mistake and hoped that Wen Xin would not be angry with him.

Wen Xin turned her head to the side and did not look at Mu Chengxi. She felt a little frustrated. She was already in a bad mood, and now, Mu Chengxi’s actions made her feel even more uncomfortable.

“The person outside is an assassin that someone from Continent F hired from the Internet. He came here specifically to kill me. I have that person’s IP address on my computer. I was too sleepy at that time and didn’t check that person’s identity. Go take a look. It should be an old acquaintance of yours.”

After Wen Xin finished speaking, she got off the bed and walked straight into the bathroom, not wanting to look at Mu Chengxi anymore.

Mu Chengxi looked at Wen Xin’s cold back and sighed helplessly. He had provoked his little descendant again.

Mu Chengxi retracted his gaze and stood up from the bed. He walked to the computer desk and switched on the computer that was in standby mode. His cold eyes narrowed as he looked at the precise location of the IP address.

Opening the still unclosed webpage, Mu Chengxi examined the prominent bounty on the dark web’s backend. From that string of addresses, he could confirm who had leaked his location.

Mu Chengxi closed his laptop and walked out of the bedroom. He walked to the door and looked at Mu Bei, who was standing beside the man.

“Take him away and let Gu Yanzhe bring him to Continent F. Tell Gu Yanzhe that when they reach Continent F, I have something to ask him to do.”

Mu Chengxi turned around and returned to the living room. He slammed the door shut. Guagua, who was lying on the floor, was startled by the sound and looked up at him.

Mu Bei looked at the door that had been slammed shut forcefully. He knew that his master was really angry this time, but he still did not understand why he had asked Young Master Gu to go to Continent F. What did this person have to do with Continent F, and what did he have to do with Young Master Gu?

Wen Xin walked out of the bedroom, and Guagua immediately stood up, twisting his muscular body as he ran to Wen Xin’s side.

Looking at Guagua, who was trying to curry favor with her, Wen Xin patted its big head and sat down lazily on the sofa. She looked at the man standing by the door with a gloomy expression.

“Even if you tore down the door, it would have happened. I wasn’t injured, so why are you so angry?”

Wen Xin retracted her gaze and picked up her phone from the coffee table. Looking at the unread messages and missed calls on her phone, she finally understood why Mu Chengxi was so nervous.

It seemed that after Mu Chengxi found out about the feud between her and the Shadow Alliance, he became extremely nervous, worried that she would be in danger.

Wen Xin sat on the sofa and let out a long sigh. The irritable emotions in her heart slowly eased, and her entire state of mind became much more normal. She stood up and walked to Mu Chengxi’s side. She took a look at his swollen hand and hugged him.

“I never really paid much attention to that person. His skills, in my eyes, were somewhat inadequate. If I hadn’t been careless, he wouldn’t have been able to drug me. You don’t need to worry!”

Wen Xin hugged Mu Chengxi. Seeing that he did not have any reaction, she raised her head and raised her eyebrows slightly, looking at him with a devilish look. “I’m just used to taking care of everything on my own. In the future, I’ll try my best to remind myself and inform you of everything.”

Mu Chengxi lowered his head and looked at Wen Xin. His furrowed brows eased a little, and he lowered his head to place his forehead on Wen Xin’s forehead.

“I will handle this matter properly.”

“Yes, I saw the lunch box in the kitchen. Can we eat first?” Wen Xin winked at Mu Chengxi. She did not want to continue this topic and was a little tired.

“I’ll go take a look. It should still be edible.”

Mu Chengxi let go of Wen Xin and walked into the dining room. He opened the lunch box he brought back and checked it. The temperature was still acceptable.

“It’s still edible. Come over and eat.”

Wen Xin held her phone and walked lazily to the dining table. She could not help but ask in a cold voice as she watched Mu Chengxi’s busy figure.

“Are you the one backing the Bryan family? His house…Forget it, I don’t want to hear it.”

Suddenly, Wen Xin did not want to listen to Mu Chengxi’s answer. The thought of how they used to spend so much time together made Wen Xin a little unhappy.

“I’ve only met the young lady of the Bryan family twice. The Bryan family is indeed my people. If they don’t listen to me, I can change them at any time. It doesn’t matter who I hand the business to.”

When he found out who was the one who wanted to assassinate Wen Xin, Mu Chengxi had already made up his mind. If they could not develop together under him, then he would have to groom someone else. He did not have to have him.

Mu Chengxi looked at Wen Xin, who was eating nonchalantly. He raised his hand and gently pinched Wen Xin’s ear.” Little ancestor, don’t be angry anymore, okay?”

“Aiya, we’re eating. Stop fooling around!” Wen Xin raised her hand to push away Mu Chengxi’s hand that was pinching her ear. He looked so affectionate that she did not know how to respond.

On Monday morning, Wen Xin got out of the car. Just as she was about to leave, she suddenly remembered something. She raised her hand and gently knocked on the car window. Mu Bei rolled down the car window.” Miss Wen, did you forget something?”

“Go pick up Tan Xingyue later and send her to class.”

Wen Xin had wanted to pick Tan Xingyue up at noon, but the commotion in the school was so big that it was not a bad idea to let Tan Xingyue watch the show. “I understand, Miss Wen. Just call me if there’s anything.”

Mu Bei replied respectfully to Wen Xin. The man he had seen in the corridor that day had once again refreshed his understanding of Wen Xin. His respect for Wen Xin was sincere.

When Wen Xin walked into the school, she saw Geng Qiu and the others walking towards her. Geng Qiu was proudly surrounded by a group of people, her eyes filled with pride and arrogance.

“Geng Qiu, you’re really amazing. When I heard that Lapor was coming to our school to hold a public lecture, I searched for news about Lapor on the Internet. I didn’t expect her to become famous at the age of 18 and win various awards at the age of 20. She’s really amazing!”

“Ms. Lapor is really amazing, but our Qiuqiu is even more amazing. Not only did she become a student of a piano master, but she also got Lapor to come to our school to give a public lecture. It’s really an honor. Qiuqiu, how much do you think your family gave Mr. Lapor?”

Surrounded by curious classmates, all wondering how much money the Geng family spent to bring Lapor to the school for an open class, they had seen online that Lapor never taught students and only held open classes in prestigious music halls. Having an open class in high school was a first in


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