400 Years Old Virgin Demon King

Chapter 32 That Time Although We Were Able To Get Married Without Any Problem, A Crisis Of World Des

Chapter 32 That Time Although We Were Able To Get Married Without Any Problem, A Crisis Of World Destruction Occurred That Night

“Both of you, do you swear that, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, cherish and remain faithful to one another?”

In response to the Pope’s words, I, who was dressed up as the groom, answer clearly.

“I shall swear in the name of God and the Demon King”

And then, continuing after me, Suzuna, who wore a pure white wedding dress also, answer clearly.

“I will also swear in the name of God and the Hero”

“Well then, please exchange wedding rings as a proof of the vow”

I take the ring from the tray that the attendant held out and wear it on Suzuna’s left ring finger. And then, Suzuna also takes the ring and wear it on my left ring finger.

“The proof of the vow has been established. Well then, please kiss as a proof of love”

I lift the veil that was covering Suzuna’s face. Suzuna closes her eyes and faces down slightly.

I then placed my lips on Suzuna’s lips while slightly standing on my toes.

Magnificent applause resounds in the Demon King Castle’s Cathedral. Hence, Suzuna and I publicly became spouses under the watch of the royalties of the countries all over the world.

It was long, really, it was long.

It has been six years since we ascertained our feelings for each other. For me, who has lived for four hundred years, there has never been such a long and anxiously awaited six years.

That much time was needed until Suzuna graduated from a high school and a university in Japan.

And, it was also necessary for me to establish a certain extent of social status in Japan. It might have been a disguise, but in order to let Suzuna’s parents, and grandmother, who has been entered into a facility called a ‘Nursing Home’ or something, have a peace of mind, I have to attain a certain degree of recognition as a Magician.

However, when all is said and done, I can actually use Magic.

“It’s a Super Magic that transcends the imagination!”

“It’s mysterious how it appears as though there aren’t any tricks and setups even though there are!”

“We are, right this very moment, watching real magic!”

Those are the advertising catchphrases of my『Magic Tricks』. Well, I suppose it is natural for them to be unable to figure out the tricks and setups since I am actually using Magic.

Teleportation, Clairvoyance, Invisibility, producing fire from my hands and mouth, they are all without any tricks. It is equal to how grapes are processed into medicine during cultivation in Suzuna’s world.

In addition to that, my unique speech and the『Demon King of Another World』setting were very well received on the ‘Variety’ television programmes.

I appeared on television after being active for a year; became very popular and sought after here and there after about two years. But then, exactly as Suzuna had said, they also quickly lost interest, after my popularity waned, I stopped getting any invitation to appear on television.

It is not a problem since my objective all along is to give Suzuna’s relatives and friends an adequate sense of security. If you achieve national popularity even once, jobs from the countryside are surprisingly unceasing. I explain about that and fly all around Japan……is how it is.

In reality, I was secretly doing area inspections in my world and exposing wrongdoings; doing difficult construction works; adopting useful criticisms from the suggestion box and instructing the rulers and officials of various countries on the improvements.

I was enjoying this double life. Suzuna is also the same. Besides doing her schoolwork, she accompanies me on my area inspections and exposing wrongdoings on one side, and on the other, she is even doing the voluntary service of secretly punishing evil in Japan.

Like this, while we are helping each other and fostering our love, we waited impatiently for the day that Suzuna and I can get married.

Premarital sex? Is that not immoral! I will absolutely not commit such degenerated acts!! Also, even if God allows it, my ethics will not!

And then, we took the opportunity of Suzuna’s graduation from university and officially got married. Firstly, we had a wedding ceremony and wedding reception in Japan, a honeymoon, and, after the flight that we said is to visit my parents in France took off, we alighted at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport and teleported to the other world after doing the procedures to enter the country, this time, we completed the wedding ceremony in the world over this side. By the way, at the wedding ceremony in Japan, my『relatives』were video images created by magic based on my former parents and brothers’ appearance and they were introduced and greeted the other attendants as such.

In the Demon Castle, after finishing the wedding ceremony in the Cathedral that I newly constructed for the sake of this day, this time, we have a wedding reception in the banquet hall. All of those rulers who were not present at the wedding ceremony due to religious reasons are also participating in this. Furthermore, the one who administered the ceremony was, as you can see, the Orthodox Church’s Pope. I just had to leave it to him since he placed his honour at stake to hold my wedding ceremony and did a bunch of things behind the scenes for the various countries.

Furthermore, two extremely rare guests were also participating in the wedding ceremony and wedding reception.

“Suzuna, once again, congratulations~”

“Really, you’re an extraordinary VIP over here huh~”

It was Suzuna’s elder sister, Nazuna-dono, and Suzuna’s best friend, Yukari-dono. Suzuna revealed our secrets to just these two and brought them to this world.

Nazuna-dono just solely came to visit this world and she had returned immediately after the wedding reception, but Yukari-dono wanted to go around looking at various things in the world over this side and flew off with magic.

“Please, make it so that I can use magic as well!!”

I unleashed Yukari-dono’s magic potential since she was passionately and earnestly requesting Suzuna like so. Although her potential is not to the extent of Suzuna, she possesses about fifty times the magic power in comparison to this world’s standard Magic Users, on top of that, because her imagination is plentiful like Suzuna, she could control various magic immediately afterwards, so there is nothing to worry about even if she travels alone. Moreover, I have also given her an improved magic communication device so that she can contact us if something were to happen.

And then, the wedding reception ends, we send the royalties of the various countries back to their respective countries with Teleportation Magic, tidy up the Cathedral and banquet hall with magic, and Suzuna and I finally settled down.

“Fuwa, I’m exhausted~”

Suzuna who falls face down onto the bed completely exhausted. In order to comfort her, Shiro and Kuro that already became splendid large cats try to lick her cheeks, but Suzuna stops them.

“Wait, I still haven’t removed my makeup”

Upon saying that, she instantly removes her makeup with magic. Handy as always. Furthermore, both of us have already changed into our everyday clothes.

Now then, the night has also completely fallen. At last, it is the main event from now on.

I bring Shiro and Kuro to the Cat Room and return to the bedroom, that was also newly created. Suzuna is stretching slovenly in the same state as she was just now on the bed that is so wide that it can fit even three large adults.

“Suzuna, are you alright?”

“Ah~, it’s the mental fatigue. Both of us don’t get exhausted physically after all”

In response to my question, Suzuna answers as she agilely gets up.

“In that case, is it fine?”


Suzuna who nods in response to my question. How lovely. And then, I turned off the room’s illumination magic device’s light. Amidst the dimness, Suzuna’s figure becomes a human-shaped shadow and reflects in my eyes.

“Suzuna, I love you”

“Me too, Demon King”

As though we were pulled towards each other, Suzuna and my lips once again approached.

And then, I finally threw away the virginity I had protected for all four hundred and sixty years……

……or not!

“It came out, before I put it in, it came out……”

“De, Demon King, calm down, we’re both virgins, there’s no way it’ll go smoothly from the get-go, don’t you think! Only in light novels or shoujo manga do they not mess it up!!”

“It is despair, it is the age of darkness, it is the end of the world……”

“Calm down for a bit, Demon King! If you say things like『it is the end of the world』, then the world is really going to end!! Something like the world was destroyed because the Demon King messed up his first night with the Hero, it involves my pride as a Hero so definitely stop it, alright!?”

“What, it involves the privates!? ”

“Whーy did it turn into a dirty talk at a time like this!? No, it’s because it’s at a time like this huh……that’s not it! And, you’re indeed not wrong to say that it involves the privates, but calm down for a bit, get a hold of yourselffffff!! ”

……Thus, by the time I got a hold of myself, the morning sun was shining in through the window.

First Night, Failure!

“I seriously want to know how the Galactic Empire Emperor and Chief Secretary¹ from somewhere were able to do it smoothly……”

While disregarding Suzuna’s grumbles, I was dejectedly hanging my head on all fours atop the bed.

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